A Golden Moment

The day started the way most days did.  The filtered light coming into the bedroom seemed to wake her up very early every morning.  Or maybe it was the four pairs of eyes trained on her.  Before she even knew she was awake, the dogs seemed to know it and they noisily encouraged her to start the day.

She got out of bed.  As usual, she did not say, as her mentor Dallas Willard encouraged, “God is here.”  It seemed like such a good idea, but so far that good idea had not been turned into a habit.  Other things seemed more pressing.  The dogs needed to get out, coffee needed to be made, and you know, those other morning essentials…

With those things out of the way, she took her breakfast and morning coffee and headed over to the computer.  It was Wednesday, a good day for reading blogs.

She read her favorite blogs, made comments both thoughtful and not, until the  sun was shining so brightly through the big front window that she could no longer see the computer screen.  Reluctantly, she swiveled  the desk chair that used to be her dad’s.  Just a quarter turn, and she was facing her latest rug on its frame, the rug illustrating Psalm 96.  How convenient, she thought. And now the sun was no longer in her eyes.  It was just a wonderful warm bath of light and goodness, filling the room and lighting up her rug.  The dachshund was, as always, positioned as close as possible to her.  She nestled on the sofa cushions, and she too was enjoying the warmth of the early morning sun.  She looks relaxed for once, she thought.  The two pugs snored quietly, and where was the big guy?  He was SACKED OUT, laying stretched out on the floor on the other side of her.  How did this happen?  Oh yes.  It was an answer to prayer.  It was a cry from the deepest part of her heart–after the neighbor had complained about his barking–Lord, I need six months of silence!  She was a little embarrassed that her most heartfelt prayer was one about a barking dog.

She turned again to her rug and began making one small even stitch after another.  It was a golden moment.  Yes indeed.  God is here.

9 thoughts on “A Golden Moment

  1. “Oh, sing to the Lord a new song!” That’s kind of the whole theme of your retirement, isn’t it?

    I’m looking forward to seeing that rug. God’s rejoicing party.

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