Back from Texas, Back on Track, Back to Basics…

Whew.  I always have grand ideas  about posting from the road, and keeping up with blogs, etc.  It just never happens.  I am getting better at typing on my kindle, so maybe eventually I will post once in a while on my trips.

Anyway, it was a very nice trip.  Except for UNITED AIRLINES leaving my big suitcase behind both coming and going.  I stopped at Walmart in Texas to get some basic clothes to wear.  And to be fair, they did deliver the suitcase two days after I arrived (day after Christmas.)  And on the way home, I wasn’t that sad that I didn’t have to haul it by myself out to my car in the economy parking lot.  I did have a hard time finding something to wear to church this morning…

Anyway, as I knew would happen, there was an unlimited amount of Christmas goodies constantly present.  And I pretty much constantly grazed.  Oh well.

Here’s a few pics of the trip.  My brother’s first grandchild.  She really is a cute little girl.  And she almost looked like a little angel floating around in her special Christmas dress.

My brother has a dachshund too!!  Here he is, being tortured in his Santa Claus suit.

This is my favorite picture of my brother and his dog.  He LOVES that little dog, and the little dog loves him.

The second half of the trip was spent in Wichita Falls, where I lived for a few years, and also went to nursing school.  It was fun to be back there  and see a few old sights and a few new ones too.  I stayed in a hotel room–la la la!  I do love my ‘alone time!’

On Friday, my brother was kind enough to drive me down to Frisco, where the long-awaited meet-up with Shelley was planned.  Here is Shelley and Jeff listening to my normally Very Quiet brother gabbing away!

We met at Scotty P’s where the burgers and fries AND onion rings were every bit as delicious as Shelley promised.  Jeff very nicely took pictures of us.  And we told him to make sure and get our ‘skinny’ side.  I wasn’t too pleased with my appearance, so I cropped the picture to show the important stuff–shoes LOL!  Aren’t Shelley’s boots great?  And those are my new VERY COMFORTABLE shoes that I got at Nordstrom Rack on the way out of town.  That is a very nice place to shop for good shoes at a nice price.  These are Clark’s, and I also got a pair of Josef Siebels.

Alright, here we are, in front of the famous Scotty P’s.

Then, we headed over to the frozen yogurt shop.  What?  You were expecting something else from me and Shelley?  Besides eating froyo, the plan was to teach Shelley to knit.  I was most excited that I was actually able to teach Shelley to knit!  Since I am left handed, it has always been kind of torturous to try to teach people to knit right-handed.  Shelley is left-handed, so that is the first time I have taught a left-hander to knit.  I was so proud of my ‘pupil.’

Saturday was time to head home.  I flew into Amarillo, but I actually saved $100 by flying out of Oklahoma City.  And since I was in Oklahoma City, I finally got to meet with long-time blog buddy Jill!!  The Oklahoma City airport wasn’t the most exciting place to meet, but we had fun gabbing for a while before I had to get on the plane.  Jill’s husband Shawn came with her, and told the story of how they met!  I told Jill she needed to write a blog on it, it was such a good story.  And I have to say that I have been SO IMPRESSED with all the husbands of all the bloggers I’ve met.   Really nice guys, and very patient with the whole unexplainable blog meet-up thing.

Me and Jill:

It sure is fun to meet bloggers in person.  Since we have common interests, and we already spend a lot of time ‘talking’ to each other, we never seem to have a lack of things to talk about when we finally meet in person.

So, as seems to be my tradition, I stopped on my way home from the airport, even though it was really late, to get some milk and yogurt starter to make a batch of my homemade yogurt.  I made that this morning, and it turned out excellent!

And then after church, I stopped at the grocery store (well, actually, two grocery stores) to stock up on fruits and veggies and cottage cheese.  So glad to be home and to be able to return to my foods of choice.  More about that tomorrow.  I have lots of ‘New Year’s Thoughts’ that I want to share.



15 thoughts on “Back from Texas, Back on Track, Back to Basics…

  1. It was so great to see you again, and to meet your brother, too. Love seeing the picture of him and Tucker – always fun to talk with another dachshund lover! And I cannot believe that I am knitting now! It’s truly a miracle…you should market your teaching services to lefties, as it really is a rare and valuable commodity. A fun visit, but too short. I do like how we can just start talking, and I think we’ve converted Jeff and your brother to the idea that blogger friendships are real. 🙂

    Cracking up at the shoes crop. We were styling!!!

  2. Welcome back, and Happy New Year, Debby! It was a treat to read your post this evening — looks like you had a wonderful time, and how fun to read about your blogger meet-ups!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time you had! Your granddaughter is adorable, the shoes neat, your brother and his little buddy sweet… but honey, that pup in the Santa costume stole the show!! Just too too cute!

  4. So glad you are back safely with such an awesome trip report. Yes, meeting other bloggers is such fun and I am so looking forward to a much anticipated meetup this April!!!

    Both Jill & Shelley look like lovely women and it’s time for me to check out their blogs. Any friend of yours needs to be a friend of mine!

  5. Sounds like the perfect trip even with the lost suitcase. Two blogger meetups? Blessed blogger you are! You look great in all the photos (why is it that we are always our own worst critics?).

  6. I’m still making yogurt using your recipe. I even got a new container for Christmas that has a lid. Now I’m set. 🙂 Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. Happy New Year!

  7. As per my usual, I was a hyper, giggly spaz! I really am much more laid back, but I was so excited to finally “meet” you that of course, all that nervous energy came out as spastic talking!! 🙂 On our way down the elevator to the parking lot, Shawn asked me “so how was she in real life?” and I said “exactly like I thought she’d be!”. That was a lot of fun, and I wish we could have had more time to visit and do something other than hang out at the airport.
    I just looked back at our picture and yeah…I’m a total spaz.

    I’ll bet the goggies were happy to see you!!

    • I didn’t think you were spazzy! It does make you (me) nervous to meet somebody for the first time, so there’s that. Plus, you read somebody’s writing for so long, and assign a voice to them, and then when you meet, their voice is different than you pictured. I guess that’s why I kept saying ‘you don’t have an accent.’ Shawn was so nice! I really enjoyed meeting him too.

      • RE the accent thing – one of the jokes about growing up where I did was that everyone knew you were from Oklahoma, but no one could figure out why you didn’t have an accent! But rest assured, when I am really tired, the accent slips out and I sound like all the other okies around here! 🙂

  8. Hey, world traveler, just so you know, for a while, anyway, Kansas City will continue to have one of the best, most amenable airports around. At some point they’re threatening to ruin it because its convenient baggage claims, multiple security points (so you don’t have to check in one place and then walk miles), multiple parking lots, etc. aren’t cost efficient. At any rate, I would cheerfully meet you there or even show you ’round the town. And, if you have a while to stay, I have a guest suite where the sheets are always clean.

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