Travel and Food

So my week at rug camp was wonderful.  I’ve written about it before, so won’t bore you withe the details, because it is essentially the same every year.  It is held at Cambria Pines Lodge, a place I thoroughly recommend to anyone who might be in the area.  Beautiful gardens surrounding the lodge, and close to the ocean and the charming town of Cambria.

Here’s a picture of me and my roommate with our rugs in the background.  (they have a rug show mid-week at camp.)

Bits and pieces of what I worked on at camp.

The whole rug design is shown in this post.  And lastly, a picture of what I have named THE BEST NEW TOY OF THE YEAR.  This is a tool that cuts strips of wool from fabric in precise sizes especially for rug hookers.  It is a really well-made tool and is very fun to use.  VERY FUN.

Back to the food.  The good thing about this camp being the same is that I pretty much knew the menu for the week.  For a place serving over 100 people a buffet meal three times a day, they have pretty good food choices the majority of the time.  But three big meals a day is still too much.  Plus, they are pretty heavy on the bread/wheat options.

So what I did this year was to call ahead and ask for a refrigerator and a microwave in my room.  No microwave (which I didn’t need,) but the fridge sure was appreciated.  I packed a simple refrigerator bag ($5 at Costco) with some ice, and apples, small cans of crushed pineapple, my favorite cottage cheese (Walmart,) baby carrots, Hillshire Farms sliced ham (convenient packaging!), some of my Quest protein bars, and some walnuts.  Oh, and some diet Cokes…

Three of the four days I ate lunch in my room.  It was a nice relaxing break, and I had a lunch that I actually enjoyed more than the lunch they provided.  Plus it was higher protein and fewer calories. I really didn’t need all that stuff, but it gave me a nice variety to choose from.  A couple of mornings I was up REALLY early, and so I had an apple or a protein bar for a ‘pre-breakfast.’

I pretty much relaxed and allowed myself to have whatever they were serving for breakfast and dinner.

So, as always, re-entry (coming home) and stocking up on food is something I really enjoy. Sometimes I am surprised at how easy it is to convert back to my usual healthy food choices.  I love getting bunches of fresh vegetables and fruit, and checking out the meat department for what is in stock.  And then I love to get some milk and a carton of cheap yogurt to start a batch of my homemade yogurt!

Another thing I do is try to make something special that is still healthier than the food I indulged in on the trip.  So yesterday I made a batch of my blueberry scones.  Hadn’t made them for a while and I was out of practice.  Let me just tell you that there is a fine line between adding just enough liquid and adding a bit too much!  But the end result was absolutely delicious.  Better than any baked goods I had on the trip!

I was really in the mood for some fish, so I ended up getting both Dover sole AND salmon.  Both were absolutely delicious.  I am always surprised that our little land-locked market occasionally has some really fresh fish available.  I cook all fish the same way.  Pre-heat the pan over medium high heat with a spray of pam and seasoning, add the fish, spray the top of fish with pam,  cook about 3 minutes on one side, flip, and another 3 minutes on the other side.  You might have to lower the heat to medium, and might have to adjust the cooking time depending on the thickness of your fish. I finish by squeezing fresh lemon over the fish while it is still hot in the pan.

Today I was cooking some brussel sprouts for lunch when I realized that I was not going to have time to eat them before I had to leave for an appointment.  So I put them in a plastic container, left them on the seat of the car while I went to my appointment, and ate them with a plastic fork after I got done–still warm from sitting in the sun!  Its just not that hard to bring your own food along if you think about it a bit.

And while on the subject of THAT APPOINTMENT…it was EXTREMELY stressful for me.  Opening a trust account at the bank that is in the grocery store.  I had to go there two days in a row to get all the paperwork that they required, with an additional trip to my lawyer’s in between.  Both days I was so stressed that I was looking longingly at the candy bars in the teller lines right next to the ‘bank.’  Fortunately I had some of my Eclipse gum in my purse.  That stuff is so strong it usually knocks any thought of other food out of my mind until I can get my thinking under control!

Well, those are just some of my thoughts tonight on living a whole and healthy life. I hope some of them might be helpful for you!  And now, off to bed.  Another important part of living a whole and healthy life.

11 thoughts on “Travel and Food

  1. The one and only thing I have missed while is the ability to keep a supply of those food items I’ve grown to love that no store-bought substitute quite measures up. You SPOILED me totally when you helped me finally get a batch of successful homemade yogurt. Nothing else will satisfy and I can’t WAIT to get home and make a batch to use a tablespoon or so of this pure Vermont Maple Syrup in! Yum! Also craving our famous muffins! While I’ve been gone, my “recipes to try” bookmark has exploded!!!

    Glad you had a good week at rug camp – I missed you! Even Bill noticed that you weren’t commenting (he watches for the people he’s met) and asked about you! Look like you had a nice roommate!!

  2. I think since you know exactly what will be at the rug camp for food choice, you were quite smart to do what you did! I actually enjoy trying new things and eating out but I suppose if I knew ahead of time that I wouldn’t like it, I’d want to have a plan too. Even when I do enjoy all my meals out (like on vacation), I also really enjoy coming home and getting things back to normal.

    Your rugs are just beautiful!

  3. Debby, the beauty of your work always amazes me. I’m starting to get back into embroidering again, and I’m enjoying it very much. Packing food is always such a good thing to do. I agree with Helen….eating out is fun, but going back home and getting back to normal always feels so good. I love the photos!

  4. My favorite cottage cheese is the Walmart brand too! I don’t know why it tastes so much better than any other kind. I’m back to eating the cottage cheese/fruit/almonds lunch and I’m amazed every time how well it holds me til my afternoon snack.

    I love that sheep rug. And I can’t wait to see how your new rug turns out! That cutting machine looks fun – I could make all kinds of stringy messes with that!! 🙂

    • LOL, sometimes I wonder if there’s something ‘suspect’ in the WM cottage cheese to make us love it so much. Plus, the price. Its almost twice as much at Safeway. Although there is the excess shopping factor to consider at WM…

  5. The sheep rug is absolutely gorgeous and much bigger than I thought – seeing it up on the wall with the others really shows that! The new one is looking so cool. That tool looks super fun and quite necessary…all crafting implements are quite necessary, IMHO. 😉

    I’m with you on three full meals being too much food, especially day after day. Kudos for planning ahead and making a much more comfortable week for yourself!

  6. Bravo to you on the food choices! It really isn’t that hard to bring your own stuff and yet so few people actually do that.

    That sounds like a fun weekend. It must take forever to do that hooking, though. Detail individual stuff is so time consuming. A couple years ago I made beaded christmas ornaments and it too me a couple months to do them.

    • The rug hooking actually moves along pretty quickly once you get into the hang of doing it consistently. Sometimes the background is boring to fill in, but I save stuff like that for when I want to relax and not think too much!

  7. Wow. I come back to check in and you’ve changed all kinds of things. New, absurd little dog (the best kind). Finished the sheep rug. Gone to camp. Changed the byline. My goodness! You’re rocket-driven. (Or I’ve been away way tooooooo long.)

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