So Much to Say, So Little Time…

Well, I missed out on that whole end-of-year-review AND the beginning-of-the-year-goal-setting. I’ll just say that my BF pointed out to me that it had been a VERY GOOD YEAR for me, and she is so right. And it is already starting to be a VERY GOOD YEAR in this new year.

The two biggest projects for the past year are converging at exactly the same time, and that is the reason there is “so little time” to write. Tomorrow I go to Folsom to hang the quilts for the gallery showing. The quilts that I have been working on all year. TWENTY quilts. I am so pleased that I set a goal for myself to make 20 quilts, and that I actually was able to accomplish that. Some of them are pictured over on the quilt blog. I hope to have all of them photographed and to do a slide show or something. But that will have to wait for a week or two.

Because the other BIG THING that is happening is that I leave for Haiti on Monday. And this is also at the end of a year of working on our child sponsorship program for the children of Carrefour Poy. We are so happy with what we have been able to do so far. But have so much more that we want to do. It will be so helpful to ‘see for ourselves’ the situation and the needs. You can see some pictures of the kids on our website. We were so happy when they were able to start a lunch program. And our shoe drive for the month of December reaped fantastic results. We have about 175 pairs of shoes! Our suitcases are stuffed to the gills. Fortunately the weather is warm there, so our lightweight clothing will not take much room!

But you all know that what I really like to talk about is the daily dailies. And food. So here’s a bit of this and that.

I made crepes!! I was pretty excited at how perfectly I was able to make crepes for the first time. I used Georgie’s recipe, which if you look at it, it is a form of our protein pancakes.


But here’s the weird thing. I made these for myself Christmas morning, but I didn’t really like them. The chocolate banana filling was too rich for me. So I tossed them, and had a piece of that baked oatmeal that I had made out of the fruit salad. BTW, I liked that baked oatmeal so much that I figured out how to make it again and will post that recipe soon. The crepes themselves were great, though, and I will try them again. Maybe with a blueberry filling.

And then, for Christmas, I finally bought myself one of those spiralizers. SUPER COOL!!! I bought the one that Cammy had pointed out to me. So nice. Hand-held, and I can put it in the drawer when I am done. Look at these cool spiralized carrots and zucchini! I cooked them and made some of my Darn Good Spaghetti Sauce to serve on top of them.


And this is a nice little gift idea: Home-made muesli fixings. My mom likes me to make muesli for her. Lately I haven’t had enough oatmeal on hand, so I just put all the other stuff in a container and tell her to mix it in with oatmeal. For Christmas I had the idea to layer the ingredients in a mason jar. You can use whatever you want as the add-ins. This jar has slivered almonds, unsweetened coconut, date pieces, dried apricot pieces, and dried cranberries. The powder in the top is some cinnamon splenda.


And a little health and exercise update: after 6 weeks of PT, going twice a week, and dutifully performing all my exercises between visits, my knee is VASTLY improved! I celebrated New Year’s Day by taking the three mile walk to the end of my road and back. I haven’t done this for about 9 months because it hurt too bad to go uphill or downhill for too long, and there is a very long steep hill on that walk. On New Year’s Eve I was at the gym, and it was a bright and sunny day, so I got to take a dip in the pool. What a treat! I am doing fantastic staying on my “me diet.” I am not sure what will happen food-wise in Haiti. I am taking some protein bars with me, and hopefully I will not gain weight like I did in Africa. That was a bit weird…


I’m not sure I’ll get to blog again before I leave, so I will say Happy New Year and farewell. And will be anxious to share with you when I return!

14 thoughts on “So Much to Say, So Little Time…

  1. This will be an amazing trip for you. You’ve planned it for so long and there’s nothing like seeing for yourself where your gifts are going. Looking forward to follow up posts.


  2. Everything sounds fabulous — quilt show, trip and food. I would love to go to a quilt show.

    I’m glad you are able to get back to your exercise. I have no excuse except for the fact that I am the queen of procrastinators. Have a great trip and Happy New Year. πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations on creating to completion 20 quilts!!! That is a huge accomplishment – a lot of people start projects like that, but to finish them? Kudos to you…and I look forward to seeing a slide show of all your gorgeous artwork!

    I can’t believe your Haiti trip has snuck up so fast! I’m sure that will be another great experience for you and your traveling companions. Again, slideshow anticipation. πŸ™‚

    Very cool spiralizer. Kitchen gadgets are fun, especially when they make veggies look and taste different (I swear matchstick carrots taste different to me over carrot chunks). Glad to hear the “me diet” is working so well for you – love that listening to your instincts is serving you so well!

  4. I love my spiralizer! But I might like the one you got better. I like the idea of a hand-held one. I might just have to put that on my wish list and maybe Little Helen will get it for me for my birthday lol!

    20 Quilts? You are amazing Debby! What a goal to reach – one that is certainly incomprehensible in my uncrafty mind.

    I hope your Haiti trip is everything you want it to be. Sounds like the group is off to a good start and I’ll look forward to hearing all about it.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Congrats on your success and safe travels in Haiti. Looking forward to seeing some photos and hearing about what you ate while you were there. Smart idea with the protein bars.

  6. I can’t believe you did 20 quilts!

    You are such a kind and giving person Debby. Have a wonderful and fulfilling trip πŸ˜€ And be safe.

  7. Yay for Haiti!!!! I wish I had known about your shoe drive – we’ve got a bazillion pairs of shoes that are still in good condition but too small for my kids. Let me know if you have another shoe drive and I will send them to you.

    So excited for your quilt show – what a great feeling to set a goal and accomplish it!!

    Crepes – I learned how to make crepes in high school, and now my daughter asks me to make crepes at least once a month. I’ll have to try Georgie’s recipe because my recipe is basically flour, sugar, and water (or whatever the ingredients are – I know white flour is the main ingredient). I could totally get behind a chocolate banana crepe!!

    Have a safe trip and take lots of pictures!! πŸ™‚

  8. Safe travels! Looking forward to seeing you again when you are back from Haiti. And you may need to bring your spiralizer with you. I’m intrigued…

  9. 20 quilts!! That’s amazing!
    You are going to have a fantastic trip.
    A spiralizer is the one thing I’ve never tried. Will have to look out for one.
    You had an amazing year and I’m sure 2013 will be another one πŸ™‚

  10. I’m so happy for you, Debby, for all your accomplishments! You must be feeling especially grateful these days! (You certainly deserve the treat of the spiral thingie! LOL)

  11. Good luck on the exhibition, I can’t even imagine making 20 quilts in a year, think 1 would be a long term project for me.

    And your trip to Haiti sounds very interesting, I admire you for doing this for the people there.

    Have a safe trip.

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