Taking One Hat Off, Putting the Next One On

I do feel like I’ve been wearing a few too many hats the past few weeks, or actually, wearing one hat at a time, but switching them frequently! Here’s a few of the things I’ve been working on:

The Singing at Church Lady: that’s the hat I get to hang up. I was asked to sing at the ladies’ Christmas event. It wasn’t high stress, but it does take some work and it is kind of always there in the back of your mind. The event was last night, and it was a success. And best of all, I previewed all the homemade goodies, and I didn’t take one!

The Good Patient: Going twice a week to physical therapy and doing all the new exercises he gives me every day. I do think it is starting to make a difference.

The Art Quilter: I continue to work on the quilts for my exhibit coming up in January. I set myself a goal of creating 20 quilts for this exhibit, and it looks like I will be close!

The “Healthy Quilter Blogger”:  for a little while, that was consuming me. Now that we’ve got it started, and I have posted several times during Thanksgiving week, it will just be a post once a week or so. (This is for The Quilt Show online community.)

The Executive Assistant: I tell Wendy she is the President of The Bridge, our sponsorship program for the children of Carrefour Poy, Haiti. I guess that makes me the executive assistant. Whatever. It has been a busy week for The Bridge, and has involved some meeting, consulting, and writing. We are having a shoe drive to bring nice shoes with us for the kids. It will be fun to see them piling up under the Christmas tree at church! (We are going to Haiti on January. I’m not even THINKING about that hat right now!)

The Magazine Writer:  Yes! Related to the healthy quilter blog, I was asked to write one column for each issue of The Quilt Life Magazine. They have a cooking competition in each issue, and my job is to comment on that. So they each sent me their recipes, and I wrote about my take on them. And, I had to get a high resolution picture taken–that was the most stressful part. First, as I told my neighbor, make me look 40 pounds thinner. Second, could I even get a good enough pic for the magazine with my little camera? And third, who do I know that the dogs will be calm enough around that we can get a picture? So, as I mentioned, my neighbor who babysits the dogs was the perfect solution. I wanted a picture of me with the dogs on my lap while I was quilting, which is my real life almost every evening. I set my camera on ‘L’ so it would take the picture with the most pixels. Here’s the picture we got. I was very pleased with it. That’s not how the dogs are in real life. In real life they are all sound asleep under the quilt that I am working on. But it does the job. And I was so happy when the editor said that it would work! I kinda hope she knows a trick to get rid of the ghostly doggie eyes.


And lastly, the hat I am putting on today–The Seriously Dieting Birthday Girl! Yes, I am dieting–5 whole days-but you’ll have to wait for another post to hear about that. And today starts my birthday celebrations. But I have a definite plan food-wise for each day. If I veer off course, I will just pick up the Dieter Hat on Friday and continue on.

I think the best thing I am learning AS I AGE, when I have a lot going on, is a deeper understanding that I can only do what I can do. I don’t stress as much about ALL. THE. THINGS. I. MUST. GET. DONE. I just do them one at a time, as time allows. And I am okay with that. And you know what? Just as much, or more, gets done without the hurricane of worry and stress that we are so prone to put ourselves into.

And now, I must leave my Blogger Hat behind, put on the Birthday Girl Hat, and go out and celebrate!


14 thoughts on “Taking One Hat Off, Putting the Next One On

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBY!!!!!! I love that picture of you – what a great photo, and I love your hair!!
    But wait, where’s Noah??????
    Have a great birthday week!!! 🙂

      • EXACTLY what I was going to say! I was still adding one more link to the post when your comment came in.

        Oh my gosh Jill! That photo shoot was done in the very middle of the “big storm” and I decided that it would be just too much to try to get Noah into the shot. I actually really wanted one with him in it too, more for a Christmas photo, because he does not help with my nightly quilting, THANK GOODNESS. Anyway, now that I know my neighbor can do this, I will try to get a pic with me and all four dogs sometime.

  2. My gosh you are busy…I hear that’s what happens when you retire. Although all of your projects sound like much more fun than going to work. I’ve probably asked you this already, but where is your quilt show going to be? And if I haven’t mentioned it, I’m so impressed with your quilt blog and now the magazine?? So very cool!!!

    Glad the PT exercises are helping…that’s very encouraging. And on that note, I think you should add the “Athlete” hat, as you are quite the fitness buff, my friend. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy all of your many wonderful and much-deserved birthday celebrations!

  3. Happy Birthday, Debby!!! Hope you enjoy a wonderful birthday season! I got sleepy reading about all your hats-my goodness! You do wear them well.

    The picture of you quilting with the pups is so cute, and you especially look terrific! I, too, was wondering about when & where your quilt show will be.

  4. Good thing you are retired so you can get all that stuff done 😉

    I love, love that shot of you and the puppers.

    I think picmonkey.com might be able to take the red/ghost eyes out of that shot, too. (and it’s free!).

    Enjoy all birthday celebrations!!

    • My iPhoto has pretty good editing, and their “red-eye” button is awesome. But the dog’s eyes are green, and I guess it doesn’t recognize that. I might check out that pic monkey. I am leary of trying new techy things though.

  5. Love the pic – looks just like you. Smiling all the time. Yep, that’s a lot of hats, but sounds like you’ve got a good plan for putting them on and taking them off. And we all know hats just simply don’t work on a lady when she try to wear one on top of the other. You’d NEVER do that now, would you?? Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday, pretty lady. I agree–you look great in that picture. Good for you for hanging up a hat or two. I decided to stop accepting solo “gigs” last year. It’s made my life a lot less stressful!

  7. my goodness you need a ‘hat tree’…Happy birthday , though it seems you have happy down already….And you are so wise. I am realizing I can just do what I can do and it will be enough.

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