The Neglected Garden

Somewhere along the way, I have lost my gardening mojo.  There just seems to be other things (quilting) that I want to do instead of spending time in the garden.  I walk out there and think to myself, well of course.  Real artists don’t have time to work in their garden. They are busy creating art.  Then I thought of Monet.  SHUT UP!

So the last time I “worked” in the garden was when I bought the giant bags of bargain bulbs at Costco last fall.  Even then I resented the time it took to plant them.  I ended up taking some to my mom, which she has really enjoyed this spring.  And then I STILL had some, and I gladly gave them to my doggiesitting neighbor.  So the display this spring has surprised and mystified me.  I really don’t think I planted all these varieties last year.  And because I plant in containers, I usually only get one year’s worth of blooms from bulbs.

These perfect little blooms appeared in the pile of weeds and pine needles that I toss  over the fence when I do work in the yard.  I guess I presumed they were useless.

I think these ruffled daffodlis are surprises from a previous year also.  (that is the end of a decorative cabbage behind it.)

More surprises.

These I did plant.  They are truly gigantic daffodils.

Close-up, with the rosemary flowering behind it.

Ah.  The forsythia and camellia that I planted in exactly the WRONG spot over twenty years ago.  Still, they struggle on.  Someday I might actually dig them up and plant them in a proper location.

Another camellia screaming, “I don’t like this container.”  Still tries its best to give me a show.

And the one thing I do seem to do well–Japanese maples.  Love when I notice their little leaf fronds unfurling.  Now that I think of it, this particular tree almost died last year when I missed its water rotation.  Plants just want to live.

Bosom buddies?

And Sophie catching some rays.  She does like the sunshine at this time of year.  Wonder if she has a little Seasonal Affective Disorder?

I don’t have any big take away point to make with this blog… no object lesson that can be applied to weight loss.  Its just what’s going on in my life right now.

P.S.  That gorgeous rose in the header is NOT in my neglected garden.  It was growing in a little garden in Pescadero, I believe.


10 thoughts on “The Neglected Garden

  1. Well, I think that IS the takeaway lesson from this lovely post… that our real lives are made up of every day stuff! And if we look and pay attention, we see beauty even in unexpected places.

    Loved this post… and my favorites were the delicate all white daffodils. I’ve never seen them like that before. Made me smile.

  2. What a lovely point Loretta made and so true!

    Two weeks from today……….I am getting SOOOOO excited! Will Noah, Sophie and Monk hate me??? Just tell them you’re coming to the quilt show and don’t mention me or Cammy.

  3. Beauty and grace can appear in unexpected places. Enjoy the blooms and how nice that you have such a wonderful way of expressing your artistic side. Your quilts are also beautiful, and your love of what you are doing shines through!

  4. Love all of your daffodils!!! I didn’t plant any this year, and the bulbs that were there appear to not be doing much. My camellia is popping, though!

    And I highly expect that Claude had servants to help him realize his artistic gardening vision…

  5. Oooh! Oooh! I have a weight loss analogy! You don’t have to do it (whatever IT is) by the book to get beautiful results!

  6. If this is “neglected” I can only imagine what intentional gardening must look like from you – gorgeous!

  7. Nice! Ilike the white daffys too. Know what you mean about those giant Costco bags of bulbs. I gave lots away to friends, too.

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