Could We Just Go Back in Time to Friday Morning

Saturday morning as I shuffled out to the kitchen to make my coffee (morning routine:  get out of bed, hit the BR, let Monk and Sophie out of their crates and urge them out the front door to go poddy, say “Hey Big Fuzz” to Noah, ask him for a kiss [note to new readers:  Noah is a dog] and then straight to the kitchen to make my coffee,) I was extra sore all over. As I shuffled, I thought to myself, I wish my body could speak to me and either say, “Its just your age, get used to it,” or “You slept in a really bad position.  Try to improve on that tonight,” or “Man, that was a really great workout the other day.  Keep up the good work.”  But then, when I was re-hashing this thought with my brother, he countered with “or, you whacked a tree!”  Yes, that’s right.  Friday afternoon I made a last minute change in my plans, got in my car, and I hit a tree HARD about half a mile from my house.  Oh brother.  The most bothersome thing about it was that for the 20 minutes before I WHACKED THE TREE I said to myself at least 5 separate times, you shouldn’t do this.  Just call and cancel.  I was running way  late to get to where I was going to meet my friend, and I was very distracted.  (obviously.)

So for the next few hours, I felt like a complete loser. Not just in driving.  Oh no. In every area of my life.  But by evening I was ensconced in my big recliner with Sophie and Monk on my lap under the quilt I was working on, listening to Dallas Willard, my favorite author/philosopher/speaker. He always has a calming effect on me.   And he said something he always says–God is right here now.  And that led me to say, so what was that about anyway, God?  Was it really necessary for me to run into that tree?  It seems so senseless, such a waste of time.  And you know, the thought came immediately to me that I had been so distracted, and not in a good frame of mind at all, that if I had gotten out onto the main road, I could have possibly done a lot more harm to either myself or worse, somebody else.  So in that way maybe it was a blessing that I hit that tree.  That’s how I’m choosing to look at it anyway.

Here’s a bunch of pictures I’ve been collecting from the past few days.

“Are you ever going to get off the computer?”

First daffodils.  Most of the daffodils have little “Noah guard fences” around them.

Rare action shot of the Queen.

Noah takes advantage of the Queen’s plant investigation.

I planted a few primroses and pansies in the fall to go along with the daffodils.

Dinner one night was fish tacos!  Quite yummy.

And Friday night I was feeling the need for a treat.  This is half-healthy!  Lori’s one minute muffin topped with some frosting and mini-chocolate chips.  That did the trick.

The troops waiting for lap time.  I was probably eating dinner.

Today Shelley mentioned that she was going to Chipotle’s for lunch, which made me want Mexican food too.  Luckily I had all the ingredients to make a really great tostada!

Today, by late afternoon, I finally got out for a walk.  Took my camera just in case I saw ‘signs of spring.’  I almost missed this little tree.  I don’t know what kind of tree it is, but it is always the first flowering tree on our road.

That was not the fastest walk I’ve taken.  But we did make the 3 mile round trip.  I’m choosing to believe I haven’t damaged anything permanently.  Just some extra soreness and stiffness that will hopefully resolve with a little time.  I’ve been in exile over the weekend, and hopefully I will get a rental car tomorrow.  The joys of ‘rural’ living.  I’m really hoping that my PAID OFF CAR is going to be repairable, and not ‘totaled.’  That was definitely not in my plans.

There were a lot of really great, thoughtful comments to my last post.  Thanks to all for joining in the conversation!



19 thoughts on “Could We Just Go Back in Time to Friday Morning

  1. Hi Debbie, So sorry about your car crash. Trees can be a right pain.

    This might be saying the obvious to you, but it’s something I had to learn too, many years ago when I had a serious bout of ME, (fatigue syndrome). Even now I continue to pace myself and listen to my body. It’s a fine line between doing too much and still having enough energy for exercise and essential activities and chores. I have to watch that I don’t make this an excuse for being lazy.

    You have successfully incorporated intuitive eating into your life. This is much the same regarding activity and exercise.

    It can be a struggle and sometimes I do a big fail. I’ve hooked the car up in a wire fence, Had a tree jump out and wreck the boot, (trunk), driven into the back of a truck, (the sun was in my eyes), taken out a power pole, whacked a corner of the house by turning in too quickly, and I’ve ended up in a useless dither when I should have been doing something special for a child’s birthday…. I’m sure there are many more fails but I eventually learned that there are times I have to cancel even if it feels all wrong and that I might letting someone down.

    I don’t think you’ve been a nurse for so long without learning this too so forgive me for raving on.

    Hope your car insurance works out for good.


    • Good thoughts, MargieAnne. Thanks for sharing that with me. I think I’m pretty good about listening to my body and not over-doing. But I will take your advice seriously. Plus you made me feel better by listing the accidents you’ve had! Of course that’s one of the things I immediately do–think about all the accidents I’ve had, even the ones that were not my fault.

      Yes, I meant to give a shout out to AAA Insurance. They are right on top of things.

  2. Sorry that tree got in your way, but glad you are Ok, Debby. Sometimes one incident can release a whole chain of thoughts that we have to deal with. Sounds like you were able to put it behind you, and look at it in a positive way.

  3. My goodness Debby! I’m so glad your alright! And hopefully your car will be too……….has anybody asked about the tree??? I speak for the trees! Whoops sorry had a Lorax moment there. LOL! Have you ever watched the movie The Adjustment Bureau??? Not a bad little movie. It was probably one of those Adjustment guys that put that tree in your way when you decided to go meet your friend even though you were late. 🙂 BIG HUGS! deb

    • LOL. Yes, the insurance company asked about the tree! “Does someone own the tree” she said. I thought that was so weird, since I live in the forest. Then I realized that she meant they might have to replace it.

      Let me tell you, that tree is none the worse for being hit! Surprisingly , because sometimes those trees on the edge of the road have a shallow root system. It was an oak tree, and I looked carefully at it when I walked out last night. Should have taken a picture for the blog LOL.

  4. So glad you are Ok and were not hurt worse. Take care of yourself, be gentle with yourself, and no mental beatups either…

  5. Oh so sorry! In a small way, we can commiserate together as I put a small dent and major scratches in Mr. B’s NEW car last week while in Atlanta. Minor in comparison to your episode, but I know that sinking feeling of, “oh no, what’ve I done and how much is this going to cost?” So thankful you were not hurt. Will pray the car is repairable. Be sure and let us know.

  6. Ugh on the tree! Hope you don’t have any more lingering soreness from that. It’s amazing how you feel fine the first day and then over time develop all the aches and pains from it.

    I would so love to come out and putter around in your garden.

    That muffin? omg – I need to make some frosting and have it with mine.

    • I would LOVE for you to come and putter in my garden. It has been sadly neglected since a certain BIG DOG came to live here.

      Love that you love the muffin. It was perfect. Cause the muffin itself is not too sweet, and that offsets the extreme sweetness of the frosting.

  7. Everything is a learning experience, but why do some of them have to be so costly?!?

    I’m really glad you are ok and nothing worse happened – you ended up looking at this in a wise way…who knows what might have been further down the road at that instance?

    Onto the fun stuff…the pups all look happy and healthy! I still am amazed every time I see a shot of the Queen and Noah together – they aren’t even Mutt and Jeff sized, more like Davey and Goliath! Love that she doesn’t see herself as any smaller than Noah, except for maybe when she runs under his belly?

    Oh, and I guffawed at your disclaimer at the top of the post that Noah is a dog. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Oh no. She does not have one intimidated bone in her body. Quite often she just gives him “the look,” to which he turns to me and stares dolefully, hoping for an intervention.

  8. Oh no!! So glad you are okay!!! Don’t you hate it when you ignore your gut and then it turns around and says “I told you so”? Happens to me all the time. (Glad you mentioned AAA insurance – we were thinking of looking at them for insurance.)

    LOVE that first pic of Noah peeking out of one eye!

  9. Debby, I’m glad you’re mostly okay. Hope the morning aches and pains are almost gone. Bad on that tree for popping up in your way, but I like your idea that but for that tree you might have had a much worse encounter on the highway. My favorite picture is the woeful looks on the pups hoping you’re finished on the computer and ready for some puppy cuddle time.

  10. Thank goodness you’re all right. It would be very easy to beat yourself up even more, but by looking at the bright side of things (exactly like the fact that it could have been much worse) you’re obviously nursing your mental health as well.
    The photos of the dogs are SO adorable. You can’t feel anything but love in your house, what with those adoring faces staring up at you 🙂

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