Is Popcorn a Vegetable and Other Silly Questions

I want popcorn tonight.  I wasn’t that hungry for dinner.  So I skipped the vegetable, and just had a bowl of that cottage cheese/pineapple/walnuts that I like so much.  I usually ALWAYS have a vegetable with dinner.   Thus my wishful thinking that popcorn is a vegetable.

About that not being hungry tonight.  We had a very special moving away/retirement party for one of our pastors who is 84 years old!  Man, that kind of thing makes me a little embarrassed to be retired.  Only a little.  Anyway, quite a few little things were really bothering me before I went, and I did say to myself “I’M GONNA EAT ALL THAT FOOD.”  I pretty much knew it was only going to be desserts.  And it was.  And I did.  And since he is a most-loved pastor, everybody had outdone the other in making their most special homemade desserts.  I have not had that much dessert in a long long time.  Yumm.  (I’m sorry.)

I came home and made some of those little tasty healthy cookies (no sugar except the chocolate in them.  Remember, I use half the amount of chocolate in the recipe and it is still quite a lot.)  I had already planned on making them before the dessert debacle happened.  But they will be a good thing to have on hand, should the urge for dessert arise in the next few days.

Oh.  Popcorn.  Does anybody else do this?  I use Cammy’s paper bag method of making microwave popcorn, and then I spray the popcorn with Pam (well, the Costco brand) and salt.  Most yummy, just enough oil to make the salt stick.  And it tastes fresher than any microwave popcorn I used to have.

Handy dandy kitchen devices.

This is a little hand held mandolin.  It is super sharp, and I love the way it shreds carrots and zucchini.    And just about anything else.  It has a little plastic guard to keep it safe when you’re not using it.

I love these cups so much.   They have some kind of liquid in them that freezes and keeps your drinks super cold without diluting them.  My diet cokes (sorry) stay cold AND fizzy.  And I’ve been using them for my iced coffees too.

And my Magic Bullet.  I was kind of mean to my Magic Bullet when I first got it.  I gave it a pretty bad review.  But I’ve come to love it a lot since then.  I use the little cup and the short blade continuously as my coffee grinder!  (no more pre-ground for me, Lori!)  And I have had lots of success making smoothies.  I really like that you can make it in the cup and then drink it out of the same cup.  Cause you know what’s really really bad about cooking all your food from scratch?  DISHES.  Lately, I am SICK of washing dishes.

Well, these guys aren’t kitchen appliances.  But they both like the kitchen.  Cause that’s where their food comes from.  Which, BTW.  The queen and her lady-in-waiting had quite a tussle over ONE PIECE of kibble that fell on the floor.  The queen was almost mortally wounded.  So its nice to see them sharing Mr. Monk’s chair (don’t know what’s up with that…)

I know.  There was only one question.  Sue me.

12 thoughts on “Is Popcorn a Vegetable and Other Silly Questions

  1. Here is my answer to your question – tongue in cheek, of course. Some things can be anything you want them to be. Popcorn is one of them. If you want it to be a vegetable on a day you need extra veggies, yep, it’ll work. Popcorn can also be a dessert. When you need a dessert, sprinkle or spray something sweet on it. Heck, if I tried hard enough, I”ll find a way to make popcorn a fruit!!

  2. I have eaten popcorn as my entire meal on many occasions. Which, I suppose means that it’s protein, carbs AND fat, right? I have a Whirley Pop that I got in a Christmas gift exchange years ago. I love that thing. While it does require oil to pop the corn, it requires so little that I don’t even worry about it. I stopped buying microwave popcorn right after I got it and haven’t bought it since!

  3. You just crack me up, from the ALL CAPS of desserts (hey, if they were worthy…and you do like your desserts!), to the “sue me” at the end, this post had me giggling the entire read.

    I have a microwave popcorn popper – no oil, and I never thought about spraying Pam to make the salt stick. I go through phases of popcorn, because it wrecks my gums. Lovely getting older, no?

    I still need to try a mandolin – well, I tried a bigger version than yours, got scared to death of it (SHARP BLADES!), returned it, and still want one. Glad you’ve stopped being mean to your Magic Bullet. 😉 That’s a gadget that I’d probably like if I owned, but am too cheap to buy (especially when there are running clothes to be bought, lol).

    Sweet pic of the pups. They like each other, they really do?

    • Yes, this smaller version is much safer. Only takes little bits of your fingertips, instead of the entire finger!

      Popcorn wrecks your gums???

      And the pups. More like an uneasy alliance?

  4. We have one of those Whirly Pop things too like Helen described above. We love it – the popcorn is so crisp and you can use as little oil as you want. Mmmm…now I want popcorn.

    Glad to see the girls getting along – or at least tolerating each other. 🙂

  5. I love popcorn, too. And it really is a whole grain! One of the lower calorie whole grains at that. I’m with Shelley, though. The little sharp pieces of corn membrane sometimes get caught under my gums. I used to have popcorn every day when I was working (I took it in baggies as my snack and still lost very nicely, thank you!). Now, though I try to go easy–maybe twice a month.

    I’m sure you’ll recover quickly from the farewell/retirement dessert debacle. I did from FIL’s 90th b-day which had similar sweet siren-desserts.

  6. Popcorn is just food and we will leave it at that. Good food, too. I do it in the bag like that, but I also make kettle corn lately with coconut oil. Damn good stuff. Only on long ride days, though LOL!

    I did like my Magic Bullet a lot. I have the fake version now and it is almost as good, but not quite.

    Hope you are feeling better about things now.

  7. I didn’t grow up on popcorn so can take it or leave. But my husband loves it, too! Someone who is into health foods one told me that if you could only bring three foods to a desert island it should be avocado, coconut and popcorn! I think that may have been wishful thinking 🙂

  8. I am not a big fan of popcorn unless it’s the kind from the store with the cheese on it, specifically Smartfood. I’m not buying it these days because I wasn’t able to control myself for a while, but am hoping the day comes (soon) when I can enjoy it in moderation. Where did you get that mandolin? I bought one from Pampered Chef and it didn’t work very well…I use a food processor for slicing, dicing, grinding, etc. I actually like ice in my drinks…go figure!

  9. One of the benefits of being single is that we can have popcorn for dinner (or breakfast, for that matter) if we want, and no one can say a darned thing about it!

    I can’t remember where I read the popcorn/bag trick–Lifehacker, maybe?–but I love it! In fact, I might have to have some tonight because it is far too hot to cook!

  10. Cammy’s comment cracked me up, because popcorn & diet coke was the dinner of single-girl champions on many an evening. That, or bag of salad and diced lunchmeat.

    Oh dear…sorry to hear about the battle royal, but glad to see the girls having a truce now.

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