A Little Chat about Weight Loss and Clothes

As you know, I’ve been losing a little weight. I have a range of clothing sizes in my closet. One day I was wearing my “these are just a little too big” pants around the house, and I changed into my “these are just a wee bit snug” jeans before I went out to a meeting. Honestly, I felt a little schizophrenic that day. Because when I am wearing the loose ones, I feel good. I recognize that I have lost weight, and I feel ‘thin’ for a little while. When I am wearing the tight ones, yes, it is nice that I can fit in those again, but I feel ‘fat.’

I think there’s a place for both types of clothes during weight loss. I hear some bloggers say that they will only wear their super tight clothes as a constant reminder that they need to lose weight. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing my loose clothes and enjoying the fruits of my labor. Its pleasurable to be able to feel the weight loss in this way.

On the other hand, I also hear bloggers saying they are not going to buy any new clothes until they reach X weight, or even goal. They sometimes complain that their clothes are practically falling off of them. That’s not right! Its unnecessary. Right or wrong, in this country, where we buy way more than we need, there are always practically new clothes available in the thrift store in almost every size. I am not even a good “thrifter.” I am impatient and get bored easily. But I can usually breeze through a thrift store and find an item of clothing or two that fits my new size (bigger or smaller :} )

Wearing clothing that is way too large or way too small is not self-respecting. And self-respect is something I hear a lot of women seeking to lose weight say they lack. Wearing clothes that fit and make you feel good about yourself is a simple and cheap way to start working on that.

P.S. Important recipe information! When you try a new recipe its always good to run it through the calorie counter yourself. Especially when it seems too good to be true. I routinely do that. So imagine my distress when I double checked the calories on the two recipes I recently shared (the Shut Up Brownies and the Banana Muffins) and then I got my bag of oat bran out of the freezer and noticed that stats on it were significantly different than what calorie count (and my little calorie book) give oat bran. It changed the calories in the brownies from 80 to 110, which is still a good deal IMO. So just double check the calories in your oat bran if you are planning to try these recipes. The oat bran I actually had was 390 calories per cup. The oat bran I used in the calorie counter was only 240 calories per cup.

6 thoughts on “A Little Chat about Weight Loss and Clothes

  1. Great post, Debby! I was guilty of wearing my loose clothes a little too long until I discovered the thrift store solution.

    I ran into the oat bran mismatch on my apple-cinnamon waffles. The online calories and the ones on the package were about 30 calories per serving apart. Not a deal breaker, but I like to keep up with these things when reporting them. 🙂 (There’s a popular chocolate muffin recipe on Pinterest that says it’s 53 calories/muffin. Both my product labels AND the online calorie count app say it’s more like 125 calories, yet people are sharing the wrong count over and over again.)

  2. This may sound weird , but I have clothes that I wore in the 1980’s that fit just fine and are in style again–stirrup pants / flowery print pants which are ‘in’ now and they fit. Vintage. I also have a few sweaters from the old days.

    This week I wore clothes that fit but without a lot of give to Yoga and it made me uncomfortable and I felt huge. I just have to plan better. But I know what you are saying about too tight and too loose. It’s just hard to get used to Just right when the body is changing. .

  3. That is a great strategy about the clothes. My body shape is so hard to fit that many of my clothes can handle weight fluctuations of several pounds. Good part about that is that no one else knows when they are getting looser, but I do and it makes me smile!!! Happy Easter to you, my friend.

  4. I liked it when my clothes would feel loose – it was a great sign that I was, in fact, losing weight. But I also would have days where I’d feel fat, and that would come from wearing too-loose clothes. Of course I also have those same feel fat days when my stuff is too tight…my clothes can’t win when it comes to me! I agree that you should continually revamp your wardrobe as you move down the scale – I just think that wearing clothes that fit makes you feel better.

  5. I can have fat days no matter what I wear LOL! I am a super thrift shopper, though. I built a whole new wardrobe from thrift or clearance rack. There is no way I could afford it otherwise. I do think that whether the clothes are a little loose or a little tight – they have to be clothes that you like to wear and feel good in.

  6. Great post here, Debby. As one who has been up and down the scale many times and been through the whole clothing drama, I have learned that it’s important to mix it up a bit when it comes to clothes. Now that I’m finally dealing with the diabetes, I have already dropped some pounds and some of my pants are so baggy in the butt and legs that I DO feel fatter. Also, when I shift into the next size down, I’m most likely to hear from others, “Are you losing weight?”

    Thanks for your comment yesterday about my fasting blood sugar perhaps coming down as I lose weight. I never thought of that, but it makes sense. There’s a lot going on biochemically as I shift my eating and go lower carb, and it seems logical that these numbers are transitional. Time will tell! Thanks again –

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