Project Update!



Yard guy showed up this morning bright and early. Glad I am a morning person too. He got  all this done in just about three hours. He did so much more than I would have done.

The ground is totally uneven, mostly sloping upward away from the house. He worked hard on getting the top of the stones level, and having them evenly placed at ground level, which involved hacking away at some very stubborn gigantic roots.


He even moved a couple of my pavers that I had just put on top of the roots, and got part of the root out and made the pavers more level with the ground. I am so thrilled. I have some planting mix in a bag, and I can fill in the little lower area and put some bedding plants there. How fun to be able to plant things in the ground!


He ended up making it a little larger than I had envisioned, so I am happy about that as well.

Yard guy surveys his handiwork.

Yard guy surveys his handiwork.

I went to the nursery and paid for a “scoop” of dirt, and yard guy will pick it up and bring it with him next time. Then we can fill in the entire area and remove that old box from around the maple. I am hoping it will really improve with the added ‘breathing room.’


Isn’t it pretty?



8 thoughts on “Project Update!

  1. This looks nice! I love the little wall of pavers. Can’t wait to see it with the plants!

    Did the entourage help yard guy, or were they locked inside, barking their little heads off? 😉

    • Oh no way. They were all inside, and yes, part of the time they were barking their heads off. When I stayed inside, Noah was remarkably calm.

  2. Debby – this is gorgeous! I can’t imagine how it will look all lush and green. I am so very jealous right now.

  3. Wonderful. I’ve always loved the photos in your garden and now you will have an even more delightful landscape. Can’t you hear the little maple singing with jot as it gets ready to stretch. Your yard guy is doing a great job.


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