Lost in Space

Somewhere out there in the vast wasteland of the inter webs is a lot of silly useless information.  And along with it a lot of information that I am just beginning to realize that I really enjoyed having.  And I am grieving that loss just a bit this morning.  Things like all my bookmarks!  All my email addresses.  And thousands of photographs.  And just now I realized that the video of my dad speaking at a special event is gone.  Maybe my brother or sister has that somewhere…

Anyway, here I am with a brand new sparkly computer.  I should be a little happier I suppose.

It has been an adventure.  I got very familiar with my kindle fire!  And used it so much that it stopped connecting to the internet at the same time I brought this computer home!  Weird, huh?  I already got that problem solved with a ‘chat’ with an Amazon person.  I found out that I could watch movies on my kindle (just propped it up on my knee or the dogs while I knitted,) and there are some terrific things to watch on youtube now!  I think I’ll write more about that tomorrow.

Oh.  So what happened was that at first I just couldn’t connect to the internet on my old computer.  Other things were working more slowly, but I thought that was just because I used my computer for so much.  Long story short, after MANY MANY phone conversations with the Apple Care guys, I was told that the problem was my hard drive, and that I needed a new computer.

Off to the Apple store (which fortunately is located near a Pinkberry,) and I purchased a new iMac (that’s what I had before.)  I paid the extra $100 for their service plan, and they tried to salvage as much data as they could off of my “dying hard drive,”  but it wasn’t much.  I get free private classes for a year, so I do plan to take advantage of that and learn a little more about how to use this computer.

I tell you, this has been a stressful couple of weeks.  As well as trying to salvage my old computer, my pressure tank has not been working correctly, and has required multiple trips from my long-time plumber.  I always say I am thankful to have water.  But the pressure problems are enough to drive me nuts.  And the third issue was selling my dad’s house and finishing up the trust.

In one 24 hour period yesterday I had yet another unsuccessful visit from the plumber, I drove to Sacramento to pick up my Mac, drove back to Jackson to meet with the lawyer for an hour, and raced over to my job, where I was laid off.  Okay, that last one is funny.  I already knew that I was laid off–Vicky is really struggling financially with this new business, and yesterday was my last day, but all the work was done, so I was actually happy to be able to head home with my new computer.  Still, its a weird feeling to not have the structure of a little job.  On the way home I saw a dog grooming shop, and thought, “maybe you should do that again.”  And then I hit myself up side the head and came to my senses.

8 thoughts on “Lost in Space

  1. I like your last sentence. Enjoy your retirement, and if you really need structure, make a schedule with your workouts, creative work, church work, etc…says the “retired-from-no-career” person. 😉

    I’m so sad for you that you lost your pictures and the precious video. My worst fear, with relying so much on the computer. I have #1 son looking for an external hard drive for me right now, so I can back up my pictures.

    I hope you enjoy your new computer and get many many good years with it.

  2. So glad you’ll be back again on a more regular basis. Have really missed your posts. But yes, losing the sentimental things are tough. I now backup my pics to a DVD at least once a month. I’d really hate to lose our trip pictures. Good luck with breaking in a new computer!

  3. I am sorry you lost all your things on the computer. Yeah, they are only things, but sentimental value is hard to put a price on.

    I am always saying “I need to start X business” and tell John to make me stop.

  4. Welcome back. I’m glad the Kindle was able to keep you sort of connected but glad that you’re back in computerland again. I’m so sorry about your pix and the video. I must get that external hard drive. Funny, my “local” Pinkberry is very close to my “local” Apple store–both about 30 minutes away. Again, I sympathize on selling your Dad’s house & doing the estate/financial things. I sold my Dad’s property but I have one more batch of things to sell, and the final year of taxes and then I’m done. Just a few weeks ago I dreamed I was struggling with his taxes and someone knocked on the door and it was my Dad (in the prime of his life) who said, “It’s okay, honey, I’ll take care of all this!” It was a good dream.

  5. Wow, you’ve had some serious struggles lately! I’m so sorry, Debby! But thank goodness there was a Pinkberry to ease the way.

    Here’s wishing you blue skies ahead!

  6. Oh, man! I’m sorry to hear about your computer! Hope your brother and sister can help retrieve some of the photos and videos.

    We were somewhere recently–Monterey, I think? And I saw a Pinkberry and thought of you. Wanted to try it, too, but we were heading someplace else. Oh well, someday!

  7. Oh my, I’m sorry for all your stress but glad you can be back around on a regular basis. I have missed you!

    “Off to the Apple store (which fortunately is located near a Pinkberry,)” made me laugh right out loud. Great way to start my day.

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