Different but the same

Sometime somewhere in the past week or so I made a comment on someone’s blog about weight loss maintenance.  And my comment went something like this:

… for weight loss and maintenance, I agree it does look different for everyone. But one thing is consistent–it is healthy whole foods for the most part. Different people eliminate or severely limit certain food groups, but it is always healthy. And that should always be our goal, don’t you think? (health)

Now I’m not so sure of that statement.  Are there people out there who maintain a weight loss eating the Standard American Diet  (lots of processed foods, fast foods, etc?)

Since making that statement, I’ve been on an odyssey of sorts.  I met with Wendy (my partner on The Bridge) on Tuesday, and we had an interesting discussion via email about food–genetically engineered foods vs. selective breeding/organic food, the evils(?) of wheat, etc.  And then I caught a cold (first time I’ve been sick in years) and so I watched a bunch of documentaries on the topic.  One of the really good ones was Fresh, the Movie.  You can watch it free until Feb. 1.  I also watched Killer at Large, Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat, and Deconstructing Supper, about genetically engineered crops.

Mostly I was happy that I have changed the way I eat.  I enjoy eating good fruits and vegetables, and plain old meat (not fried or coated in something.)  And of course you know I love my dairy–mostly cottage cheese and yogurt.

Don’t you think we need to get off of the “MUST LOSE WEIGHT” merry-go-round and get on the “MUST BE HEALTHY” roller coaster?  Oh, I know.  Being overweight is not healthy.  I KNOW.  Hypertension and diabetes are just a couple of the diseases that I side-stepped by losing weight.  What I’m talking about is when we are tempted to try crazy diets or even worse stuff to get to a certain weight, or a certain size, or to look a certain way to please ourselves or what we think other people’s perception of us is.  In that Killer at Large movie, there was a 12 year old girl who weighed over 200 pounds, and a doctor did liposuction on her to remove 35 pounds of fat WITH HER PARENTS APPROVAL.  Seven months later she had regained 40 pounds.  By the end of the movie her parents were taking her to Mexico for lap band surgery.  It was kind of sickening.  And its kind of frustrating to me to see bloggers and other people I know trying drastic measures THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EATING HEALTHY FOOD to lose weight that maybe is not necessary to lose for their health.

Anyway, by the end of all these documentaries I was ready to do a complete garden re-do, which would mean putting in raised beds so I could raise all my own healthy organic non-genetically engineered vegetables.  And then I thought Wait!  Let’s not get carried away.  I  bet I can just raise chickens for eggs again, and trade for fresh fruits and veggies from my more industrious friends and neighbors.  So changing the topic rapidly…

I went to a chicken show on Saturday!  I just love purebred animals of all kinds.  Honestly, though.  Is there anything more silly than getting your chicken all fluffed up for a chicken show?  Unless maybe its fluffing your rabbit for a rabbit show (something I did for a brief period of time.)  Anyway, I took some pictures to share with you all!

THAT is a real chicken!

His straight haired brother:

More silliness:

A gorgeous Barred Plymouth Rock rooster.  These are one of the most common chicken breeds in our area.

My favorite chicken in the show!  I’ve never seen these before–called a Coronation Sussex.

Ooh, if I’d had a place for them, these little Mandarin ducks would have come home with me!  You can see how small they are by the chickens in the background.

A “frizzle”:

And a “silkie”:

One of the breeds I am most likely to get–Salmon Faverolles.  I love the color variations on them.  They’re supposed to be easy going and good egg layers.  (Rooster on the right and hen on the left.)

If I get banties, I would like some of these–called “splash” cochins”

And this was just one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while.  The little 4H kids all lined up so seriously, and then they were supposed to make their chicken walk up and down the table just by tapping it lightly with that little stick.  (I thought about whether or not I should post this picture, but the kids were SURROUNDED by adults with cameras, and I’m betting most of them end up on facebook.)

That’s all for now.  I’ve got a lot more ‘regular’ stuff to say, but I’ll save it for another day!  I need to post more often…


19 thoughts on “Different but the same

  1. The chicken pictures make me smile – I love all of the exotic ones, especially! Now here’s were I am a weirdo – if I knew that I was eating a freshly-laid egg, I’d be grossed out. I KNOW! I’m strange. I eat eggs; I just want them to come via the grocery store. Can you say “city girl”???

    I totally get what you are saying about the crazy dieters. It’s frustrating because sure, they might be losing weight while they are doing the diet of the month, but they ALWAYS gain it back, because that isn’t a normal way to eat! Regular food, people – that is the key. Sighhhhh.

    • You and your eggs. That’s probably like me eating my boneless skinless chicken breasts from the market and pretending they don’t come from those little animals I enjoy so much.

  2. I loooove these chickens! Some of them even made me giggle, they looked too weird. 🙂

    I don’t know anything about maintenance obviously, but I’ve chosen to lose weight with my regular foods. I’m “lucky” enough to have gained weight by eating too much healthy food, rather than just junk food and sweets etc,, So all I had to do was cut back basically. There is the occasional treat of course, but as long as they are occasional, that is healthy too 🙂

    • You are lucky! I also grew up loving just plain veggies and fruit. My diet strayed a little far from that for a while, but it was pretty easy for me to get back to the good stuff.

  3. It’s way to early in the morning to be laughing at pictures of chickens, but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Even showed ’em to Mr. B while he was eating breakfast so he could laugh to. ALthough from a serious standpoint, isn’t that a statement of how appearance conscious our society has become when we dress up CHICKENS for crying out loud like they are competing in some beauty pageant (which I guess they really are).

    And yes, becoming healthier should always be the point. Losing weight is the by-product.

    • Yes, people do get very obsessed with appearance when breeding purebred animals. To the point where they frequently sacrifice the health of the breed just to ‘improve’ the looks. And they always have a justification for it…

  4. I like the chickens without all those feathers on their heads. How do those chickens even see??? I didn’t even see their eyes! lol And those little ducks are just adorable!

    I have no room to talk about maintenance since i failed in that department……….but American society is so screwedup in how it eats i don’t know if there anything that would fix it. To think that here is an overweight child and the parents would rather take those drastic measures instead of feeding the child a better diet……….its just hard to fathom.

    Hope your feeling better. Don’t get to watching those documentaries too often, it’ll drive you crazy. LOL! Hugs!deb

    • Some of those chickens do have a hard time seeing! I did have one for a long time though–she was my longest living chicken, in fact, and I enjoyed her very much. Very mild tempered.

      LOL on the not watching the documentaries too much–I think you’re right!

  5. Dying at the chicken pictures. Dying.

    I personally believe that when people move towards better health, chances are weight loss will be part of the equation. I realize it’s possible to gain weight eating healthy (I’ve done it) but for the most part as one eats for health and feels better other things change as well.

  6. Chickens!! Oh good gravy those chickens are killing me! So funny – a chicken beauty pageant!

    It’s funny you bring up the diet/maintenance thing…Just over the last few days I have been seriously considering switching from “weight loss mode” to “get fit mode”. I am just so sick of thinking about weight loss all the time, but I like thinking about getting fit and active. Trying to lose weight is like going around in circles FOREVER. I want off!!

    Hope your cold is better today!

  7. An enthusiastic AMEN on the health/fitness focus. When I shifted to that, the weight loss followed. Slowly sometimes, but it followed. 🙂

    Sorry about the cold. I hope yours doesn’t drag on like mine did.

  8. I love the “fancy” chickens, Debby. Your comment about healthy foods was left on my blog, and I completely agree with you. Whether we’re counting calories, participating in a challenge, or doing Weight Watchers, I think a plan based on primarily whole foods is the best. Taking care of our immune systems is so important, particularly as we get older, and nutrition plays a big role. But that doesn’t prohibit some frozen yogurt once in a while. (I wish we had a Pinkberry, but maybe it’s better that we don’t.) I’m working on keeping below a certain number of calories, but with healthy foods that I can continue into maintenance. I like feeling good, and for me that means a balance of whole grains, lean protein, dairy, and fruits and vegetable.

  9. I’m especially horrified by the liposuction of a 12-year-old. My oldest daughter struggles with compulsive eating. At 12 she is about 5′ 6″ tall and weighs just over 200 lbs. I too feel desperate with what to do. She is an out-patient at an eating disorder clinic which has helped slow her weight gain, but she’s still gaining. I have to admit that I would consider doing a lap-band, but only if she’s over 16. I’d prefer if she was over 18 and initiated the conversation. Still I fear that without drastic intervention, eventually I’ll watch her eat herself to death.

    • Yes, the liposuction was horrifying, and I think it was done at the beginning of the whole liposuction thing. I think that maybe today that would be illegal? Wow, about your daughter. But at that height and weight, is she still healthy otherwise? Will she be active? Because, of course, I am a LOT older, but if I was 5′ 6″, I think I would be trying to be content at that weight, if I was otherwise healthy.

  10. Ack! I’ve been away so long. Now I’m catching up again.

    Sing it Sistah!!!! It’s all about health. Everything is health. Weight may be a bonus, but health is the word!

    And I love your goofy chickens. I can’t wait to see which you end up with.

    Also, I read all the way back to your post about The Bridge project in Haiti. How spectacular is that!? Good to get my Debby fix.

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