A Good Weekend

It was such a good weekend. Had very little to do with food or weight, but thought I’d share. I have designated Saturday as my housecleaning day. (Its a new thing I’m trying out. The goal is that I won’t feel guilty EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK that I’m not doing housework.) But I had something else in mind for Saturday morning, so luckily I got busy and did a bunch of work on Friday.

Saturday I started in on a quilt project. I had made some large blocks a while ago that I just didn’t like very much. And I had thought about cutting them up and restructuring them. And then I saw a tiny little picture that gave me an idea. So Saturday morning I started cutting into those blocks. And putting them back together with tiny little strips of fabric to create crosses. Here’s the result (still unfinished, but I LOVE!)


And then Sunday was the day for my quilt show reception. I was absolutely sure that no one would come. So sure that, even though I went and bought food for the reception (had a little obsession over that too–why should I buy stuff to put out that is too tempting for me. Decided on apple slices and blueberries, and some rice crackers) I never put the food out!!

So people started trickling in, and my mom and my sister completely surprised me by showing up all the way from the Bay Area! A nice amount of friends came, and it was very fun to share my past year’s work with them. Most of them were very surprised at the volume of quilts I had produced, and all were very complimentary about the quilts and their message. It really was very nice.

So here’s a picture of me that my sister snapped. It actually shows that my jeans are too big now–YAY!


That’s all for now. I’m off to work on more quilts. And maybe a little rug hooking and some knitting. Have to rest up from that busy weekend LOL.

14 thoughts on “A Good Weekend

  1. Yes, your jeans are too big and your face looks thinner…your ME diet is working great! Also, I just have to say that I love your classic style – you seem to wear a lot of neutrals that make you look effortlessly pulled together – very pretty!

    Congrats on a successful show! How fun to hear all of the compliments and impressions of your work.

    Now go rest up and knit. 😉

    • Awww, thanks. And you are right about the neutrals. Don’t quite know how that happened, since I do love color so much. But those choices are more comfortable for me.

  2. Jeans are DEFINITELY too big! Why on earth you thought no one would come is beyond me. I wish I lived nearby so I could have been there. Your quilts are works of art!

    You know, I grew up doing chores on Saturday morning. My mother always required that we get all chores done before anything fun could be done. It’s a habit I’ve stuck with most of my life – party because when you work out of the house M-F, it’s just easier to do it on Saturday. Over the past few years I’ve gotten better about not being so obsessive with the house. It’s only the 2 of us and we have no pets. We certainly don’t make the house THAT dirty. But still, every Saturday morning I feel I must do a little something!

    • Thank you for your nice words about my quilts.

      After working as a nurse for so long, I didn’t have any regular ‘rhythm’ to my week. So it feels good to establish some sort of regularity, kinda like I’m one of the ‘regular people.’

  3. Hooray for baggy jeans!

    I’m so happy your quilt reception went so well! It’s funny how we build something up in our minds to be one way and it turns into something else entirely. Or maybe that’s just me, projecting. 🙂

  4. Hey, I’m probably the only one who will leave a comment that has actually seen you in person and wow, you look great. It appears as if you’ve lost a lot of weight or at least inches since last April. Speaking of that, can you believe its been almost a year since you were here. I wish we lived closer – that just wasn’t enough time. Congrats on the show. It sounds terrific. I am so happy you were pleased. That’s all that matters.

    • Well, actually, amazingly, three of the commenters are people I’ve met. And thank you for saying the difference is noticeable. I’ve lost 11 pounds since starting Nov. 26. Not that I’m keeping track or anything…

      Yes, I wish we lived closer. I’ve done some yogurt experimenting (blog post coming!) and it would be fun to compare notes with you.

  5. You deserve a new pair of jeans! Glad to hear that your show was such a success.

    I have been trying different things with cleaning my house. At the moment I do something on Monday evening and if necessary Wednesday evening and the rest of the week is off. So far this is working fine for me.

    • Awww, thanks Suzi. Funny thing about that. I had dressed in a nice pair of dress pants and heels. But I was pretty sure I would not last the day in those heels, so I brought my jeans and my trusty brown shoes. And I was so glad that I did!

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