Various and Sundry

Well, it seems like forever since I wrote here.  I still don’t have much to write about.  Plus its so cold and it seems like my hands are permanently frozen.  Not much motivation to type.

I’ve been staying on track with my healthy eating, mostly bobay plan (which is a carb cycling type of plan,) and I have most definitely kept up with my newly defined “I am an active person.”  I told my BFF about this proclamation, and she said, “Debby, you ARE an active person already.”  And I said I know, but now I want to be.  That seems different to me than just fitting in activities/exercise because that’s what’s necessary to keep the weight off.  I think that’s partly why I stuck that sentence in there about “If being a little heavier is part of this, so be it.”  I am going to be active because I want to be active, NOT because I want to look a certain way or fit a certain size. Does that make sense?  And does anybody else think its weird that it has taken me seven years to come to this point?

So between being active and having too many new games on my Kindle Fire, creativity is a bit stalled.  Must work on that trait next.

Today, in between the five loads of laundry that are all folded and put away, I started a new knitting project.  I started it because ever since I taught Shelley how to knit, well, before that even, I’ve been thinking about knitting again.  And I had a whole bagful of beautiful white yarn (that was previously an almost finished fisherman knit sweater in my former size 26-28!)  But while I sat there knitting (and Shelley, do you know how long it takes to get through a row of 195 stitches) I started thinking really negative thoughts about myself.  Why are you starting a new project that you’ll probably never finish?  Why are you sitting here, when you could be doing so many other things that need to be done?  You’re never going to get around to getting chickens (topic for another day.)  There were a lot more negative thoughts, and they are quite common, I realized.  They go on every day.  And if I hadn’t started knitting that sweater, negative thoughts about what a waste–all that good yarn and you just never get around to knitting it.  What’s wrong with you? would have been added to the mix.  So I did stop with those particular negative thoughts and realized that I was doing something positive that I had thought about for quite a while.  Its exhausting to be me.

I have consciously worked (mostly through this blog) on not indulging in negative thoughts about my weight.  I feel like I’ve made major progress in that area.  But these others…I’m gonna have to put a stop to them.  Probably has a lot to do with the major changes in my life in the past year.  I have a pretty good daily/weekly routine down, but it is very different than my life a year ago.

Well to end this post on a positive note, we (Wendy and I, and our project, “The Bridge,” for the kids of Carrefour Poy, Haiti,) had a stupendous day at church yesterday.  We did another presentation in front of the church.  Wendy had made a slide show of some of the kids and the scenes in the village (I was so nervous I forgot to look behind me to see it.)  There was such a positive response.  Since starting this in mid-December, we already have sponsors for 23 kids.  I was just elated when I realized how much money this would enable us to send to the pastor down there  to help with their school.  There is a lot of work involved, but I am more than happy to be able to do it.  This is what I was looking for when I retired.  Only then I didn’t even know what I was looking for.  Just being open to God’s leading. I started out telling Wendy that I didn’t think I could sponsor another kid, and for sure I was never going to Haiti.  Guess who has another little girl to pray for, and guess who is going to Haiti, probably sooner than later.  There are just a lot of details that we could take care of that are difficult to do long distance.  Plus, I want to see for myself, and look for what else we can do to help.  I am very excited about how this project is going.  Wendy came up with a verse that describes exactly how things have been happening since we started:

 Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Tomorrow is sewing day, and guess who is bringing the food!  I made Helen’s recipe for the Coconut Curry Kale Soup with Shrimp, and I looked up a recipe for low fat cornbread that sounds simple and delicious, and quite reasonable calorie-wise.  It just seemed like a good pairing.  And for the morning I am going to make that delicious Triple Berry Granola Crisp.  I got it covered with healthy food for the day!

And now, as one of my favorite bloggers, Mr. Taylor, says, “Its back to the sofa” to knit one more row on that new project.

8 thoughts on “Various and Sundry

  1. I can’t imagine knitting a row of 195 stitches! I started a new scarf at 40 stitches and after a few rows decided it was too wide so unraveled it and am at 25 or 30 (can’t remember; too lazy to go count now). Just curious, how many pairs of knitting needles do you own? Because I’m thinking I need more so I can move from project to project – you know, knit a little on one, then some on a different one…of course, I may never finish anything that way, but my limited attention span will be happy. So are you knitting the sweater? I’d like to see a picture of your project.

    I totally get what you mean about being active because you want to be – you’re not chasing a certain body ideal with your activity, you are doing stuff because you like it. And hey, 7 years is not bad…sometimes you have to ease into things mentally!

    A trip to Haiti – you are so adventurous!

    I hope your menagerie is helping to keep you warm. 🙂

  2. I think my favorite posts of all from you and everyone else are those which just talk about what life is like on that day in your corner of the world!! And I totally understand that transition between being active by choice or active because I feel like I have to be. Hiking days are a no-brainer – can’t wait to lace up those boots. Other days when I’d rather stay in and “nest,” getting out and getting those 10,000 steps doesn’t always excite me. But the consistent 10,000 steps sure helps the 10 mile hikes easier. So yes, for me, it’s being active because I want to and I love having turned that corner!

  3. I agree with your friend – you are quite an active person. How lovely that it is just part of you now and not some means to an end.

    I honestly believe automatic negative thoughts are a habit than can be broken. Why it’s so easy to think of oneself in negative terms is beyond me.

    I hope you like the soup – can’t wait to hear what you think!

  4. I had a knitter friend who, when I complained about not finishing a project, said “Oh I hardly ever finish a project. For me it’s about the process – it’s my zone out time. I can’t tell you how many scarves I’ve knitted and then undone only to knit them again.” I really loved that she said that. So I wouldn’t feel so bad about your unfinished projects – it’s all about the process.

    Your Haiti project is really off and running! That’s so exciting!

  5. Debby i think you should take it easy on yourself for maybe not quite yet finding your nitch in retirement…..aka all the negative thoughts……but i think you’ve come a long way in a short time. The exercise and healthy eating and your Haiti project. Maybe like me you’ve wanted to be able to stay home and not work for so long that you just thought everything would just fall in place and we would have to ‘figure out’ how to be retired. I think you are much further along in finding a ‘retirement routine’ than i am . And its something i need to get moving on. Thank you for that reminder. I always do better with a routine and i kinda forgot that. Hugs! deb

  6. I love what you shared about the Haiti project AND the verse your friend pointed out. As for those negative thoughts, please just punch little Mr. Negativity in the schnoz whenever he tries to whisper in your ear.

  7. Well… I am EXCITED that you are calling a halt to the negative self-talk! Just the fact that you are tuning in and hearing yourself, and taking charge of The Brain, and not letting the thoughts run amuck into the muck… that’s huge. That’s wonderful stuff, really. I don’t think you are being hard on yourself at all, I think you are doing something so healthy and that will produce such positive outcomes later… okay, I’m excited for you cuz I am reading a little book that is talking ALL about this very thing. It’s based totally on Phil 4:8, the passages that talk about the stuff we are to think about. And what good stuff happens in our minds and lives when we think of good stuff, vs what happens when we let our thoughts stray.

    I’ve worked on this soooo much… and like you, keep discovering new areas to work on. That’s good news, if you ask me! Well, you didn’t, so sorry for writing a book here. :-} Anyway, I’m glad for you, is all I’m saying.

    Oh, that book is by Tommy Newberry, and is called The 4:8 Principle… I think you’d love it. I got it on mp3 so I could listen on my iPod while doing other stuff. It was so good, I had to get the book, to re-read parts and take notes. 😀

  8. Your life really has changed a lot in the past year. There is still a groove you need to find.

    The negative thoughts, it is hard once you start wallowing in them to stop. It’s easy to make them a habit again.

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