So I went to the retirement party of a couple of the women that I had worked with for the past 23 years.  But first!  Breaking news!  IT IS HOT HERE.  California has finally caught up with the rest of the country.  Here’s some proof.

Bess doing her best to keep cool on the dog couch.

I’m doing my best too.  Getting out for a walk fairly early in the morning.  And then staying inside all the rest of the day.  Minimal cooking, and oh!  I tried a new recipe that I think will be a staple for the rest of the summer!  Thanks, Sharon, for pointing me towards The Yummy Life.  This is her version of Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal.  I made a couple versions this morning, and I couldn’t wait overnight.  It was just right for a cool afternoon snack.  I really really like that it was not too sweet.  Working on that sweet tooth of mine, you know.  Her pictures are prettier than mine–I like her use of mason jars.

Those little bubbly things?  Chia seeds–yay!!!  Plus I LOVE that it uses yogurt.  You know I’ve always got a steady supply of that stuff around here.

I’m also hoping to beat the heat by spending some serious time in the pool.  I finally ordered a top to wear with my swim shorts.  Hope Land’s End gets it here soon!

Back to the retirement party.  I was really excited about this party.  Not sure exactly why.  These women were good friends, and they were very interested in retiring when I did it last year, so we talked a lot about it at the time.  It has just been recently that I have actually started to feel “retired,” and I was excited for them, and wanted to tell them how great it was. I also knew it would be a good time to see more of my former colleagues at one time than when I have dropped into the unit for a visit.  What I didn’t count on was that there would be quite a few people there who had retired in the years prior to me.  That was very interesting to see all of them. One thing that was particularly interesting to me was that no one seemed particularly changed after retirement.  Oh, lots of people say, “you look great.” or  “You look so relaxed.”  That’s nice.  But I don’t really believe its true.  I think I have aged a LOT in the past year.  But that’s a topic for another post, one I definitely want to write about.  To me, the people that were unhappy and uptight at work still seemed unhappy and uptight several years after retiring. Just an observation.  Take from it what you will.

Well, its too hot to sit here and blog any more, so I will leave you with a short entry today.  Probably a relief, as it is probably too hot to sit and read blogs where you are as well!  Keep cool, and try that refrigerator oatmeal, either for a nice snack or for breakfast!

18 thoughts on “Retirement

  1. This is slightly embarrassing, but I actually bought small half-pint jars at Target yesterday specifically for this oatmeal. Not too odd, until you consider that I have yet to *try* the oatmeal. 🙂

    Still, if nothing else, I have some cute little jars for…I’ll think of something, I’m sure.

  2. Hmmm… I suppose people that are generally unhappy or don’t like themselves would be even more so after retirement as that is all there is to dwell on. Attitude really is everything.

    Bess certainly seems comfie and relaxed – even if it is hot! Do you shave Noah in the heat?

    • Yeah, I think that’s what I was trying to say about people. Usually people think its their job making them unhappy, but you are right. Its all about attitude.

      No, I am of the camp that thinks that dogs hair is good insulation for them.

  3. Bess looks like she’s melted on the couch. Jinx can only walk a few steps before he melts to the floor when its hot…so funny……..And it sure is HOT! You and i both live in CA… was 105 here yesterday!! No fun!…….Little cooler tomorrow, so looking forward to it! Hugs! deb

  4. Lol on the “other state”. It’s finally getting hot in So Cal and humid, too. I could have been in Indiana it was so hot and humid here.

    Keep cool and I love the pug photos.

  5. There’s definitely a difference between general happiness and having a bad day. Those folks need to learn to be happy DESPITE the circumstance, instead of because of the circumstance. In other words, they’ll probably never be happy because their happiness always depends on their circumstance which will probably always have something wrong. Ah well.

    Cammy cracks me up with her jar buying ;D

  6. Since Diane and I are in the same state, I’ll echo her comment that we are FINALLY getting a break from the heat and today, even a break from the rain we’ve had all week. No complaints about the rain – it was desperately needed!!

    If you try the Crock-Pot Steel Cut Oats recipe, I mentioned in the blog, here’s a couple of changes I made or will make next time. The recipe is DELICIOUS and a total keeper. It made five one-cup servings. I used craisins instead of dried cherries, applesauce instead of the apple, did NOT use any butter, would reduce the brown sugar to one tablespoon or maybe even less. When reheating in microwave, I did NOT add 1/3 cup milk or any additional toppings. I like my oatmeal thick, so that would be personal preference.

    And I do love that website. She’s great!

  7. And BTW, grumpy, unhappy people will always be grumpy and unhappy. Most will never come to realize that genuine happiness comes from within and is not dependent on external factors. So sad that many count days and hours until retirement only to flounder around wondering why they still aren’t “happy.”

  8. Just got back from Wyoming where I think the high was 83 degrees – it was wonderful!! Mostly it was cloudy and cool – coming back to high Oklahoma 90s was just plain mean!!

    I am going to try those overnight fridge oats – that sounds really yummy, and I’m not even a big fan of oats!

    • Welcome home, and yes! try them. Don’t leave out the chia seeds. I think they enhance the ‘pudding-ness’ of them. I just came home with my new mason jars and made some with cranberries and pecans, and another couple with the apricot/ginger combo. The possibilities are endless! I forgot I wanted to try some banana-chocolate chip ones. That one would be more like dessert.

      So glad you’re home, and it sounds already like you had a good time!

  9. So sorry that we sent our heat your way. Hoping it will leave you to your normal California dreaming kind of weather soon. Wanted to let you know that when I was in NYC this week our hotel was 4 doors away from a PINKBERRY! Oh My Gosh, I’m hooked. We went twice and I would have gone again, but didn’t because I thought the very friendly receptionist/cashier might recognize me as a recidivist and twice in one day seems excessive. Anyway, I think it’s probably a good thing that our closest Pinkberry here is one I am near only once a week–right after my WW weigh-in!

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