Poor Me…

Wow, I got hit big time with a case of the ‘poor me’s’ this afternoon.  I wasn’t particularly hungry.  But I was wanting to have something more.  I was thinking about how carefully I track my food, how I don’t really eat that much (about 1400 cal,) and how, IF I lose weight, it CREEPS off of me, and then it stands in the shadows, just WAITING for a chance to POUNCE back onto me.  Okay, I wasn’t really thinking that stuff about the shadows, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?

Its been raining here all day, and at 4:30 it let up a bit, and I thought its now or never.  So the rainboots went on, and me and Noah headed out for a walk.  Its not that fun to walk in rain boots, but  I am ever so grateful to have them.  While we walked I was going over all this stuff, trying to think how I could change my thinking.  Cause like I said, I wasn’t really hungry, and I wasn’t really craving anything in particular.  Just feeling sorry for myself.  So I thought about what I had planned for dinner, and I decided I didn’t really want to eat that.  It would still be good for tomorrow.  And then I thought about what I did want.  And I remembered I still had some of that healthy chili in the freezer!  And that bag of new high fiber pasta from Trader Joe’s that I haven’t tried yet.  So I am allowing myself one extra grain for the day, and will have that for dinner.  In the meantime, I walked quite a bit longer than originally planned, and that also made me feel better about myself and my choices.

Okay, so now dinner is over, eating is done for the night.  I still came in around 1460 calories.  The ‘chili pasta’ was delicious, and was just what I needed(?)  I weighed out the pasta, and the chili was already frozen in single serve portions.  So no overboard on amounts.  Then I had a piece of dried pineapple (after I checked the calories online) and some walnuts for dessert.  And back to basics tomorrow.  This is just the way it is.  Maybe not fair.  Maybe tiring, boring, endless.  But that’s just the way it has to be for POW’s (previously over weight.)  I know from filling out the survey for the NWCR that this is common practice for weight loss maintainers (planning/calculating/tracking food/meals.)

Scenes from the past few days:

As you can see, I am not suffering!  This bowl actually looks better than it tasted.  Although it was pretty tasty.  It is my version of katie’s chocolate oatmeal.  I just increased the unsweetened vanilla almond breeze to 1 cup, and left out the banana.  I think I added in 1/4 cup of eggbeaters to make it custard oats.  Came in around 300 calories for this bowl.

This salad was yummy and easy to assemble.  White tuna on top of chopped romaine with some carrots, some crushed pineapple, and a few spiced cashews on top there.

I am right back in the swing of knitting.  I found this pattern in my stash, and decided to try it.  After sweating bullets over the first couple of rows (lots of counting with a pattern like this,) it all came back to me.

Of course to make a sweater, I have to keep going and make five big pieces.  And then sew them together.  And pray that it actually fits right.  Just reminding myself.

The Queen was in fine form this weekend.  Thought I would share what a day looks like for her.  (Its exhausting, if you ask me.)

Assuming her position of authority in front of Noah.  I truly do not know why she does this,  She doesn’t really seem to enjoy it.

She has to endure a little sniffing.

“Just pick me up and get it over with, will you?”

And then a little ear-flipping…

Until finally she’s had enough!  (actually, I think she was just starting to yawn here, but the expression on Noah’s face is priceless.)

Then I caught a sweet picture of Mr. Monk by the woodstove.

Oh, no.  That will not do at all.  “Here, I can improve that picture for you.”

“Yes, it is exhausting being queen.  But SOMEBODY’S got to keep order around here.”

The queen must always sleep with one eye open.  Especially if there’s a camera in the area…



19 thoughts on “Poor Me…

  1. Your commentary on the Queen made me smile, and then when she edged her way in to Mr. Monk’s picture, I laughed out loud (why I did not type LOL’d I don’t know). And I swear, Noah’s head looks the size of her entire body! Dogs…always good for some entertainment. 🙂

    I unraveled my scarf tonight – it was 8X8 and I decided it was too wide. Was able to cast back on with much less angst, so that was good. However, I look at my single stitch piece and compare it to what you are knitting (and eventually sewing together!!!) and honestly, I’m not sure I’ll ever go beyond a scarf…I just don’t think my brain can handle any more, LOL!

    I was getting a little pissy today about how stinking hard it is to lose weight – must have been in the air? You did great with your eats today…not always easy to stay committed when those thoughts invade.

    • LOL, misery loves company–glad you were feeling the same.

      Knitting–it’ll suck you in, I just know it! And, I LOVE the one stitch pieces. So peaceful to work on.

  2. I had the gloomies too, but I know it has more to do with the grey skies and cool temps (and having a cold that will not end) than anything else. Good for you for seeking “comfort food” that warms your soul AND nourishes your body.

    The Queen will not be denied her place in the spotlight, will she? I think maybe she knows something we don’t. 🙂

    • I agree, I think it was a lot because of the rainy day, being home and inside all day. Just wanted to ‘treat’ myself with food.

    • Yes, dogs are a lot of work, but they are wonderful companions. No place else on earth you can get that kind of unconditional love. Plus a lot of free entertainment!

  3. It is the time of year to get the gloomies!!
    I love the Queen 🙂 Of course I also love Mr. Monk and Noah but don’t tell the Queen. That chili pasta looks delish.

    • I guess you’re right. I feel like a spoiled baby since we’ve had sun for months on end. Then the first rainy day I get gloomy!

  4. {{hugs}} Weight loss is slow and gain is fast. It really is enough to put anyone in a hissy fit about it. I feel the same way. It’s so hard when you love food, too!

    I love how Mr. Monk is warming his buns by the stove LOL!

  5. I totally have days like that too and Lori is right – fast to gain,slow to lose is the theme for most of us! The way I feel about it is that you stayed well within weight loss calories and that one extra serving of grains probably kept you from going off the edge. You handled yourself in a completely reasonable way!

    Love the doggy pics. I swear dachsunds are just the funniest dogs and the Queen might take the cake!

    • The queen would like to take the cake,and the cookies, and the baby carrots, and popcorn, and anything else that falls on the kitchen floor! If there’s anyone in the world more food obsessed than I, it would be she. Now, if only there was some giant being controlling every morsel that went in my mouth, I could be as svelte as her!

  6. I understand what you’re saying. I think having to deal with weight loss (and sometimes weight gain) for so many years can be depressing to say the least. There are so many feelings and emotons that go along with the struggle. Good to get out and get our minds off of it. It takes a lot of strength and perseverance to keep working on it, so give yourself some kudos. Look at how far you have come, Debby.

    I love the Queen and her subjects (i.e., Mr. Monk and Noah).

  7. The great thing about you is that you can see that you have the blahs, and then do something proactive to get rid of them. If I get the blahs, I pretty much milk it for all its worth, which is why I have a weight problem (obviously).

    Queen Sophie cracks me up. She must keep order!! No one must stray from the hierarchy!! EVER!! 🙂 In my head, she has an English accent – just like the Queen Elizabeth. Is that weird?

    • Yes, that is weird! Well, at least it made me LOL. I have never thought of her with an English accent. But you are right. No one must stray EVER! If Noah takes one ‘wrong’ step, she is on it. Sometimes I think she knows something I don’t know, and she has kept him from having an accident in the house.

  8. Absolutely, the creep off, pounce back property of weight loss. It’s one of the rules of nature and, I must say, very depressing.
    You knitting stitch is a near twin to one my grandmother used for several sweaters she knitted for me in high school. I called it a popcorn stitch. My grandmother’s sweaters were beautifully knitted, but were always the same — 3/4 length sleeves, cardigan, waist length.

  9. Yay for a new knitting project! (And yay in general for projects that keep hands busy and away from food). Love the puppy pics.

    My new food love is cornichons (sp?). Which is funny because I’ve never been a pickle kind of girl. But eating those can sometimes take away my desire for sweets. You might want to check them out. They are tiny and cute and fun to eat without many calories.

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