The Birthday Season Ends, Now for the Rest of the Week

Oh my goodness.  As I told several of my friends, having this much fun is exhausting.   I do believe I will be satisfied with a simple single birthday celebration next year!  Two birthday lunches out.  I am very happy with the choices I made and how I stuck to the plan once I got to the restaurant.  Plus.  At Pinkberry, a small original with no toppings?  Go me!

Yesterday was shopping in addition to birthday eats.  Mostly I scored some great food items.  I left my friends at Home Goods and ran across to Trader Joe’s to get some supplies.  Got their gingerbread coffee, the only flavored coffee I still like.  Some almond breeze–I’m using a lot of this these days.  That egg nog protein smoothie is really good!  –205 calories and 33 grams protein!)  At Costco I got some blueberries and pears, some of that yummy goat cheese with cranberries on the outside, and some new little lettuces to try.  Cause tomorrow?  Another party!  This one is our sewing day party.  I am making a salad with the baby red and green lettuces, green onions, corn, mandarin orange slices, cranberries, and chicken, with an oriental ginger dressing.  Doesn’t that sound yummy?  My plan is to go heavy on the salad, and have ONE COOKIE.  Okay, you read it here.  Now hold me accountable!

Oh, I got two fun items.  Nabbed one of those lap desks at Costco–you’ll laugh–its to eat my dinner off of.  My BFF does this at her house and it is so convenient.  And, at the last store, Marshall’s, I was heading to the check out counter in a daze (I am really done shopping before 3pm, unlike the guerilla shoppers I was with) and I spied a technical shirt that looked very much like a swim shirt!  At $19, it was a heck of a lot cheaper than the $70 swim jacket that I had been contemplating.  Even if it doesn’t work for swimming, it will work great for mid-winter walks.  I bought it without even trying it on.  When I got home I tried it on and it fits and feels great!  Score!

I am still fitting in some exercise, although not to my stated goal.  With such a busy week, I am giving myself some grace.  That said, I think I will end this and get out for the long walk with Noah this morning.  Maybe I’ll give that technical shirt a try on dry land.  Swimming is on the agenda after the party tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “The Birthday Season Ends, Now for the Rest of the Week

  1. That lap desk idea is a really good one! I might have to get a few of those for those times when we eat in the living room.

    Good job on the score for the tech shirt!!

    That salad does sound really good!! Make sure you savor that cookie and eat it slow!! 🙂

  2. I have a lap desk on my wish list… not for eating off though!

    I think you are a woman with a plan and that always makes it easier to stick to what you want to do.

    Marshall’s or TJ Maxx is my favorite place to find great buys on technical workout wear – sounds like you got a GREAT deal!

  3. Love the fact that you’re doing all of this celebrating. I for one feel that you can’t ever celebrate your birthday TOO much. Just not possible.
    Love the goat cheese with cranberries. That’s one of my favorite things in the world right now!

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