Doing the Same Thing, Only Different

I saved this quote from “The Happiness Project” because it expresses how I feel about things.

“The pleasure of doing a thing in the same way at the same time every day, and savoring it, should be noted.”

Arnold Bennett

Since almost the beginning of the year, I had been on quite a roll.  Getting to the gym every week Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, walking on the days in between, eating very well–enjoying but not over-indulging, and getting in a bit or a lot of quilting every day.  Almost every night we (the three dogs and I) took a stroll, then they got fed, then I got fed, and then we settled in for the evening with Noah sacked out on the floor, the other two in my lap, and either a knitting project or a quilting project in my hands.  It was very nice.

Then, BAMM!  (literally.)  And I know my BAMM is just nothing compared to what happens to some people.  Your life is changed in an instant with a doctor’s diagnosis.  Or your child’s declaration.  Or a spark from a stove.  A car running a red light.  So yes, even though I was upset when I hit that tree, and really distressed that it interrupted my lovely sameness, I also knew immediately that it was just nothing.  Maybe I’m growing up.  I just didn’t stress about it as much as I have in the past.

I pretty much kept eating just the way I have been.  Very happy with myself for that.  But my streak at the gym was definitely broken.  Plus, I had been very happy the day before the accident at the gym.  I had  been slowly increasing the weights I was using, and I realized that on most of the machines, I was back up to my pre-surgery weights!  I knew I would probably have to back off again.

This morning I got back on the phone, got the rental car arranged for, and talked to the body shop about the damage on my car.  There was an hour or two where I got a little stressed out when the guy hinted that they might have to total my car due to the expense of repairs, but that turned out to be a false alarm.  Sounds like the estimate came in well under the ‘totaled’ limit.  Yay!   My neighbors WHO ARE THE BEST (I always say their picture should be in the dictionary under the definition of “neighbor,”) gladly drove me down to Jackson to get the rental car.  Ah, sweet freedom!  Guess where I went?  Yep.  The grocery store for veggies, english muffins, and half and half for my coffee!  Then to the gym for a workout, and yep, then to Starbuck’s for a coffee with my Quest bar as a treat.  (See above quote about the pleasure of sameness.)

So, the gym.  My knees, which were already not at their prime, definitely took a hit.  So I just backed off a bit on the weights on the leg exercises, and checked to make sure nothing felt funny.  I also got on the bike, and that felt great!  (note to self:  try not to go to the gym when Paula Deen is on the Food Network.  I am sure she is a nice lady, but she just bugs the life out of me.)  And part of my enjoyment of riding the bike at the gym is watching The Food Network.

All in all, life is about back to normal around here, except for that funny colored Toyota Matrix sitting outside the front window.


11 thoughts on “Doing the Same Thing, Only Different

  1. I’m just glad YOU weren’t BAMMED along with your car.
    And I like what you said about the little pleasures of a routine. It made me realize I have routines that are comforting in their sameness. Coffee is always in the morning, iced tea throughout the day, and hot tea at night…I used to have more routines, until a little bundle of energy named Joey joined our life. 🙂

    Years ago, I worked for a doctor. We had the first doctors office as you came back into town from a large wilderness area, where there used to be logging. So we were at times the first destination for accident victims, along with the surrounding small community. Over many years, Doc Griffin would ask all his accident patients how their accident happened. And he told me that he discovered that almost ALL accidents happened because of either/or these two things: they were either tired, or in a hurry (or both). Over the years since, I’ve found his insight to be amazingly true!!

    I’m glad you are getting back to your routines, and didn’t let this accident get you side-tracked. And I agree, it could be true that by hitting the tree, you were actually protected from something worse. 🙂

  2. Wow! What a great recovery and so glad you have a car again even if it is a rental. No fun living in rural area without good wheels.

    Congratulations n continuing with your general routine including the Gym. Somethign to be really, really proud of.


  3. I’ve been holding my breath afraid the car repairs might have an impact on an upcoming trip and I would be so disappointed. Can I stop holding my breath?

    So glad the soreness seems to be working its way out. Going back to the gym was the best thing you could’ve done.

  4. AAAaahhhhh…… routine! i know the feeling. Oh! and so nice to know i’m not alone on the
    Paula Deen thing…..aaarrrghhhh!! Just the sound of the woman’s over exaggerated southern
    accent drives me up a wall.and ofcourse anything she makes i’d have to adjust it so my heart
    wouldn’t stop beating at the first bite. LOL! Glad your feeling better. I think you handled every-
    thing well sweety. I’m glad the car seems to be working out.Hugs! deb

  5. Oh Paula Deen drives me batty!! I think it’s her crazy-eyed fake smile that irritates me the most. I get annoyed just looking at her.

    Glad your car can be repaired!! And it’s great that you have a rental so you aren’t stuck.

    I get way too bored doing/eating the same thing every day. Except for my morning coffee – it’s the one thing that I look forward to when I get to work every day!!

  6. I’m with you – I like a good routine and the comfort of the “sameness” – and I’m glad you were mostly able to get back to your quickly.

    Paula Deen? I just can’t. There are too many things about her that bug me. I am not a daytime TV person, so when I’ve been treadmilling it at the gym, I’m able to be preoccupied with continually changing the channel, trying to find something to watch. Most of what’s available is pretty crummy, although I finally settled on Kelly Ripa’s show – she was funny.

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I lived a life without routine – we moved constantly and nothing was ever the same. As an adult I made a conscientious decision that I would have routine in my life for me – and for my daughter. I wanted her to have the routine and the roots I never did.

    So I treasure my routine because even though my life has now been routine-ish far longer than it was not, it often still feels fragile like something at any minute could snatch it away.

    I hope you get your ‘real’ groove back ASAP!

  8. Ooh, I drive a Pontiac Vibe, which is a sister or cousin of the Matrix! (Both are also related to the Toyota Corolla–something about the chassis, the salesman said, but to be honest, I was busy checking out the color options at the time.))

    I love routine. Being in it, breaking out of it, returning to it–it’s all good!

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