So How’s That Diet Going?

I’m so glad you asked. Its going splendiferously, thank you! Today marks 3 months since I started the me diet. I’ve lost 13 pounds. Go ahead, do the math– less than one pound a week. I DON’T CARE. I am thrilled. I am more than thrilled. Over two years ago, in this blog entry, I made a declaration that I was no longer going to try to get back to my 100 pounds lost. I was going to maintain at 168, since that was where my body seemed to end up most of the time. Almost as soon as I declared that I gained 10 pounds. And that’s where I stayed for two whole years, plus another 2 pounds to top it off. So when I started this me diet in November, I made a couple of mini-goals. I didn’t share them with anyone because I really didn’t have a lot of faith that I would lose any weight. One of my goals was to get back to 168. On Saturday I weighed 167. I am supremely happy.

When I started, I had this plan to use protein shakes for an early lunch and a quest protein bar for my afternoon coffee break. I thought I would tire of that pretty quickly, especially the protein shakes. Because I always said I didn’t like drinking my calories. But I found out I do. I love the convenience of them, but most of all I love that I feel good and I am not hungry and I don’t even think about “what’s next?” for a while. So along the lines of making changes that will be a “lifestyle change,” I think smoothies have earned their rightful place in my repertoire.

So onward and downward. I am definitely not suffering. I am having real life days. Days where I eat lunch out with friends, and sometimes I eat a little more carefully so I can have a special treat at the end of the day. Its a good lifestyle.

14 thoughts on “So How’s That Diet Going?

  1. Congrats on your loss. I found using meal replacements very helpful during loss. It’s very helpful to feel full, not be food seeking meal to meal, and to loose weight ( not muscule ). Good work. Onward. You know what to do to maintain. That’s more than half the battle. Good stuff.

  2. So happy for you and I totally get the smoothie thing. We started having one each morning before we walk and I am amazed how long they keep me satisfied. Bill looks at me like I’ve lost my marbles if I ever suggest NOT having one.

  3. Oh this is great news! I feel happiness jumping off the screen. (I hope that’s happiness. It could be fleas. I was just looking at cute pet pics.)

    Anyway, congratulations for sticking to it and finding a way that works for you!

    • No, not at all, unfortunately. Since I have seen the X-rays, I know that the changes that are there are permanent. Plus there is the aging factor. I am hopeful that if I am able to lose quite a bit more, that replacement won’t be needed quite as soon.

  4. You’re my hero. I love hearing this. Now I’m going to rummage back through your posts to find your smoothie recipes. It’s amazing how much difference 12 or 13 pounds makes in how one feels, isn’t it. For me, it’s the difference between lethargy and energy. I’m proud of you!

    • Great to hear from you Tish! I am going to write a post about smoothies, maybe later today! My main goal is for them to taste good and have 20g protein, and be under 200 calories! Kind of a tall order.

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