I Love Exercise?

Last night I re-wrote my “About Me” page.  Gah!  I hadn’t re-done it since I started this blog.   I decided to keep the same picture.  If Mary Higgins Clark can do it, I guess I can too.

So when I wrote “I love exercise” on that page, it was true.  It has been something of a revolution to me that I have just recently begun to admit that the truth of the matter is that I love exercise.  Not “I need to exercise,” or “exercise is necessary for long term weight loss maintenance,”  but “I want to exercise.”  Another one of those neuropathways that took a LOOOOONG time to change.

Accepting that as a fact has started to change how I view the time I spend exercising.  In the past that has been a big issue for me.  Now, since I love exercise, it makes sense that I would drive down to the gym, even if it does take a chunk of time out of my afternoon.  I am finding that it is a good motivator to work more consistently in the morning (whether it is housework or quilting) so that I can finish by 2 or 3 o’clock and head to the gym.

And since my official diagnosis of arthritis, I have changed up a few things.  I am still walking.  That just makes life more pleasant with dogs in the house.  I no longer feel guilty for making my walks shorter.  In fact, I am congratulating myself for doing what was best for me.

At the gym, I have enjoyed getting back on the bike.  I am experimenting with the different modes and settings and making it more of a challenging workout.  Some of you will be happy to hear that I EVEN BROKE A SWEAT yesterday.  So much so that I felt like going for a swim afterwards.  Oh yeah, last week I bought one of those swim shirts.  I have to say, it really does help.  Plus, there’s that ‘carrot at the end of the stick’–the spa.  If I will just get in the pool and swim a few laps, I get to get in the spa afterwards.  Once I am in the pool, I always swim more than a ‘few laps.’

I am totally loving getting back to working out on the weights.  I have adjusted some of the leg exercises, and I am anxious to talk to the physical therapist to get more specific information on which exercises will work best.  I am back to working on my 100 pound bench press challenge.

And there are other things to explore–the rowing machine, and maybe a yoga class or two.

I love exercise.  Who knew?


8 thoughts on “I Love Exercise?

  1. I love that picture of you – so pretty!!

    I like exercise too. Not sure we’re in love yet, but our relationship is growing deeper. Exercise is still in the friendzone for now. 🙂

    Hubs has been wanting a bike for awhile now. Might have to explore that one a little more!

  2. Can’t say I’ll ever get excited about going to the gym, but sure do get excited about putting on those hiking boots. I even get excited about going on long walks. And I’ll have to say that with Bill and I doing it together every morning, I even get excited about three laps around the mall!!

  3. Was that picture from a few Christmases ago? I love it! I love exercise as well. Or at least certain forms of it. Who knew it could be possible to change something like that? I never ever thought I would like exercise. I am so impressed with the 100# bench press challenge. That’s some serious lifting!

    • Yes, that picture is from several years ago. Its been a while since I had a perm.

      Well–the bench press. That’s one part of my body that still works LOL.

  4. I like your new “about me” – and I love that picture of you!

    Exercise. Yeah, I don’t fight it nearly as much anymore, although I wouldn’t say I love it. We’re in like. Hand holding stage. I’m impressed that you’ve gone all the way with it. 😉

  5. I don’t think I’d ever read your about me before so it was nice to read this one. The photo is great and you made the right decision to keep it (not that you asked lol!)

    Isn’t it amazing how we can evolve, if we just let ourselves be open to the possibilities!

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