New Year’s Thoughts from a Plane

Since I was flying home on New Year’s Eve, I started thinking about what I wanted this new year to be.  Or what *I* wanted to be in this new year.  Last year was a pretty dramatic year for me.  Not really how I would choose to live.  I like things to be on a more even keel. And when I look at the notes I jotted on the plane, I see that they are just the small things that comprise daily life and make it enjoyable.

Here’s the things I wrote down.  Not too exciting, I guess.  But they please me.

  • Back to losing mode.  (I got out the Bobay plan and am back to following it.  With a tweak or two–want to eat a little more dairy, so am including my homemade yogurt.)
  • Cook new stuff.  Minimize wheat and sugar.
  • Eat fruit plain and enjoy it.  (I got in the habit of having fruit with cottage cheese or yogurt or something extra.)
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Continue to exercise 5-6 days/week, 1 hour per day.  This is the exercise regime that most previously overweight people maintain.
  • Back to quilting 4 hours/day.
  • ORGANIZE HAITI.  Our sponsorship program for the children of Carrfourpoy, Haiti has been more successful than we imagined.  So at each juncture, we have to figure out what to do next.  My latest challenge is basically to learn how to navigate Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excell.  These programs seem to have conspired against me.  But I am excited by the prospect of being able to help these darling children.
  • Call Lisa–volunteer.  Lisa works with a mission for the inner city kids in Stockton, and I would like to try and help out down there.
  • Train Noah to come.  Oh, my.  This is the one I am most excited about.  Noah knows exactly what come means.  He comes perfectly off leash IN THE YARD.  But twice in the last month or so I have left the back door open, and he is GONE.  And he acts like he never heard the word Come before.  And then I get panicky (the opposite of calm-assertive) and that doesn’t help.  I asked his trainer about this when I picked him up, and she was well-aware of his habits.  So we will be having her make a house call in the next month or so.
  • Read my Bible more (I have the New Living Translation on my Kindle Fire, and I am finally learning how to navigate it.  Fun!)  And memorize a new chapter in the Bible.  I was doing pretty good on this for a while.  And then I stopped.  So I am looking forward to picking out a chapter that I find particularly meaningful.
  • Live within my budget.  Give more.
  • Read more classic books.  My friend was telling me that a lot of classic books are free to download on the Kindle!  Score!

So today was a very nice start to the new year.  Oh, I have to tell you about a new product I found!!  Its an instant oatmeal, only its not that ground up instant stuff.  Its multi-grain, and includes guinoa, flax, barley, oats and some other stuff.  You make it in the microwave, and it is so good!  I cannot tell you how wonderful I think it is.  And you know I am quite the connoisseur of oatmeal, right?  Anyway, the brand is Good Oats, and the multigrain stuff is called Abundance.  You must try it.  Plus, two minutes in the microwave with no pan to clean afterwards?  So this morning I started the day with this oatmeal.  I got in a little blog reading and emailing, and Bible reading, and got dressed and headed out the door with all three doggies.  And when we got back, I did quite a few stomach crunches and stretches.  I didn’t list those things above, but those are two exercise components that have been lacking lately, and I want to make sure I add them back into the rotation.  On to the post-travel laundry, and I actually had some time to do some serious quilting–I made a cover for my Kindle Fire!


10 thoughts on “New Year’s Thoughts from a Plane

  1. I like your list. I’m pretty fired up about 2012, but I think it’s going to be mostly spent on simple things, like getting back to the basics I ditched during all the “stuff” of 2011. I really don’t want “buy bigger pants” to be my accomplishment this year. :-/

    And how much do I LOVE that Kindle cover! You need to sell those on your Etsy store.

    What about MS Word and Excel are troubling you? I’m kind of handy with those – drop me an email if you need help.

  2. I like your list, too! Our life IS made up of “dailies”… and if your list makes you smile, that’s wonderful. A lovely list, with glimpses of your loving and generous heart there.
    Good luck with the Come training… it’s still our biggest bugaboo with Joey, our mini-schnauzer. She kinda looks at you, and you can just see the wheels turning… “hmmm… does she have a treat in that hand?? If yes, I suppose I will come and allow her to reward me.”

  3. Same as Pubsgal and Loretta, I like your list, but then I’m a list kind of girl! Your 2011 was much like my 2010 so I fully empathize with wanting to learn from it, yet put it behind you and move forward. I believe you will do that successfully. 2012 is going to be great!

  4. They look like excellent goals to me (goals, as in daily life plan not as in resolutions)!

    If you need some help with Office or Excel, I’d be glad to step in. (That’s my biz, after all.) At no cost, of course. 🙂

  5. I love your Kindle cover! I keep saying I’m going to make one, but if you decide to make several and sell them in your etsy store, I’ll buy one of yours instead!! 🙂

    I like your list. I’d like to make one like that, just need to make the time to do it! 🙂

  6. We have a lot of similarities in the first section of our lists! Although I didn’t actually make a list, I do have thoughts LOL.

    Here is to a fantastic 2012~

  7. Love that cover, and how clever and talented you are to just whip one up like that!!!

    Re teaching Noah to come – I probably told you this already, but our puppy trainer for Paco taught us that having him “come when called” was number one in importance (in case he ever got away from us, which ironically he DID after a class one night – scary!). Anyway, she recommended a high-value treat, so we used peanut butter…and by god, that dog DOES come when he’s called. Every once in a while I still give him peanut butter when he comes, just to keep him guessing (“dis might be pnut butter time?”). Hopefully you will have success with Noah. 🙂

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