Hunger and Delicious Food!

Well, I know you all are waiting with baited breath to hear how hungry I am!  The Hunger Game is actually going very well.  What I have found so far is that I don’t really need my afternoon snack with my coffee break.  And I don’t need a snack or dessert after dinner.  Waaaagh.  I already kinda knew this.  So I guess if I really want those things, I will have to eat even less for lunch or dinner.

I normally get up at 6am, and I immediately fix my coffee and breakfast.  So now I’m waiting just a bit to make sure I am hungry.  I made myself a little rule that if I wasn’t hungry in the morning, I wouldn’t wait longer than 2 hours, because I do believe its best to start the day with breakfast.  Anyway, that doesn’t’ seem to be a problem so far.  So if I eat between 6 and 7 am, I really am hungry for an early lunch.  It seems to be working out for me to have a small meal at about 11 and then again about 2.  I’m not getting set on times yet.  I still am waiting until I’m hungry to eat.

And then, so far, I’m really not hungry for a big dinner.  I’ve been having small dinners, like meat and veggies, or just veggies, or some veggies and cottage cheese and fruit.  Sometimes…  I have not even finished my dinner!

So yesterday I was thinking about the container of blueberries that was in the fridge.  I always buy blueberries when they are a good deal because they are supposed to be so healthy for you.  Trouble is, I only like them in baked goods.  So I googled ‘blueberry crumble’ or ‘blueberry cobbler.’  Goodness sake!  All those recipes have 1 1/2 to 2 cups of sugar in them.  I just can’t do that anymore!  So I went through my recipe archive to see if I could adjust one of my recipes.  And this is what I came up with!  SCRUMPTIOUS!

I think I’ll call it Blueberrylicious Pudding Cake.  Its a derivative of my old Apricot Oatmeal Bar recipe, but super-moist because of all the blueberries, and also because I held back some of the dry ingredients for a topping.  Pretty good stats, and enjoyable as a healthy snack, breakfast, or as a dessert.

And last, I thought I’d tell you about my favorite walking shoes this summer–my Montrail Molokini flip flops!  It started out because I was too lazy to put my shoes on for our after-dinner walk.  But then I really really liked walking in them.  I can walk just as fast in them, and even break out in a little run once in a while.  My version of barefoot running!  Because of the way the sole molds to your foot, they really feel supportive.

Its 6:51, and I am hungry!  But I’m going to walk and pray a bit, and then have my LITTLE dinner.  Because I’m still hopeful that I’ll be hungry again, and can have a little bowl of popcorn with The Dog Whisper.

14 thoughts on “Hunger and Delicious Food!

  1. Noah needs a little pedi with some color! 😀

    I am curious to see if you will find a consistency with when you are getting hungry or if it will be random. Are you keeping a food journal to see what you eat and when you get hungry?

    Blueberries stand no chance around me. I pop them like candy. my husband has to get some quick or I eat them all!

    • No, I don’t want to journal right now. I just want to see what happens if I eat sensibly only when I get hungry. I should try to write my thoughts on here a little more consistently.

  2. I really, really, REALLY should try to do just this as I can’t seem to get any kind of a grip with food lately. I, too, am interested to see if you get hungry on a regular basis (i.e. every4 hours) or if it turns out completely random based on what you’ve had to eat prior.

    Good job Debby!

  3. I try to do this on days when I’m not working. On workdays, I determine *what* I eat based on how hungry I am, but when I catch a break, I do eat something, even if it’s a luna bar. Sometimes the opportunity for a midday meal doesn’t present itself again until 4:30 or so, and then I tend to overeat.

    • Yes, I do think it would be hard when you have a job where you can’t sneak a break. I’ve had a couple of times where I was planning to eat out/exercise and wasn’t sure how the hunger game was going to work. Definitely have to know your body and have some pre-planning in place. You are good at that Cammy.

  4. Love the pic of you and Noah!! I bought a pair of flip flops at Cabelas over the summer and they also mold to my feet and OH MY GAWRSH they are so comfy. My feet feel like they are getting hugged every time I wear them. Yay for comfy foot wear!!

    • I went to Cabelas website and looked around. Which flip flops did you get? They have some walking shoes that I’d love to try. But at the price, I think I’d like to try them for a long time before I actually bought them.

      • I don’t remember exactly which ones they were – they weren’t expensive, though. I’ll look at home and then let you know. 🙂

  5. Those are some awesome looking toes there, girlfiriend…………I’m with Lori on the blueberries – they don’t last long around me. Am tiring of my breakfast choices right now, so am hot on the trail of the new blueberry pudding thingy.

    • Its so weird that I don’t like blueberries. there’s something about the texture–kinda mushy, like beans. I wonder if you get a better texture back east. However, the blueberry pudding thingy is great! I think maybe I should re-name it that!

  6. I love that shot of you and Noah – feets are cute, be they dog or human! Glad those flips are working out so well for you – I love mine, and YES, they are so comfy. I’ve survived a trip to IKEA in them!

    The blueberry cobbler looks wonderful. Yay you for making something that doesn’t involve a ton of sugar!

    • Yes, I almost forgot you were the one who originally recommended them to me. These have lasted two years, and probably would have lasted another year or so if I wasn’t abusing them on my rocky road.

  7. This sounds like a good experiment. I am not trusting myself enough yet to go with less structure. I eat a predetermined times with predetermined meals based on what my nutritionist has told me. It’s kind of like a lifeboat. I wish I could be more at ease, but I think that is still something in the future for me.

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