It was Fabulous!

It was FABULOUS!!  LOL, you’ve got to say that with a Boston accent and great enthusiasm.  It was the tour director’s favorite phrase.  But she was right.  It was fabulous, and really, she and the bus driver worked SO HARD, and made every part of the tour easy and pleasant.

The tour started and ended in Nashville, but the main attraction was the Quilt Show in Paducah, Kentucky.  I had signed up to be paired up with someone (taking my chances!) since it was a lot more money to have a single room.   The first night I thought I had hit the lucky jackpot!  I had a room all to myself!  But when we got to our hotel in Paducah (where we stayed for five nights) I had a roommate.  Luck was with me again.  I shared a room with a charming woman from Australia!  Aside from not understanding each other half the time (its not just the accent–there are whole words and phrases that we don’t have in common) we got along great, and it was a real learning experience for me.  There were women from Australia, England, New Zealand, and Japan on this tour!  I Know!  Some of you are thinking “TO GO TO A QUILT SHOW?!?”  I’m telling you, this show is a BIG DEAL to us quilters!

Unfortunately, they had signs posted that  photographs were not to be shared on the internet, so I can’t show you pictures of some of the fabulous quilts.  If you’re really interesting, click here to see the Best in Show quilt (all the gold on that quilt is threadwork!)  And here’s a link to one of the other top winners.  To be very honest, although I admire the extreme workmanship in both of these quilts, they are nothing that I aspire to.

So I’ll just give you a quick run-down of the other parts of the trip.

Can you believe this place was a REST STOP?  Kentucky sure knows how to do it up big!  It was a visitor information center too.

Oh, this is the one picture of quilts that I was pretty sure I could share.  This was the concert/show that my old friend Ricky Tims put on.  He was on his way to becoming a concert pianist/stage musician when he got diverted by the quilt world.  So he put his talents to good use, and entertains quilters with his music and story telling.  And this time he was able to use the stage props to show a retrospective of all his quilts.  We were able to have dinner one night and enjoyed talking about–what else?  Dogs and quilts and life.

Fast forward through five days of walking, shopping, looking, eating, and more walking, and this was the beautiful place that they took us for dinner the last night, located at The Land Between the Lakes at a place called Patty’s Settlement.

Isn’t this the neatest way to use pots to show off a flower garden?

So Sunday we headed back to Nashville.  There was supposed to be a tour of Nashville, and lunch at the Opryland Hotel before they dropped us off at the airport.  I did not believe that they would have time to give us a tour.  But sure enough they did!

This is supposed to be an exact replica of The Parthenon in Greece!  It was massive.

Then they had this gigantic cement map of Tennessee, like a football field long!  I found Nashville right away.  But I had to wander around a while to find Knoxville.

We drove through Centennial Park, and came to this “perfect” view of the State Capital.  That’s the bus driver goofing around.  He was a really great asset on the tour.  He was so helpful, and willing to go above and beyond, taking extra little side trips to help various people.

And  a last view of the Opryland Hotel.

I always take a little handwork project with me on trips.  Kind of like a security blanket.  I actually had time to work on this quilt.  It was something I had started quite a while ago, and then put aside.  I was still thinking about my circles, and I decided to try putting some of them on top of this quilt.  I really liked the way it added to the quilt.

So, y’all, that’s the end of my report.  Kind of a boring report.  But I’m so tired, and I have so much to do this week, I’m feeling a little frazzled.  Plus, I am looking forward to chatting about regular life back at home.  See you tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “It was Fabulous!

  1. Those are all the places in Nashville Cammy and I planned to show you, but the weather was so cold and windy, we opted to do the indoor things that we did. I didn’t realize you’d have a Nashville tour, so all worked out perfectly. BTW, this is going to be an annual event for you, isn’t it???????

    • I wouldn’t have changed anything about our time together!! Even though the tour had lunch at the Opryland Hotel, there was no time to explore, so I’m really glad we did that. Ummm, Lori might wanna fight you over the annual thing. Maybe biannual?

  2. Not a boring report at all! Kentucky looks really green and pretty – the replica of the Parthenon cracks me up…like, why? But I guess, why not? LOL. Glad you had such a good time, and how fun to have an Aussie for your roommate! My former boss’s partner is Australian and I used to love to talk to him, although there was a definite language gap…hard to believe we were both speaking English! Also wonderful that you got to have a nice dinner with Ricky – quilts and dogs, what more could there be to talk about!

  3. Wow! Where do i start a comment?? 🙂 Looks like you had a great time and i’m so glad. You really inspire me to get out there and explore……THAT was a rest stop?? I could barely find one or even a portapotty as we traveled thru TX, NM and CA! What is it about the top quilts that you don’t aspire to?? The style? just wondering……Your friends quilts are amazing! i just love the colors. Ahhh don’t you just love to hear someone speak Australian? Puts a smile on my face to just imagine it. Those flower pots??….you know…i bet Noah would help you by knocking over a pot for you……just saying……

    • The extraordinary amount of threadwork is what I am not interested in doing. Although I don’t mind spending the same amount of time on handwork… LOL at Noah knocking over the pots. Hadn’t thought of it, but I do believe there are a few pots already arranged for me out there in the yard!

  4. What a fun trip!! And that rest stop? I would totally plan a vacation AT THAT REST STOP. Like, that would BE my destination, it’s so gorgeous.

    Those quilts are extraordinary – not the kind of quilts my gramma used to make!!

  5. The top quilts are gorgeous, but they’re like the equivalent of a 12-tiered wedding cake, with a chocolate fountain on top. Intimidating? The feeling they give me is like when I’m at a museum and a sculptor from the “super realism” camp has created a statue that looks like an actual naked woman or a security guard, and I freak out when I find out it’s a sculpture. “Whoa! Art shouldn’t do that,” I think. But maybe it should. Quilts shouldn’t do that, I think. But maybe they should.

    I like your circles. For you I’m sure it’s a kind of sacred labyrinth experience, but vicariously I get that too just looking at them.

  6. What an amazing trip! the photos were fabulous, Debby! Travel is so much fun–and isn’t retirement great! I really do appreciate having the time to do new things and go to new places as a retired person. Have a great weekend!

  7. My goodness – that rest stop? I would have gone on past it thinking it was something else LOL!

    So glad you had a great time. A good tour bus driver can really make or break your trip, too.

  8. I’m so glad you got to see the Parthenon and Centennial Park! We drove by the park at some point, but I think we may have been a) “helping” navigate, or b) sharing a muffin.

    I’m also glad you had a lovely rest-of-the-tour! I really do hope to go to the quilt show someday. I’m more a fan of traditional quilts or updated versions of those than I am of the ‘show pieces’, but I still admire the hard work that went into them.

    As much as I loved the photos, I miss the canine menagerie at your place!

  9. I really enjoyed this “report”! Those stage prop quilts were amazing and sort of psychedelic. And I’d never seen the sideways pots used like that… lovely!
    I agree that the circles added over the squares on your quilt are perfect contrast… they add so much interest. Love it!

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