Protein and Me


So I planned on talking about protein today.  Me and my vast knowledge of it.  Then I stopped to ask Vicky (my ex-trainer/foodie extraordinaire) if she had ever tried to make protein bars that were higher in protein.  Which necessitated me telling her that I was doing this higher protein thing, and heaven forbid, that I had reverted to eating those PROCESSED protein bars.  Vickie is well-read, and always has a pretty science-based opinion on all things health and food.  When I said this diet had about 120 grams of protein per day (actually it has about 95-100) she said that was too much protein for long term.  And proceeded to tell me how hard protein was on various systems in the body AND the possible carcinogenic factor of some proteins.  Oh brother.  So, what I already knew.  I will not eat this exact way long-term.  But I am certainly paying attention, and learning to make a few wiser choices.  She did mention that protein is good for appetite control.

I also mentioned to Vicky that I wonder if it is just the higher protein, or that the food choices are pretty much spelled out, or is it that I am just done with all the crap this year and ready to move on.  When there are multiple factors involved in a scientific experiment (the human body) you don’t know for sure what the precipitating factor is.  All I know  is that I am relieved that I am enjoying my food, I am not white-knuckling it, I am not hungry, and I am losing weight.

So.  Protein.  Since I don’t like beans and I don’t much like eggs, my protein sources are a little limited. Here’s a few ways new to me that have made protein quite enjoyable the past two weeks.

  • Eggbeaters in smoothies. This is not that new for me.  I am REALLY enjoying that Egg Nog Smoothie                                      I came up with.
  • Scrambled eggs/eggbeaters with a tablespoon of real bacon crumbles (Costco) and a little sugar free syrup (I know.  I even have to sweeten my eggs…)
  • Lean deli ham–this has come in handy a couple of times when I was on the run.
  • And I am really enjoying having salmon more often  (coated with Mrs. Dash, and dowsed with lemon juice at the end.)
  • I got some frozen cod, and if I cook it on medium high, it gets nicely browned on the outside.  Splashed liberally with malt vinegar, its just like my old favorite, fish and chips.  Well, no chips.  One time I had it with some baked sweet potato fries!
  • I found a new protein bar today that I like.  Detour–15 grams protein, low sugar, less than 200 calories.

As soon as I’m done writing this I am off to eat another meal of protein and veggies.  I’m gonna make a salsa chicken dish with some brussel sprouts on the side I think.

Can I tell you how much I love getting up at 5am?  Presuming I get to bed at 9pm.  I am awake before the doggies (must be what a mother of preschoolers feels like) so I have a nice quiet time to start the day.  Reading a new book I am loving called The Fire of the Word, Meeting God on Holy Ground by Chris Webb.  He is the new president of Renovare and is a very talented speaker.  And now a good writer.  Anyway, I am enjoying it.  This morning I got so much done by 11am it was amazing.  By 11:30 I had my 3rd meal of the day (that was a little weird,) and then I left to do some chores.  The grocery store to get the ingredients for my (now) annual baking of the fruit cake for my mom (here’s the recipe if you want.  I only put cherries, dates, and pecans in mine.)  Then to the library to return an overdue book.  I am liking that you can order any book you want online.  I ordered The Dovekeepers–don’t know where I heard about this, but it sounded interesting, and I ordered The 17 Day Diet, because   Sharon’s recent success has intrigued me.  Oh, and I got 3 really good movies FOR FREE at the library.  On to the gym, where I did the usual bike for 20 minutes, and weights for 20 minutes.  Lately, Paula Deen has been on the Food Network while I was biking, and I find her irritating. The way she cooks does not inspire me to do anything.  On to my treat of the day, a session at Starbuck’s.   Got settled in  my comfy chair, reached for my Kindle Fire, and IT WOULD NOT TURN ON.  Oh my stars.  The instruction manual is ON the kindle, so I was really worried that I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SLAY THE ZOMBIES today.  Long story short, I went on Amazon when I got home, did a little trouble shooting, and its working again.  Whew.

Some photos to amuse you:

Miss Sophie tires of waiting for mom to GET DONE BLOGGING.

Mr. Monk becoming one with the cushion.

Hey, all the couch pictures reminds me.  I’m toying with the idea of replacing it with a bright red ultra suede loveseat.  What do you all think?  Better or worse with the doggies?  It can’t be much worse than the old blue and white sofa with loose cushion back.  The price is right–$299.  I think its gently used, although it looks new.  Comes with a large ottoman too.

The extent of my Christmas decorating so far:

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, here in the frozen tundra of sunny California!



11 thoughts on “Protein and Me

  1. Vicky’s reaction to the protein-rich diet is interesting – I eat a lot of protein, but most of mine comes from dairy. And on the days when I’m too busy to eat (read: working), I am not all that hungry, and I credit the protein. I say, if it’s working for you, then keep doing it! 🙂

    Not sure how the red couch would look covered with white dog fur. Sounds like a cute couch, but these animals…

    Mr. Monk looks like he’s melting into a puddle as he sleeps! And Sophie was And adorable, as usual!

    Glad you got your Kindle working – I can only imagine the disappointment you must have felt at Starbucks!

  2. I’m not sure how the ultra suede would work with the puppies. Not just the hair but their nails…….??

    As far as your diet sweety, you gotta do what works for you. And everybody is different and not only that but the diet that works for you may not stay the same. The high protein diet may work for you now but maybe not always. Some day you’ll wake up tired of it and move on to something else. So embrace what works now at this moment. Change is good. Hugs! deb

  3. I personally don’t think there’s a thing wrong with high protein – as long as the protein comes from various sources and not just hunks of meat! What really intrigued me was when I gave a week’s worth of my daily diet plan to someone who has studied nutrition and they told me I was eating too much protein and to up my carbs. When I got diagnosed recently with the insulin resistance, I was told to lower my carbs and up my protein. I guess what I’m trying to say is everyone has an opinion and it’s based on where they are coming from. Body builders eat a lot of protein, runners eat a lot of carbs, get it? You’ll figure it out for sure and I’d venture to day it will be somewhere in the middle!

  4. I like what Deb said about the protein – stick with it while it works! I’m sure Vicky knows her stuff, but it sounds like she is thinking ATKINS! and not considering the carbs you ARE taking in. You know your body better than anyone, so if it feels good, then carry on!

    Mr. Monk is cracking me up – he really is becoming one with the cushion!

  5. Forgot to say, Vicky also ended with “the best diet is the one that’s working!”

    And, THANKS for the sanity reminder. Honestly I hadn’t thought about the implications of white/light dog hair sticking to the ultrasuede. Mr. Monk sheds a LOT. Noah does too of course. The queen doesn’t have much hair to spare.

  6. I was doing a higher protein diet, and now I am doing a balanced (carbs, protein, fat at each meal), and that is going well. For some reason, doing the higher protein for about three weeks seems to have prepared my body (mind) for adding grain and more fruits, without experiencing the cravings and hunger that I usually experience when going directly on a “balanced” food plan. Glad I did the higher protein for awhile!

  7. I am in total disagreement with Vicky and the protein. More and more recent studies show absolutely no problem with digesting large amount of protein. Yes, the body works harder to digest proteins (which is why only 4 grams of it is actually calorically viable to the body), but that is not a bad thing.

    Okay, there are some carcinogenic proteins, but that would be nitrate stuff (like bacon and cold cuts) and char-grilled meats. Not things like chicken breast, good quality beef, etc.

    There is a lot of old information out there this is dispensed as conventional wisdom that is incorrect. It takes such a long, long time for something to be what is a current findings in medicine to trickle down to the masses such as ourselves unless you go look for it.

    • Rant on, my friend! Vicky keeps up on the latest information, I’m pretty sure. But she is talking about a lot more protein than 95 grams. This thing I’m doing I consider a balanced diet, tilted just a bit more to the protein side, and a little lax on the fat side, which is okay by me. I am too lazy to research myself. I did check and the RDA is only 46 grams per day for women my age!

  8. I feel good if I get to 60g of protein a day. Every now and then, I’ll get up into the 80s but usually I’m at 50-60g. I seem to do well with that, and I think that’s the biggest factor in determining what’s “best”–how we feel when we follow an eating pattern.

    I’ve heard that pet hair is easily removed from microfiber furniture by using a dryer sheet. I have no idea if it’s true and have no pets to try it out on. 🙂

    Love the idea of a red sofa and that price is great. I wonder how much they’d charge to ship it. 🙂

    • Yes, Cammy. That’s about what I was getting when I figured out my average diet. Mostly this is just making me aware of a few more choices. Didn’t realize I was stuck in a food rut. And for some reason, the protein makes me forget about food for a little while. Also, this ‘diet’ is essentially sugar free. So that helps too. (with cravings)

      Now you’ve got me going again on the sofa! And its local, although I think I’d pay for delivery, cause I”d want him to haul away my old sofa.

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