Heart Healthy Adventure!

So here’s my ‘heart healthy adventure on Saturday!  Thanks to Lori for sponsoring this challenge every year.  It is so fun to set a goal and then do it.  The first leg of my challenge was a 30 minute speed walk with Noah.  Here we are at the end of the walk.  I tried to keep my speed up so my heart would get that healthy challenge!

Next leg of the challenge–off to the gym for 30 minutes of weights and 30 minutes on the bike.  I usually aim for 20 minutes, and sometimes I skip the bike, so this was a challenge!

This is how I start my workout many days, in the little studio on the bosu ball(?) working on my balance while doing dumbell presses.  BTW, do I get extra credit for posting all these unflattering pics of myself?

Then out to the main room to work on the machines.  Ah, my favorite machine, better known as the camouflage machine!

Then I headed downstairs for the third leg of my challenge–30 minutes on the bike.  I ALWAYS watch the Food Network while I’m on the bike.  I found a new show yesterday–Worst Cooks in America.  Pretty fun.

Ahhh.  Then it was on to the ‘fourth leg’ of the ‘challenge.’  FROYO!!  And yes, there were a few unhealthy toppings on there.  Oh well.

Back home, we all went for one more walk.   I can’t claim that there was anything terribly cardio about this walk, but Monk might beg to differ.

And yes, as Lori said in her blog, I was a little extra snacky today.  Don’t know if it was the exercise or just a little celebrating.  Its all good, as Monk would say.


17 thoughts on “Heart Healthy Adventure!

    • It WAS fun! I haven’t gotten used to having Saturdays off since I retired. I might have to make this a regular Saturday thing.

      I don’t know if Monk is tuckered. He makes a habit of not over-exerting himself.

  1. You went all out for this challenge and I’m impressed! And even more impressed that you were able to take a picture while standing on the Bosu and holding a dumbbell – skills, you have them!!!

    I always love the shots of you and Noah – I guess because his expression always seems to be so content – looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world when he’s out with you!

    • Yes, that Bosu ball shot WAS a bit of a challenge.

      And Noah, I guess I never thought of it that way, but he is a pretty contented dog. As Cesar often says, he does not live in the past. If things did not go perfectly a few minutes before, he is not dwelling on them. Now dachshunds, I think they DO dwell a little on the past LOL.

  2. Like Shelley – I am super impressed you could get a clear shot on the BOSU ball while doing weights! If i tried that, you would have seen a picture of me on the floor, or likely a picture of the ceiling since I would have been looking up *from* the floor…

  3. I like the other side of the BOSU. 🙂 I wish my current gym would get one.

    Love the photos of your heart healthy day! (How do you look so composed for your workouts? I’m a mess when I get there and a messier mess when I leave!)

    (Btw, did you get my email response to your email?)

    • Wow, I am afraid to try the other side of the bosu!

      I look composed? I guess its because I’m not a sweat-er. Sometimes I worry that I am not working hard enough, but most of the time I don’t worry about that. The fact that I don’t want to lift my arms to knit or type tells me that I am working ‘hard enough.’

  4. You really did it up well! Maybe I’ll be more inspired next year. Your gym must have a lot of mirrors around. I guess we have some, too. At first I thought you were eating your blue camera, then I figured it out. LOL

  5. I’m incredibly impressed with your balance on the bosu ball! I haven’t tried much by way of weight lifting on it because my balance is a challenge just standing on the ground. 🙂

    Cute pug!!

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