Talking Back

Sorry for the absence.  One thing you can say about me is that I’m consistently inconsistent…  Last week was one of those weeks that I really try to avoid.  Over-filled with too many activities.  It wasn’t really my fault, and it wasn’t really anybody else’s fault.  Just a convergence of events that could not be changed or delayed.  In short, I met with three realtors, and then chose one to list my dad’s house.  Vicky was out of town for a week, so my little job was a little bigger.  The pastor from Haiti (where we have our child sponsorship program) was in town, and we met with him (in person for the first time!) to work on some of the details of the program.  I had scheduled a lunch out with a friend that I hadn’t seen for several months.  And, I was scheduled to sing at the Ladie’s Tea on Saturday!  Egad!   But you know what?  I made it through, and I had some real food victories along the way.

But first, I wanted to share some of the great comments I received on the last entry.  Sometimes I think blogging is so weird.  I blab on and on forever, and then some of you are so kind as to make pertinent comments, and on my best days, I will reply to those.  But when life gets so hectic, the comments just sit there, and that is the end of the conversations.   “blah blah blah blah blah” I go. and you reply,  “oh, well have you thought of blah blah?”  splat.  the end.  Don’t you think that’s weird?

ANYWAY, some of those comments were really really helpful to me over the past few days.  So thank you!  Sharon said simply “Do the next right thing.”  Okay, I can do that.  Lori talked about “the line that you cross between being accepting and complacent. I think with complacency comes weight gain. Accepting doesn’t mean you stop trying, but just accepting that where you are right this minute is okay. Sure, it may not be quite where you want to be, but it is not a reflection on the person you are.”  Yes, of course.  I hadn’t quite thought of it that way.  PJ  suggested “keep it simple. quality. really satifying visually and texturally” in regards to my food choices. Yes.  That was something I could really relate to.  DebraSY just said “RRAAaaar!  Dig in with your heels and fight back!” That was something that I really appreciated hearing, especially from Debra.  And Karen left a note about being in a similar muddle, which made me click over to her blog, where she had written an excellent post about practicing both acceptance and improvement.  Now that is an excellent thought!  A little unrelated, but it made me very happy, was Caron’s note that she recommends my homemade yogurt instructions to people who are interested. I appreciate so much all of the comments people leave, so I feel a little rude for only listing these.  Just know that I love all of them!

I had quite a few challenging food “situations” in the past few days, and I’ve been so very happy in how I’ve handled them.  The best one was the ladie’s tea.  I was totally stressing out over NOT wanting to eat the food there, but worrying that I would feel pressured to eat it, more by myself than others.  I knew if I sat down at one of the fancy tables I would eat.  So I went in the kitchen area where they were just starting to prepare all the plates of fancy little foods, and I asked if they needed help.  For once they said yes.  I was so happy helping out, arranging the food, and not at all tempted to eat it.  And then they left me to arrange the dessert tiers all by myself!  I put out about 250 little dessert tidbits on those plates, and I did not even lick my fingers.  Cause I knew if I licked my fingers I would take a few home for later LOL.  If you’re interested, here is a link to the song that I sang.  Its a beautiful song by JJ Heller “What Love Really Means.”  And then I went straight from the tea to our meeting with Pastor Gilbert!  It all went really well, but when I left that meeting, I knew that all the stressful things from the week were over and done with.  I came home, put on my shorts, and sat in my chair with the two little dogs on my lap for hours!  Lovely.


12 thoughts on “Talking Back

  1. That’s what I call an excellent week. Fulfilling on so many levels and complete.

    I’m so glad you were able to go home and sit in the sun.

    Just a little aside….. Have you read the book Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis? It has blown my mind and settled some things I have dithered around with for many years. Not everyone is happy or agrees with him but it’s still worth reading and his take on the science of nutrition is compelling.


      • Thanks Debbie.

        Sorry this turned into a longer than usual comment. I hope you don’t mind me explaining myself.

        I’d forgotten you had already written about it. I do largely agree with you but like you say he does have some good points. His take on nutrition science has blown my mind, especially as I have seen so many of the problems he mentions in my own life and the lives of family members. I’m not an eater of junk food although many years ago when I was extra busy our family ended up eating a lot of takeaway food. We all put on weight which fortunately was lost almost as quickly when I began to make an effort and we had home cooked dinners again.

        Once all the talk of insulin resistance and other things left me cold. I don’t or didn’t believe in eliminating most grains, or any other food for that matter, until I put Wheat Belly against my own experience.

        Like you, I began by cutting out most wheat simply because it was associated with high carbohydrate, high calorie foods like bread and butter and cake not to mention sandwich fillings. I guess this book finally put two and two together for me. This year, especially February has possibly been the most stressful ever yet I have never once resorted to stress eating. I put that down entirely to taking wheat from my diet.

        I don’t want to be an evangelist for wheat/grain free but my own experience wants me to be sure that people are aware of the possible connection.

        It’s been frustrating trying to be healthy when all I’ve been doing all these years is flirting around the fringes of what appears to be a true intolerance of wheat which is not celiac disease. I know it’s not the same for everyone and I guess I can’t say too much since I have not quite lost half the weight I need to lose. The proof lies in the test of time. Hopefully this time next year I can write from the perspective of someone who has achieved a healthy goal weight.

        We are having a series of beautiful late autumn sunny days which begin with a frost. Love it. Trust you are having a great day.


  2. Hey there friend, I was wondering where you were since I knew you had a lot going on, but being semi out of pocket myself, hadn’t yet got around to searching you out. Glad some things are being settled or at least the next “right thing” getting done. I think of you and what a fun time we had every time I reach for one of my Million Dollar muffins. Unfortunately, I’m down to only six left – remember I made two batches to bring with me. And I still have five weeks to go. Can you make a batch and ship to me????? LOL! I’ve been enjoying one every day as my treat with one TB of pure Vermont maple syrup. Oh my…………………

  3. Love that song! And kudos for handling the ladies tea so well. Yes, somehow the food production part is more “doable” than the having it presented to you part for me too.

  4. There’s nothing like coming home to creatures who are happy to see you and want nothing more than to just BE with you…glad you have that, especially with the busy days!

  5. Maybe that’s why I’m never tempted to stuff myself on Thanksgiving Day – all the preparation dulls my appetite! (the next day, however, is a totally different story!)

    What a busy week you had!! But at least it was filled with good things. 🙂

  6. Glad you made it through the week. I was wondering where you went. Are you going to do a vlog and sing for us on your blog?? 😀

  7. Kudos for making it through the week with your spirits (and your waistline) in tact! Some of my happiest memories are of the moments just after completing a challenging time. Pity I didn’t have dogs who adore me to share them with!

  8. Ahh, and the pic at the top features the eyes of the queen and Mr. Monk.

    I’m glad your week pulled together for you. Always look forward to hearing more about Haiti.

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