Christmasy Stuff

Well, I finally started putting up a few Christmas decorations this week.  I think I said before I planned on pretty minimal decorating because I am not having anyone over and I am going to my brother’s for Christmas.  Did I say that?  Well, anyway, that’s the plan.  Oh, and what you guys might be interested in is that also scheduled during my Christmas travels is a couple of blogger meet-ups!!  Squeeee!!!  Presuming that the weather cooperates and the stars all line up and all that stuff!

Anyway, back to the decorating.  I have a big artificial tree.  And I knew I wasn’t dragging that in this year.  So I saw these little noble fir trees for sale and they were already standing up nicely in the little stand that came with them.  Only when I got it home it spent almost 2 weeks on the porch falling out of its stand.  So when I decided it was time to bring it in the house, I got myself a hammer and MADE SURE that baby would never get out of the stand again.  Here’s the result:

Oops.  In addition, my agressive hammering had knocked a little piece off of the stand.  I didn’t notice that the little missing piece was actually a large hole in the stand until I tried to put water in it and it ran out all over the floor.  Oops.  Never mind.  We never put our Christmas trees in water when I was growing up and they were just fine.

My plan was to bring one box of ornaments in (I probably have at least three large tubs) and whichever ornaments came out first, those would be the ones that decorated the tree.  Lucky me.  The ornaments right on top of the first box were all the little bird ornaments.  That was it then.  It would just be a little birdy tree.  Added in one string of lights, and the sparkly garlands that were right on top of that first box, and I was done!

This peacock is a favorite ornament.  I bought it on a Christmas Eve trip to San Francisco with my nieces when they were little.  That was a fun way to get them out of their mother’s way when she was getting ready for our Christmas Eve dinner!

Another sparkly bird.

The cockatoo ornament on the left is so old and fragile that little bits of his tail end crumble off every year.

Look who’s waiting patiently under the birdy tree.  I thought that was funny.

I saw this in a magazine.  Unwrapped a few more ornaments and put them in a bowl with a pretty candle.

One friend gave me the little tree with the bird, and another gave me the sparkly silver candle holder for my birthday.

And the third friend gave me this pretty Christmas teapot.  Tada.  Instant Christmas decorating.  No need to bring in anything else.

And finally, Mr. Monk has found a new favorite place to roost.  Especially on cold mornings with a warm fire in the woodstove.  And yes, those are the same poor dumbells you saw decorating the hearth last year….

I’ve stuck pretty close to the Bobay plan this week.  Thursday I had a potluck dinner to go to. Guess who was stuck making dessert?  Yep, me.  I went through my entire cookbook, from my ‘too healthy for normal people’ recipes, to ‘pseudo healthy’ (the old cake mix/can of diet 7-up W.W. recipes,) all the way back to my pre-diet days of ‘how much butter and sugar can you fit into one recipe?’  I really debated over what to make. And I finally realized that at least 3 of the five women that would be there are watching what they eat.  I don’t know what their husbands are doing.  Anyway, I decided on this recipe that I think I’ve shared on here before.  But it is so good, and so easy, and so low in calories and relatively healthy, that I wanted to share it with you again.  Just perfect if you have to make a quick dessert that is sure to impress people.

You need 30 ounces of frozen fruit, and some granola, preferably granola without dried fruit in it.  The original recipe calls for triple berry, but I decided on a one pound bag of blueberries and a one pound bag of frozen peach slices.  THAT was a great combination (hey, I did pick up something from watching Paula Deen!)  Anyway, preheat your oven to 375, get out an 8X8 pan, and dump the frozen fruit in it.  Add 1/4 cup sugar and 2 Tbsp flour and mix it around.  Put it in the oven for 20 minutes.  Take it out and stir it around, and top it with 1 1/2 cups granola and put back in oven for 15-20 minutes.  Voila!  Instant dessert.  I got some of that slow churned ice cream to put on top.  Yum yum.  The recipe serves 9 and only has 127 calories per serving.  It was good leftover with some greek yogurt too.

Today I went to the big city to meet my sister for a little pre-Christmas get together.  Gotta say, that really got me in the Christmas mood better than anything I’ve done so far.  We went to that great Discovery thrift shop, and I got a couple of designer items that fit really great.  And we were there on the second day of their big 50% off sale, so it was pretty slim pickings!

This week, in spite of sticking to the diet and exercising faithfully every day, I have really been having those feelings of being SOOOOOOO FAAAAAATTTTT.  Like I told Jill,  I know I am SO FAT, but when I am doing so well, it doesn’t seem fair to feel SOOOOOO FAAAATTTTT.  Trying to analyze just what brings that on.  Is it that I am in a losing trend, and have unrealistic expectations?  Is it because my back is hurting more than usual, and instinctively I associate that with how I felt all the time when I was at my heaviest?  Is it just that I’ve been in a protective fog this past year, and now reality is setting in?  I dunno.  I even thought that maybe it was the clothes I was wearing yesterday, so I completely changed my outfit.  Whatever it is, I am glad that my reaction is NOT to give in and eat everything in sight.

Hoping you are having a great pre-Christmas weekend.  Take a little time out of your busy schedule to just sit and enjoy a moment of peace.


7 thoughts on “Christmasy Stuff

  1. Love your Christmas decorating and it seems like just enough since you aren’t going to be around on Christmas Day. And you’ll be thankful once the day to take it down and put it away rolls around.

    I feel your emotions over the “feeling fat” thing. I often feel that way on the hiking trail when I see others rushing past me in their expensive hiking clothes. But I usually have to remind myself that they are 30 years younger than I am and they may be rushing past me now, but I’d be happy to challenge them in 10 miles.

    So glad the Bobay plan is still working for you.

  2. Awww, your tree is so pretty! I’m trying really hard not to think about the Christmas tree fire safety article I wrote for my Serentipity blog. 🙂

    I have those SO FAT days, too, but rarely when I’m getting all my exercise in. Which is why I’m lacing up my sneakers and heading to the gym as soon as I press enter. 🙂

  3. I adore that you changed clothes to try and get rid of the “fat” feeling – way to think outside of the box! I have those days and I know some of them ARE the result of my outfit…which means I should change and toss those clothes into the donation pile.

    Love your pretty birdie tree (and Mr. Fox!). Sweet and perfect. I’m with you – not putting out a whole lot of decorations is nice. Lately I’ve just been going with the flow – some years I really go all out, and then others, not so much. No pressure either way.

    Your dessert sounds great. I may actually make that while the kids are here – love that it’s so low-calorie. Very nice of you to consider the other guests when deciding what to make!

    Looking forward to seeing you SOON!

  4. I love the birdies – and the fox!

    I hear you on the fat feelings. I am having them big time right now. Maybe it is that time of year?

    I want a blogger meetup – wahhhhh!!!

  5. What beautiful decorations! Very unique. I hope you have a wonderful time at your brother’s house and can’t wait to hear about your blogger meet-up! That’s always exciting!!

  6. I love Mr. Fox waiting patiently at the bottom of the tree! He knows he’ll get a treat pretty soon. Heehee.

    I hate those fat days. I think the hardest part of losing weight is doing everything you should be doing and still feeling like it has no effect. You just have to remember that there’s plenty happening on the inside that will work its way to the outside! You’ve lost a few pounds since you started, so I know it’s working -just hang in there.

    Bloggy meet up! Squeeeee!!!!!!!

  7. I love your little birdy tree!

    I, too, know those emotions of feeling “soooo faaaatttt!”
    When (not if) they hit, I try to remember what I read on a blog once: “Feelings are not Facts!” Don’t know why that helps me so much, but it does. 🙂

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