Must Get to Bed!!!

But wanted to say au revoir!  I’m leaving very early tomorrow morning.  I think everything is packed.  Food items that are coming with me:  food for the whole day of travel tomorrow–banana chia muffin, apple, turkey bread (from Vicky,) some baby carrots, and a Quest bar.  And some trail mix if I get nervous.  Food items packed in the suitcase:  Quest bars, trail mix, and some of those oatmeal packs that I like so much.  Most of the hotels I’m staying in have a little kitchen area, so I will pick up some fresh fruit and yogurt and cottage cheese to fill in the blanks.

I just did a long picture blog of all the quilts I’ve been working on lately over on the quilt blog.

Alright.  Be good until I come back.  Not sure if I’ll be able to blog from the road.

9 thoughts on “Must Get to Bed!!!

  1. Debby is on her way to see ME and I can’t wait! It seemed like forever away when we first planned this visit early last fall and now it’s HERE! Yippee!

    And yes, we’ll do our best to blog about our adventures!

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