Crazy Day and A Little News

Yesterday, while my friends back east were enjoying a nice springtime day, I woke up to this:

Looking out the door at 6am.

Noah was quite enthusiastic about the stuff.

All day long it snowed, rained, sleeted, hailed, snowed, and rained and snowed some more.  This was the grand finale to six consecutive days of rain.  There was a very short lull in the storm, and me and Noah got out for a walk.  It even looked like the sun was going to come out.

Here’s my secret weapon:

Those, and a big umbrella keep me pretty darn dry.  Noah is waterproof.  He only gets wet on top.  So we towel him off, and sometimes I blow dry him a little bit.

Chopped veggies three ways:

I already showed you this one thing–the veggie/meat bread roll thingie.

I actually had a lot of fun chopping all those veggies up and cooking them.  I think it was the first time I had used my mini food processor to chop vegetables.  Slick!  The next day I was going to make another of the breads and add marinara sauce.  Well I found some bruchetta sauce in the fridge, and then I thought, why roll it up?  Just make a pizza, or flatbread.  Then you’ll have two versions to eat.


And the third way?  Well, I had a sweet potato wasting away in the veggie bin.  I always buy one sweet potato at a time.  And I really like sweet potatoes.  But I don’t often eat them.  Not sure what’s up with that.  I bet they were a lot of WW points and that’s stuck somewhere deep in my brain.  ANYWAY, I still had a bit of the veggie mix leftover, and I had the idea that it would be a good topping on a baked sweet potato.

And I was right!  Served with a forest side of broccoli.

A little news.

And now for my little bit of big news–I HAVE A JOB!!!!  Yes indeedy.  I’m going to be a working girl again.  Vicky (my former personal trainer who now has a thriving gourmet health food business) has been talking to me about helping her with some administrative stuff.  She works out of the gym that I go to (they had a little cafe/restaurant in the gym that they were not using, so she rents that part for her business,) so today I went in to work out, and she had time to talk.  We worked out a deal, and I am going to work for her two hours a day, three days a week.  I KNOW.  Its two hours more than I wanted to work in one week LOL.  But seriously, it will work out great to keep me on track going to the gym to work out three days a week, and then I can just walk on over to my two hour job.  Thank goodness I am not much of a sweater.  Another plus–being around Vicky is always an education.  She insists on knowing all the latest research, and presenting a truthful whole picture of nutrition and weight loss.  I’ll keep you posted on how it works out.  I’m starting next Monday because this week, starting Wednesday, I’m having my SPA WEEK!  I will get Vicky’s food plan for three days of complete meals, so it will be like a spa in that no decisions/no cooking.  All good nutritious food.  I will do three or four days this time.  I don’t know why I call it a week.  I honestly could not keep up that exercise schedule for a whole week.

And now its late, and I’ll leave you with a shot of the two lapwarmers.

Sophie is actually half the size of Monk.  But because she is ALWAYS in front of him, she looks larger than she is.

Some of you might be interested in a follow-up to my last post, where I was feeling too full. I did indeed have a very balanced eating day the next day (Sunday.)  I did want to eat some more after dinner, even though I was full, and really had to talk myself down from there.  Today has been an even better day, with good choices all day long.  Topped off by a good workout at the gym and a short walk with the doggies when I got home.  Oh !  The gym.  Must tell you–I went in the free weights room to do bench presses when there were TWO MEN in there!  First time in what?–two years at that gym?  Anyway, I was very happy with myself for doing that.  Next up:  deadlifts.


8 thoughts on “Crazy Day and A Little News

  1. Congrats on the job! And how perfect to tie it in to your workouts! Even if you don’t feel like doing a Big Deal workout, it will be hard to avoid not doing *something* while you’re there. 🙂

  2. I can feel the happiness beaming through this post Debby, even though it snowed LOL! I think that job is a perfect opportunity for you. And hurray for spa week!

  3. I love that your job is at the gym – no excuses (not that YOU made any…hmmm, I could be projecting). You are going to be a huge help to Vicky, and the amount of hours sounds perfect!

    That is some crazy snow. Of course Noah liked it – he resembles it, lol! Love the shot of the lap warmers, and I hope you sat right down after taking the picture so they could resume their “jobs”. 🙂

    Oh – that pizza? YUM!

  4. What a fun post. Hope the snow is all gone and just a couple more days of boot wearing gets you to proper spring in the woods. And your job! Wow. It sounds like just the right amount of time and schedule. I like the bonus of definitely getting you to the gym on your planned schedule. Very nice dog portrait (with the two of them)–it looks like a mantle piece portrait.

  5. Sure hope you’ll have accrued some vacation time by the middle of April!! This will sound nuts, but I’d give anything to see more snow. Perhaps it would send that big black snake I saw yesterday back into the ground. Way too early to have to be watching for that.

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