Thought I’d share a little creativity that’s been happening the past few days.  What happens is that I have lots of little ideas, but no concrete big idea, which is frustrating sometimes.  So then I just work on ‘components,’ little bits and pieces of ideas.  Like when I said I was sewing my little squares together crooked.  Pretty soon I amassed quite a pile of little crooked squares.  So then I sewed them together into bigger even more crooked squares.  And finally, I was ready to try to make them fit together into one little quilt.  Its like putting a puzzle together.  Pretty fun, once you get going.  I decided to not even up the edges, and just placed it on a background piece as is.  Then made a sandwich and started quilting.  I only have the borders left to quilt, and then this one will be done.

Close up of the quilting:

Here’s another little experimental top that I’ve had laying around for quite a while.  Finally made the quilt sandwich and started quilting.  Then I wasn’t sure where to go with it, so it went back up on the design wall to be stared at for a while.

Last night and today I had a lot of fun putting together these little squares of wool felt and buttons.  I had this idea way before Christmas, and had the wool already cut into little squares.  And of course, I had the buttons.  And I even knew WHERE the buttons were.

I already know how I’m going to lay these out on a background fabric and add more embellishments.

Have I ever showed you guys my spinning wheel?  It came back in the house shortly before Christmas, but to be honest it hasn’t seen a lot of action.  I need to get something more colorful to spin, and then maybe I’ll be motivated.

And finally, a little progress is being made on the sheep rug.  I’m working on filling in the grass.

So that’s it for now.  I re-subscribed to Netflix, just for the streaming videos.  They have vastly improved their streaming ability.  I am watching that series that everybody else seems to have discovered, Downton Abbey.  And yesterday I watched a pretty interesting documentary–“Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead.”  About two extremely overweight guys who both had an autoimmune disorder, and both went on a vegetable and fruit juice fast, and lost a ton of weight and seem to have put their autoimmune disorder into remission.  It was pretty impressive.  I don’t really want to go on a juice fast, but it did make me want to eat a lot more veggies LOL.  Plus, it was just really encouraging to see–to remember what my health was like before I started this, and to think about what bad shape I’d be in now if I hadn’t changed the way I eat and lost some weight.

Another really great thing I watched today was a John Ortberg interview with Louis  Zamperini. Louis is the subject of Laura Hildebrand’s (author of Sea Biscuit) newest book, Unbroken.  Its quite a tale, and he is still quite a character at 94 years old.  He was in the Berlin Olympics, survived 65 days on a life raft in the Pacific, and then became a POW during WWII.

And believe it or not, with all the creativity, and the increased movie watching, I am still keeping my activity level up.  I average making it to the gym 3 days a week, and then am walking the hills on the days in between.

Well, I’d better get off to bed.  All’s quiet on the western front, and I want to keep it that way!




18 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. With all the other things you’ve been doing, I’d wondered when quilting would come back to the forefront. And I’m glad it did in this post. I’m a sucker for quilts and just love the pictures of those you make. They are always so thoughtful, not to mention beautiful!!

    • Right now quilting is actually my favorite (and most creative) outlet. I do get frustrated when I don’t find inspiration or time to quilt.

  2. As always, your quilting is really something special. I have to also say that I am a huge “Downton Abbey” fan. Sunday nights are highly anticipated. I also intend to read “Unbroken.” Sounds like a good read.

  3. Ooh – loved getting the update on the sheep rug. I can’t wait to see that when it is done!

    I have Unbroken on my to-read list. And Downton Abbey on my to-watch list, but I think I might wait until the series has run it’s course so that I can watch them all at once (like I’m doing now with Friday Night Lights).

  4. Beautiful! I especially like the crooked quilt (great idea to put the black lines to accent the non symmetry) and the button pieces. They’re so tactile and very appealing. I loved Unbroken. Very good book.

    • Yes, I forgot to talk about the black lines. I like them very much, and also the black and white print that I used somewhat consistently.

      Ooh, a good book review from a librarian. Better put it on my to-read list!

  5. I love the felt squares!! That is going to be so cute when you get it all together. And it looks like you are making really good progress on your rug – can’t wait to see the finished product!

    I am jealous that you get to spend time being creative and watching movies – I want to do that too!! Stupid job. 😦

  6. Love the “crooked quilt”–it combines the tradition of quilting with a more modern, fun twist.

    I’ve got my eye on amazon Prime instead of Netflix. Supposedly, in addition to free shipping on almost everything, you get access to 1000s of streaming movies and television shows.

    • Hmmm. Never did the math on that one. Amazon Prime is actually cheaper than Netflix. I looked around a bit. It seems harder to find stuff on there, or maybe its because I am not familiar with them. I might go for it, because they have some free stuff for Kindle, and of course I love the instant shipping. Although that could be a problem…spending too much…

  7. Seeing the crooked quilt reminded me of the crooked house – very playful and fun. Also? I was impressed that you stopped to make a sandwich…but then realized “ooh, a FABRIC sandwich” – not as tasty, but longer lasting!

    Love the birds and dragonflies on the second quilt, and the subtle coloring. You have such a wide range when it comes to quilting!

    Cannot wait to see what the buttons/felt squares become. And thanks for the update on the sheep rug – you are getting there with that one!

    I kind of felt the same way after Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – I need to incorporate more veggies into my daily diet. Thought the juicing thing was a bit much (not to mention expensive, and messy) but he made some good points with the movie.

    Nice work getting the exercise in… 🙂

  8. mmmm…. quilt sandwich. Is that like an oreo?

    Fat, Sick and Nearly dead was good until he got waaaaay to much into the pushing of the juicer and the selling of it. He has a website pushing his juicing plan and juicers for sale. I think occasional juice fasts are fine, but I don’t know about the long haul.

    Loving Downton Abbey. The sets are just gorgeous!

    • I agree. It did turn into a bit of an infomercial. Still, the information about micronutrients and disease prevention was very interesting. Plus at the end it had a statement about the Australian guy–something about a healthy lifestyle and moderation. Sounds like he’s not quite as gung ho on the juice as he once was.

      Haha. I WISH a quilt sandwich was like an oreo. Its the layer of top, batting, and backing that every quilt has to have.

  9. I really like your little crooked quilt! And I’m glad you didn’t square it up, but left it unique, with the background.

    And that spinning wheel… LOVE it. I don’t spin, but I love the look of them ever since I researched them to paint one for an illustrated book I did a few years ago. So charming. 🙂

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