Such a Pretty Weekend

I had such a good time this weekend!  There is something called “Quilting in the Garden” that I have known about for years, but have never gone to, because I didn’t plan ahead, and I was always working.  So this year, I heard about it in plenty of time, and there was a class that I wanted to take, so decided to go and spend a few days down there.  It is called Quilting in the Garden because it is held in a beautiful nursery.  I’ve heard about this place for years, but honestly, for once the descriptions did not do it justice.  It was the most beautiful commercial nursery I’ve ever been to!  I tried to take pictures to share with you, but I’m afraid they don’t show how truly beautiful and peaceful it was.  I was there all day Friday for the class, and then again on Saturday morning for the quilt show.  I was surprised at how serene it was on Friday, when I thought the place would be bustling with getting ready for the crowds and the quilt show on Saturday.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures of Alden Lane Nursery:

This doesn’t show the size or the grandeur of these old oaks.  This one was laying on its side, but was still beautiful.  They hung the quilts from the trees.

This is a view from inside the nursery looking back toward the entrance!  The building was filled with all kinds of tempting gift items, as well as plenty of gardening supplies.


The sun was really bright, and actually made it difficult to look at some of the quilts.  This is the fountain area in the center of the nursery.

And everywhere there were clever arrangements, using found items.

Beauty everywhere you looked!

Oh!  I loved their use of broken pots to make “fairy gardens!”  I think I have a couple of those hanging around here!

And the view as you leave–a beautiful circle of sunflowers.


And here’s what I learned in class!  Squee!!  More sparkly stuff.  This was a great class in how to use beads on quilts.


It was really a very relaxing couple of days.  Lots of time for thinking about more serious topics.  We’ll see if I get around to actually writing about them this week!

8 thoughts on “Such a Pretty Weekend

  1. Oh wow, how gorgeous. I love the rose shot in your header, too – I’m assuming you took it there? The fairy garden is adorable. What a beautiful place – glad you had a great time!

  2. How beautiful! I love a bling on clothing and I think it would be cool on a quilt 😀

    Fairy gardens are all the rage now and I have been pinning ideas to start one. Like I need another project…

  3. Don’t you just want to savor every day of autumn. I try not to take one single moment for granted and kudos to you for taking advantage of a really cool new experience. Gorgeous pictures.

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