The Week That Was

Oh my goodness.  That is NOT how I choose to live my life.  Having something ‘special’ every day of the week.  Eating out, eating at parties, staring at cookies for hours on end.  NOT gonna do that again.  But I made it through.  And for some reason, my plan worked.  It did not all fall apart, and I did not succumb to munching on endless cookies like I am prone to do.  I stayed pretty much on the bobay plan except for the meals out, and a few planned cookies.  And I achieved my goal–to not GAIN any weight this week.  I did not gain one ounce this week.  It would have been nice to lose 0.2 pounds like Helen did her second week.  But I ‘m not complaining!

So Friday and Saturday I exhibited my quilts at a very small art and craft show–7 vendors!  It was held at the local nursery, and they really did a very nice job of it.

Still, it was COOOLDDD!   Here is the field of frost I drove by as I left Saturday morning.

Close up:  frost can make even plain old weeds look special!

I actually sold one of my quilts, which surprised me, since they are priced quite a bit higher than what most people are looking for at a craft show.  It was one of my favorite quilts, but I actually sold it to a lady who lives on the same road as I do, and so she knew the place that it depicts.  I really like her and her husband so that is nice too.

In spite of it being cold, I managed to get quite a bit of stitching done on a new project.  It will end up being a ‘twilight garden’ quilt.


The other thing that was going on this week, mostly via emails and writing and thinking and praying, was preparing to make the announcement to our church about The Bridge, our little sponsorship program for the children of Carrefourpoy, Haiti.  My young friend, whose brainstorm it was, is really doing most of the work.  I am proofreading/advising(ha! my main area of expertise LOL) and giving moral support.  As the program gets going, I anticipate I will have more work to do on it.  Our announcement went really well (hey Cammie–thanks for the link to 10 Reasons You are Rich.  I worked that into the announcement!) and people really responded.  Looks like we will be able to help with their little church school down there.  Honestly, its like looking at the places I visited in Africa.  Their ‘school’ has brick sides,  I think there is a tarp for a ‘roof’, and I’m not kidding, ROCKS for a floor.  Not gravel.  Rocks.  Yes, people, we are rich.  Please be thankful, especially at this time of year when we tend to spend a little too much time daydreaming about the next THING we want.

And now back to our regularly scheduled life.  This week is pretty free and clear.  I plan to put out just a few Christmas decorations, AFTER I clean up the clutter.  And stick to the bobay plan of eating higher protein.  Today when I shopped, I bought more meat than I have bought in a long time!  I also plan to get back to my exercise schedule.  The best I could do some days was to take the dogs for a short walk right before it got dark.

9 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. I have a whirlwind week like that this week!! Fortunately, my is mostly activity oriented and doesn’t involve much social eating temptations and NO parties, so I should be o.k. Have added the Bridge project to my morning prayer list. What an awesome endeavor. Please keep us updated on how things progress.

  2. Congratulations on your exhibit and selling a quilt. Thats wonderful!!! And i love what you’ve shown on your new quilt. I think it will be soooo pretty!

    I think you did great not gaining any weight this week! Awesome!

  3. What a pretty place for a craft show – and your quilts looked so beautiful on display! How wonderful to sell one, and especially to someone who you know will appreciate it so much! Congratulations!

    I hear ya on the whirlwind. Fun, but whew – I could not do that all the time! Oh, speaking of whirlwind, I officially have the 30th and 31st off – whoop! Can’t wait to see you again!

  4. Oh, I’m so glad the link helped you out! That’s exactly my intent in sharing those things!

    “Oh my goodness. That is NOT how I choose to live my life. Having something ‘special’ every day of the week. Eating out, eating at parties, staring at cookies for hours on end. NOT gonna do that again. But I made it through.”

    Now see, that’s my entire plan in a nutshell, 🙂 Okay, maybe not staring at cookies for hours, but a few minutes here and there should do it, Kudos on making it through!

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