Short and Sweet

I made a new recipe.  Actually its my version of Lori’s One Minute Muffin.  I kept thinking about how I like fruit inside my baked goods, and Lori likes her fruit on top (am I right, Lori?)  Anyway, I decided to try putting blueberries in the one minute muffin, and I’ve changed the recipe a bit (plus, mine take a lot more than one minute LOL,) so I’m going to share my version here.  I’m calling them Blueberry Flax Cakes, and this was DELICIOUS!!  I really like the moistness of this cake.  A different texture than most baked goods, but very satisfying.

Doesn’t that look delicious?  Here’s the recipe.

I also wanted to link to a relatively new blogger.  She is a long-term radical weight loss maintainer, and writes eloquently about the perils and pitfalls of maintenance and living in our food obsessed society (did I describe that right Sandy?)  I heartily recommend her blog to anyone interested in losing and especially maintaining a weight loss.  Check out these two posts to start:  I Have A Dream, and Dazed and Confused.  In fact, Sandy writes so well, I am not feeling the need to write any more tonight.

Here’s an actual moment in time in this doggie household.  Bess was posed so cute on the pillow that I picked up my camera VERY QUIETLY, and turned it on.  The minute it made that little whirring opening noise, Sophie came out of nowhere and positioned herself for the photo shoot!

Silly dogs!

Is this what they call the dog days of summer?  I couldn’t quite get myself motivated to work on any big project today.  So I finally gave all four dogs a bath!

10 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. That darling little dawg, and she knows it! That’s why Sophie must get into the picture. And her acute canine hearing ensures that she doesn’t miss the chance. Cutest thing–it made my morning. Anne

  2. Why would you be so cruel as to post a new recipe when I am stuck in a cabin with lots of other people, menus planned and not really at liberty to get in the kitchen by myself????? (I’m not complaining however – you should SEE this cabin!!) I’ll be back home Thursday and will try this out. I love Lori’s one-minute muffin and tried several variations myself while we were traveling this summer.

    Can’t wait to check out the new blog – as you know, I’m on the lookout for maintainers!!

    • I had you in mind on both those things! I thought you might like that recipe, and I’m pretty sure you will love Sandy’s blog. I didn’t mention–she’s our age, and she’s a really good writer!

  3. I love Sophie. But you already knew that. She just makes my day! And really, that’s a great shot of her and Bess – you probably couldn’t have posed them that way if you wanted to!

    Thanks for the heads up on Sandy’s blog! 🙂

  4. Debby, thanks so much for the link to my blog! It is always good to know that people find what I’m writing useful and interesting. For most of my life, I felt like I was in this weight battle all alone, so it’s thrilling to find others who have experienced the same struggle and to be able to swap stories.

    Also, you have the cutest dogs in the world! When I retire, my husband and I plan to get a dog (or two). For now though we are just drowning in cats!

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