Under the Influence

As I’ve said before, I am highly suggestible.  Fortunately, I am just as likely to be influenced in a positive way.  Here’s a few ways I’ve been positively influenced by reading blogs this week.

So yesterday I read somebody’s description of their chicken and rice casserole. (ooh, I found the blog.  Her recipe does sound delicious.  I’ve got it bookmarked.)   Mmmm.  That sounds good. And I was reading right before dinner.  Well, I looked and I had one more container of that pre-cooked brown rice from Costco.  Combined that with some of Helen’s shredded BBQ chicken and some already sauteed mushrooms and onions.  Pretty darn good!  I’ve used that BBQ chicken in a number of ways and have enjoyed them all.  Good thing, because I still have a lot of it left!

The other day I read Lyn’s description of “Grain-free Veggie Cereal.”  My first thought at reading that was ewwww.   But the picture and her description intrigued me.  So today, after I came back from my HIIT walk/hike (influenced by Miz) I wanted something cool and refreshing.  Plus I just wanted to experiment in the kitchen.  I adjusted her recipe to the veggies I had on hand (one apple, one carrot, and about 1 cup of zucchini, along with the three Tbsp pecans and some cinnamon)  Whirrrrrr in the food processor.  It looked just like her picture so I didn’t snap a shot.  But man, you get a BIG serving for 140 calories!  And it was VERY good. (I ate it with unsweetened Almond Milk like she suggested.)  After eating about half of it, I wanted to see how it would do mixed in with oatmeal.  So I dumped in one of those Abundance oatmeal packages, added the water, and put it all in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Very good. I think it would be even better as just an additive to the oatmeal like I’ve already been doing with the shredded zucchini.  So just adding a couple of tablespoons to the oatmeal.  I think I’ll be eating a lot of this stuff this summer.  Very refreshing as is.

Back to that walk.  That was kind of fun to challenge myself like that.  Basically I counted one and two and… for anywhere from 60 to 180 counts walking as fast as I could, and then slowed down and counted one and…to 20, then sped up again.  Probably much more aerobic.  Mainly Miz caught my attention by saying that it wasn’t always necessary to excercise for large amounts of time.  An intense workout can be just as effective.  And most of the time, that is what I am still reluctant about sometimes.  I don’t want to spend the time exercising for an hour every day.

You all left some very nice and interesting comments on the Neglected Garden blog.  I meant to make the point that you get a big bang for your buck (and time) with daffodils.  They are usually not interesting to the rodents that like to eat bulbs, and if you plant them in the ground they will come back year after year with very little help from you.  I am wondering if some of mine came back because I started sprinkling time-release fertilizer pellets in my planters.  Those white daffodils that everyone liked are called Thalia daffodils. They are supposedly the whitest of the daffodils.  They are very luminous in person.



5 thoughts on “Under the Influence

  1. Everything in this post sounds peaceful and lovely. Probably my favorite thing about blogging is the great ideas – whether practical or spiritual – from other bloggers.

    Have a blessed Easter Debby!

  2. I saw that veggie breakfast on Lyn’s blog, too and it just did not appeal to me. At all. Veggies and almond milk together. Just not sure I can do that, even to try.

    Bulbs are awesome, especially if you get the naturalzing type because they spread and you get surprised every year. I had some mixed success with what I planted last fall because we had a wet winter instead of snowy, which meant my garden was loaded with ice. Some bulbs did not make it through – at least as of yet.

  3. I am impressed that you tried Lyn’s no grain “cereal” because it looked like vomit to me…don’t get me wrong, I like Lyn, but blech. You are certainly much more adventurous of an eater than I am!

    Your speed walks sound great, along the lines of the “race ya’s” that Jeff and I do. Short bursts – now that’s my speed!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. LOL at you guys and your veggie cereal aversion. You just need a little suspension of beliefs. I mean, I like carrots, and I like apples, and I like zucchini. And cinnamon and almond milk. What’s not to like?

  5. I’m a veggie-cereal skeptic, too! Part of me says, NEVER, and part of me says, Hmmm, the green smoothies didn’t sound very good either, and look how that turned out. 🙂


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