The Next Big Thing

Hmmm. In a moment of weakness I agreed to be tagged for a post about my Next. Big. Thing. My tagger was Sharon, of Gains and Losses: Life Through Sharon’s Eyes. Last year, at this exact time, I took a trip to the big quilt show in Paducah, KY, and added some time to the trip to visit with fellow bloggers Sharon and Cammy. Sharon took me on a hike in her beloved Smokey Mountains, and we had fun baking together! We met up with Cammy for a fun day in Nashville. (You can read about that trip here.) I also got to visit with some old friends from my spinning/knitting days and my dog showing days on this trip. This has become a really meaningful part of my travels–meeting new friends and cementing our relationships, and having the opportunity to renew very old friendships.

Okay. As I wrote that paragraph, there was a little Twilight Zone music playing in my head. It seemed like a deja vu thing was happening because I realized that the Next. Big. Thing. that I am planning is very similar to what I just described. Does that negate it being the next big thing?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got, so without further ado, I’ll tell you about the trip that is sneaking up on me very quickly now. It started when I got Nancy Crow’s huge book, and read the whole thing in one sitting. Nancy is a very famous artist who uses quilts as her chosen medium. I knew about her, but was never interested in making quilts like hers. Until I started making quilts like hers… The housetop quilt project introduced me to using solid colored fabrics in an unconventional fashion. I found Nancy’s thought process, and description of her art fascinating. And so I started fantasizing about taking one of her workshops. They are held in a huge barn, on her farm in Ohio, which sounded like so much fun. I had a friend that was going to go with me, and so that kind of helped me to make the decision to commit to it last fall. As soon as I paid the deposit, I got cold feet. I heard about how serious Nancy was. She taught her art quilting as though it was a college level course. I don’t want to work that hard! I whined. But there were no backsies, Nancy’s secretary said. So I decided to go with it.

Nancy's barn where the workshops are held!

Nancy’s barn where the workshops are held!

And then, as usual, I started exploring the area via the internet. I decided to be a little bit adventurous and booked a farm stay on a farm near to the workshop. The older lady whose house I will be staying at, said “now don’t go bringing a lot of clothes with you.” What?? I thought. Don’t you have any closets there??  And then she explained, “I’ll do your  laundry mid-week.” Wow.

I discovered there was a large Amish community in Ohio (where the workshop is,) so I added a few days onto my trip. I am going to be adventurous and just explore without making any reservations. I google-mapped to see if any of my blogging friends were close enough to visit. SQUEEEE!!! Lynn, the blogger who introduced me to this whole internet world of blogging, was willing to drive a couple hours to meet me for lunch! I first “met” Lynn when I was close to the end of my original weight loss, and I was looking for help and encouragement in maintaining that loss. Lynn was one of the “losers” featured in People Magazine’s “Half Their Size” issue that comes out every January. There was one of those little tiny boxes at the bottom of the page that said “check out Lynn’s blog.” I had never even heard of such a thing. And that was the beginning of my involvement in the blogging world!

So that is my next big thing. It may seem like just another trip. But I think that studying with Nancy Crow will improve my quilting and bring my art to another level. And then, as my BF said, “Once you take Nancy Crow, you’re pretty much done with workshops, aren’t you?” And that might lead to my Next.Big.Thing. But I’m not quite ready to share that one! Never fear. There’ll be another of these crazy fun memes coming around in a few months, and I might be ready to share it by then.


15 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing

  1. THIS IS AWESOME!!! When I turned 40 I gifted myself something for my writing which was different—but the same.
    Im so excited for you, Debby.

  2. This IS a big thing – and I bet your head is practically going to explode with all the ideas you’ll e getting from the workshop! I cannot wait to see what comes of this. 🙂

    And I’m super jealous that you and Lynn are getting to meet! Lucky!!!

  3. How exciting!!! How long exactly will you be gone? And who will watch the goggies????

    That is going to be such a an amazing trip for you – you won’t have any trouble at all in that workshop, I’ll bet.

    And yay for bloggie meet-ups!! 🙂

    • 10 days total. The little guys stay home and my neighbor comes and takes care of them. And Noah gets to go to summer camp!

  4. Can I say envious??? You know, Ohio really isn’t all that far from me! I did not realize that Lynn was the one who got you started blogging. She was also my inspiration. You said everything except exactly WHEN this trip will take place.

  5. That’s a great next big thing! Well, two big things really: quilting and Lynn-meeting. Can’t wait to read and enjoy vicariously through your reports!

  6. My sister goes to the “Crow Barn” every year and loves every inspiring minute! She says Nancy meets you where you are and it’s not intimidating ….. but oh so inspiring! Looking forward to reading about your mind expansion! I get to travel from Wyoming to AQS Grand Rapids in Aug, since sis lives there, and that’s a big thing for me….That is, if our blizzards ever subside! Happy Trails!

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