Salad Central

The secret to easy salads is having all the stuff on hand.  I usually keep romaine hearts and a tub of the baby lettuce in the fridge.  And baby carrots.  And pre-cooked meat in the freezer.  And then all the fun stuff in the cupboard.  Oh, and goat cheese in the fridge.  And  balsamic vinegar and olive oil and mustard and honey.

Okay.  It doesn’t sound easy, but it really is.  The other day I bought a bag of those little frozen pre-cooked salad shrimpies.  Very good in salads, really low cal, and a good protein kick for your calorie expenditure.  Yesterday I was so lazy that I made the salad dressing in the bowl I was going to eat the salad in (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, salt and pepper) and added THREE ingredients.  Toss and eat.  And it was yummy!!  The three ingredients?  Romaine lettuce, baby shrimps, and baby carrots.

Today I had one of my favorite combos.  I have to give credit to Vicky for the combo idea.  Chicken, lettuce, chopped almonds, orange pieces, and goat cheese (blue cheese if you have it.)  I made the same salad dressing for this one.  Oh so scrumptious.  I took a little piece of chicken out of the freezer, and thought it was awful small, so I weighed it.  Only two ounces, but it was just right for a salad.

Other happenings around here:  I’ve been quilting up a storm.  Blogging about it over on the quilt blog.  

Spinning some yarn up:

‘Cause I’ve been knitting a lot.

My friend mentioned these little solar yard lights, and I thought it would be a good idea for my yard.  But when I looked at Walmart, they were too expensive. Then I was in there this past Friday getting some fertilizer, and these little yard lites were on sale!!  I wish I could take a picture that shows them sparkling in the yard at night.  So pretty.  And now when I take the dogs out for their ‘last call,’ I won’t stumble over the planters!

Guess who’s got a new friend?  Noah is THRILLED that Bess has initiated playtime with him.

And the traditional ear-licking at the end of play.  Dont’ ask me what that means.  We probably don’t want to know.

12 thoughts on “Salad Central

  1. I love the Noah and Bess pictures!!! How wonderful that the big guy finally has a willing playmate! I can only imagine, though, how the Queen and her footman must sit and watch with disdain as these two ruffians play. 🙂

    You are motivating me to get some salad fixin’s in the house. It IS easy, you are so right about that, when you have everything prepped. And tasty, too. I still haven’t tried your salad dressing but every time I read your ingredients, it sounds so good.

    Oh, I love how you just made more yarn to knit. So casual. No big deal. LOL!

    • Yes, and salads are excellent paired with watermelon for dessert! I forgot to say that. I got a big seedless watermelon, and used your ‘pineapple’ method to cut it up–genious!

      A few more meet-ups and I’ll get you spinning your own yarn!

      Oh, and I forgot to include that Sophie decided that she needed to referee the play (I actually think it was the camera that got her attention) and it almost started WWIII.

  2. I bet Sophie and Mr Monk are glad someone will keep Noah out of their hair!

    I love your garden.

    Salads and I go through phases. I am starting to want them again, so I bought some salad mix (lazy). My goal is 2 salads this week.

  3. I’m go glad Noah has a playmate!!

    I’m going to try your salad dressing recipe – I’ve actually got all of those ingredients!! I mixed up a dressing the other day – walnuts, raisins, almond milk (and something else I’m forgetting) in a blender and OHMYGOSH the best salad dressing ever! For some reason lately I’m just not loving the commercial varieties of salad dressing, especially when it’s so easy to make my own. I love salads during the summer – not so much in the winter.

    • Yes, yes, and yes!

      Noah is happy too!

      And yes, I didn’t say that, but I don’t like commercial salad dressings any more. There’s some sort of weird taste in there.

      And yes. Salads are for the summer.

      Share your dressing recipe! It sounds so interesting. And walnuts…

  4. Too bad you don’t have any cute little mason jars. You could make up your salad dressing and keep it in the fridge. 🙂

    Love your little twinkle lights!

  5. I am so glad I finally learned to just let go with the salad ingredients. I’ll try most any combo once and have sure come up with some winners!! I’m one who loves them so much it’s an all year thing. Never a time when I don’t enjoy a good salad.

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