Catching Up

Oops.  Right after I left that crabby post, I got super busy and didn’t have time to post!  And then I was too tired to lift my hands and type LOL.  This past weekend was our “Missions Conference” at our church.  I really enjoy this weekend, and this time we were a part of it because of our Haiti Project, The Bridge.  It was a wonderful weekend, which included a lot of prep work, and then one dinner banquet, two luncheons, and a dinner out at a restaurant.  I enjoyed all of them.  Oh, one of the prep work things I did was to investigate, and then make a big batch of Haitian rice and beans.  I combined a couple of recipes, trying to use typical Haitian spices.  As someone who doesn’t like beans, I thought they were very tasty.  The main reason we did it was to show an example of what the kids over there typically get to eat in a day–ONE bowl of rice and beans.  Period.  It just makes our agonizing over what to eat and when to eat it seem silly.

I got to have some good chats with some of the missionaries that I’ve become friends with over the years.  Wendy and I spoke at the women’s luncheon, and that turned out very well.  We had a table set up and basically manned that all weekend.  We got a few new sponsors for the kids, which brings the total to 34 sponsors for the children in Carrefour Poy.  I am so excited that we have had this much success so soon.  It will make a big difference for that little village, I think.  Next up, we have to figure out how we are going to visit there!

In the meantime, I didn’t neglect my exercise, and I quilted in the few spare minutes I had.  I am working on a project that I am very happy with, quilting words of scripture on simple ‘housetop’ quilts, which are fashioned after the quilts of Gees Bend.

I also finished reading/skimming the book, Health at Every Size, and I will share my thoughts on that in my next post.

Here’s some pictures of the scarf I mentioned.  Man its hard to get a normal angle, taking a picture of yourself when you have short arms like I do.

Who are we kidding.  This is mostly for Shelley, but maybe I have a few other knitting readers out there who will be interested in this technical talk…

So Shelley, this is some handspun yarn, and I thought stockinette stitch would be a good way to show off the subtle color changes.  But as you know, stockinette stitch has a right side and a wrong side, and also it curls in, making it a poor choice for a scarf.  Still, I forged ahead.

In this picture I think you can see that I did four stitches of ‘seed stitch’ along each side, to try to abate the rolling in.  At the end, I steamed it nice and flat.  But after wearing it for just a little bit, you can see that it does what comes naturally, and rolls in.  Still, I am happy that I made it this way.

Close up so you can see all the colors and textures in it.  From a distance, though, it mostly looks gray.

Last night Noah was looking quite regal, and since he has not had equal blog time lately, I grabbed my camera to take a picture.  Of course he moved at least 10 times before I got this shot, which is NOT the regal pose.  Oh well.  He is either moving around, keeping track of everything going on outside, or dead on the floor, like the next photo.  There is no in between with him.

Fortunately for me, he spends much of the day like this, whether it is outside, pretending to be guarding the yard, or inside, next to me as I am quilting.  He is a good pal.  I love that I can hug him without hardly bending over.


16 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I know – First World problem “Should I buy Chobani or Fage greek yogurt today?” Pretty lame.
    We don’t often reflect on how lucky we are.

    That is a very, very pretty scarf!

  2. I love that scarf – it’s so pretty AND it looks really soft!

    That’s so exciting that your Haiti project is moving forward!!

    I love Noah. I want to hug him too. 🙂

  3. I started reading that knitting section and my eyes went blurry and all my ears could hear was “Wa wa wa wa wa blah blah blah.” I’m sure Shelley will be excited about it though and I do think the scarf is very pretty 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve ever been the same when it comes to food ever since I lived in Zambia and saw many children there with kwashiorkor. I think it’s one of the reasons why I sometimes feel angry about carrying extra weight – so spoiled I’m eating too much.

  4. I agree that the scarf is pretty, but I want to say that you look pretty too. Relaxed and fit and happy. You’re growing your hair. I told my hairdresser I wanted to grow mine out, she rolled her eyes, but just did a very light trim. Now, three weeks later, I’m going bezerk and can’t wait to go back and throw myself on her mercy and under her scissors. I may be doomed to short hair for the rest of my life; can’t get through the growing out period.

    • Thanks, Tish! I thought I would go nuts growing my bangs out. Now I kinda want bangs and short hair again, but I’m staying with this style for a while because once I go back, I’ll probably never grow them out again.

  5. You look wonderful! So does Noah, he’s so cute 🙂
    Sorry I’m not a knitter but the scarf looks so sweet and should help to keep you warm.
    It is unbelievable how many people truly do not know how some people live.

  6. Debby, that is a GREAT picture of you!!! And the scarf? How gorgeous. I never thought about how doing a different stitch would show the yarn pattern. Crum, now I want to try another scarf! What size needles did you use? Oh, I saw where someone knitted a scarf the long way, using Koigu Linen – really gorgeous, but I’m thrown by the width…think he cast on 500 stitches!

    Noah is so pretty. Are you ever tempted to card his fur into yarn?

  7. What a lovely photo of you!! I like your hair that way, too.
    And Noah! What a big handsome boy he is. I can distinctly remember one or two (?) posts last year when he was driving you bananas, LOL!!

  8. Several have already mentioned it, but that is a lovely picture of you and the scarf is beautiful.

    We have friends who were missionaries in Lesotho, Africa for several years and we learned a lot while they were there about what it means to have plenty and what it means to have nothing. Lesson I hope we never forget.

  9. Glad to hear that you’re feeling much more cheerful! 🙂 That *is* a lovely picture of you, your shirt is a very flattering color and the scarf is gorgeous! Some knitters I know slip the first and last stitch to try and prevent rolling, but I haven’t tried that on my own. The only way I can get a piece to not roll is to make it wide and thick; I have a scarf at work that is doubled-up cotton and some fuzzy synthetic yarn, and it’s very cozy. Nope, I’m not bored at all by knitting talk! Now if I only made more time to *do* more knitting…

  10. I think that might be my favorite photo of you! Very pretty!

    I agree re: our food choices and illogical angst over them. I try to be mindful always that being faced with abundant food or variety of foods is a blessing, not a curse.

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