What a Difference a Year Makes

Being as how I don’t have much to say right now, and don’t even have any pretty pictures to share, I was looking back through my archives to see if I had any pictures from last year at Christmas that I could ‘borrow.’  Wow.  I didn’t even remember what I was doing last year.

Today I had lunch with an old friend.  I left early and went to the gym for a workout.  BTW, comments are so helpful sometimes.  I have been exercising very consistently.  And still the feeling of ‘SOO FAAATT’ persists.    Cammy said something about how she feels better about herself when she is working out.  And I thought, yeah, I usually do too.  I kept mulling this over.  And I finally realized that the missing piece just might be that I have virtually eliminated my core exercises.  And guess where I ‘feel’ fat?  Yep, the core.  This was an innocent mistake.  I was just changing up my routine a bit, and I eliminated going in the little studio at the gym.  which was where I did all my core exercises.  And I really need to do those for my back.

The Christmassy spirit seems to be eluding me this year. For me, special treats are a part of celebrating.  Still.  I am not abandoning the bobay plan, but I decided I would loosen up just a bit and have a few treats, healthy and otherwise.  It was good to go back through those few archives and see some of the healthy treats I was enjoying!  Tonight I had a bowl of some special popcorn I got at the Harvest Festival.  I’ve been keeping it in the freezer.  Weird, huh?  I tell ya, you can freeze almost anything!

Tomorrow I plan to have some delicious protein pancakes for a breakfast treat.  In the evening I am going to sit quietly in the living room with just the candles burning, and listen to Handel’s Messiah.  It is really the only Christmas music I  want to hear this year.  I researched going to a performance of it, but they are so far away.  That is part of life in the country.  So I decided I would enjoy a private performance in my own living room without the exhaustion of a long drive.  I can even listen in my pajamas if I want to!

Wednesday is a long day–gonna visit my mom, and take her THE FRUIT CAKE.  I should call this a buttery brandy pecan and date cake.  People would get a better picture of it!  We will have a good day, visiting the thrift stores, book stores, and going out for dinner, finishing the evening with a piece of fruit cake.

And then, Thursday I will be home getting ready for my trip.  I am actually flying on Christmas Eve, but am  leaving a day early because my flight leaves at 6am and I didn’t want to get up at 2 in the morning to drive to the airport.

So Friday I will be in Sacramento, and maybe I will get to visit with some of my friends from work.  I am also going to check out a certain shoe store that has COMFORTABLE shoes.  I am almost desperate for a pair of cute shoes that are also very comfortable.  All I have left are my workout shoes!  And then to the hotel to turn in early so I can fly on Christmas Eve to meet my brother and his wife in time for lunch in Texas!  Isn’t air travel amazing?  If I’m not in a Christmassy spirit by then, I give up.

Hmmm.  Not sure why I felt it necessary to share a minute-by-minute report of my plans for the next few days, but there you go.  Hope you all are taking time to enjoy a few Christmas pleasures this week!


18 thoughts on “What a Difference a Year Makes

    • Hi Jane, I am going to try on some Allegria shoes. They come in a million colors and styles and are supposed to be very comfortable. A lot of the nurses in my unit wore them. I like to have slip-on shoes, especially for traveling.

  1. Sounds like a full and busy week doing a wide variety of things. IMO, that’s a well-thought out plan of action. Sometimes when not feeling exactly the way we think we SHOULD be feeling, just to go with the flow and works best. I love the Handel Messiah listening plan. Have a safe trip and Merry Christmas!

  2. Your Christmas week and celebratory plans sound wonderful Debby. I hope it turns out to be just that.

    I have two words for you and your core: Plank, baby!

    • I love how you’ve set up the visit with your mom as a good day – good way to preplan! 🙂

      This is your first Christmas without your dad so naturally it’s bound to feel off. I’m glad you’re listening to your feelings and doing what you need – the evening with music sounds very calming (and I hope it calmed the pups as well).

      Looking forward to seeing you – we need to figure out a time/meeting place.

      • Oops, I replied to Helen, but it came out under Shelley’s comment!

        To Shelley: You, my dear, are an excellent interpreter of my writing.

        Re: calming the pups. Sometimes I sing along really loudly, and sometimes I cry–a LOT. Either one has the doggies perplexed. Especially HRH.

  3. I was reading what Shelley wrote and then it hit me. D’oh! This IS the first Christmas without your dad, so of course you might be feeling a bit glum! I feel like such a heel for not realizing that. 😦

    I really, really seriously love the idea of your Christmas music night. That sounds so peaceful and wonderful.

  4. I am sure it will be hard this year without your dad. Hugs. I cannot believe it has been almost a year since you went to Africa! Time is a crazy thing.

    I love your private concert. I do that on Christmas eve after everyone has gone home (we always host dinner). I put my favorite christmas music on, sit by the tree lights and have egg nog. It is one of my very favorite moments of the year.

    • LOVE that you have this tradition. I have not made it a yearly tradition, but plan on it for the future! And thank you for reminding me about the eggnog! MUST have the eggnog to go with!

  5. Oooh, since we know your itinerary, we can track you like the weather people do Santa on Christmas Eve! “Debbie’s over Phoenix now and will cross into Texas in less than an hour!” 🙂

    Ugh, core. I don’t spend nearly enough time on core exercises, and it kind of shows. A lot. Perhaps that’s my first goal of the new year….

  6. hi
    have a lovely christmas with the family,i have just work out that i first found you just as you were of to africa last year and have enjoyed hearing about your life since.
    lots of christmas cheer

  7. The reminiscent nature of this post was funny timing, because I was listening to Straight No Chaser’s “12 Days of Christmas” medely the other day, and when they got to the “I spent my Christmas down in Aaaaafrica” part, I thought to myself, “Hey, that was Debby this time last year!”

    (((hug))) “Merry Christmas” seems a little more racous than you’d like. So I wish you a peaceful and love-filled one. And safe travels, with enjoyable visitings!

    • What are you doing up this time of night, young lady! (lol, since I am up also.) Oh, I’ll have to go listen to that video again–it was so good!

      Nah, I’m up for a merry Christmas, alongside plenty of peace and love. Hope yours is much the same.

      • Thanks, Debby! 🙂 that’s funny, could have swore I posted that at 11:07 p.m….kids being on vacation has our schedule a bit off-kilter, good part is we all can sleep in more than normal!

        Re comfy shoes, I bought some Clarks last year when my ankle started bothering me. Not exactly “cute,” but they look nice in a crunchy granola way, have lasted beautifully (I’m really tough on shoes) and are still super comfy.

  8. Have safe travels, Debby. Have you ever tried Dansko professional clogs? They are SO comfortable. I have a couple of acquaintances that are nurses that talked me into getting a pair. Hope you find something nice for yourself while out there enjoying the sunshine!

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