Single Minded

Hmmm. That’s what I thought this morning, as I started in stitching. As the day went along, I decided that wasn’t exactly true. While I have been working quite steadily on the quilts for the upcoming show (some of you asked–it is at the Art and Soul Gallery in Oak Hills Church, Folsom, CA from January 6-February 10,) I have been balancing some of those other hats I talked about the other day.

I am working on five small quilts at one time! I told myself I couldn’t start or do any more, even though I have new ideas constantly cropping up. There is beauty in God’s word, and I am constantly finding a phrase that ignites my imagination. But I need to finish up, and do some of those unpleasant chores I don’t particularly like, like labeling the quilts, cleaning up the backs, and writing descriptions of each quilt.

Here is a glimpse of the last five!






I am holding steady on my new diet plan. Which I still don’t want to talk about very much. Except to say that that is why I have some new ‘pared down’ recipes posted. I talked about making that low calorie apple cranberry sauce the other day, and I have enjoyed it so much that I wanted to write the recipe down so I wouldn’t forget it. And BTW? It does freeze very well. I used my ice cube tray method, and I took out a couple of cranberry cubes for dinner tonight–tasted as good as fresh to me!

And then a few weeks ago, I experimented with paring down my blueberry scone recipe, thanks to Suzi, who shared her low calorie pumpkin scone recipe with me. So here is my “Bare Bones Blueberry Scone” recipe–only 155 calories per scone! They have been a very enjoyable lower calorie breakfast that holds me quite a while, thanks to the oatmeal in it I think.

Oh, and here’s a rather weird new recipe that I enjoyed today. If you use flavored protein powder, this was quite enjoyable. Just mix 3/4 of a measuring scoop of protein powder, 1/4 cup egg beaters, and 1 Tbsp oat bran. mix thoroughly and let set in fridge for 15 minutes. Makes a nice pudding, and still has 18-24g of protein (depending on the protein powder you use.

I think that’s all I’ve got in my brain for now. Off to rejuvenate the brain cells (sleep) and start all over again tomorrow!

14 thoughts on “Single Minded

  1. Now you’ve really got my curiosity rolling……I want to hear all about this new eating plan. I want to try the cranberry sauce – what do you think would happen if I used all Splenda and no sugar? Any other suggestions for subs for the 1/4 cup of sugar? As always, the quilts are so lovely.

    • I think the sugar has some magical power that makes it gel. And keeps it good in the freezer. (magical being the key word here–I really don’t know for a fact.) You could click on the original post-thanksgiving recipe and there is a recipe for making it with orange juice. But as I said, the author said that it was quite tart. Why don’t you try it with no sugar? You’ll only be out a few bucks, and you can report back to me LOL?

  2. I hope when you reach the end of a quilt you are able to look at it and see just exactly how much beauty you create Debby. I so admire your abilities as I have absolutely none when it comes to such things!

  3. I wish I could go to your quilt show. Just don’t think I can swing travel expenses to Cali that soon – but oh how I’d love to see your pieces on display! I know I keep saying the same thing, but you do such beautiful work with your quilts – the colors, the hand stitching, the embroidery patterns, the machine stitching – all just amazing. And I love them, and am so grateful to actually OWN one of your creations!

  4. Shoot. I just made cranberry sauce, and I forgot about the apple/cranberry version you posted earlier. Oh well, I’ll just have to pick up some more cranberries. 🙂

    Very pretty quilts!

  5. Love your quilts!
    You can make cranberry sauce with just splenda. That’s what I made to take to the Christmas party I went to. I use the baking splenda and used 1 cup of baking splenda, 1 cup of water and one bag of cranberries. Gels perfectly 🙂

    • Well, the splenda for baking actually has sugar in it, so I don’t know if you proved my point or not! (Is that the splenda you are talking about, or the ‘granulated splenda?’)

  6. Oh, my – am I lucky or what? I finally figure out the work-around to commenting on a WordPress blog and come to find not only art to admire, but a recipe that I am SO going to make. Beautiful, beautiful quilting – and if the photos are that good, I can only imagine what they look like in person.

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