Project Garden Improvement Update

MLG (Master Landscaping Guy) (is that a better name, Lori?) was over this week. I haven’t ordered the landscaping stones we need (300!!) so he got busy putting plants in the ground. I can’t really explain how delightful this is to me. After living here 27 years, and always planting things in pots, its almost miraculous to me. The ground is just clay and rocks and tree roots. So each time he digs a hole for another plant, he makes the hole extra big, and improves the soil all around the plant. This time he got FIVE plants in the ground.

This is the camellia, and three hydrangeas. None of them have been happy in pots.



Already the camellia looks better than it has looked in years!


And here is an updated picture of the bed. I planted two bleeding hearts (one pink and one white, some little begonias, and some irish moss. I love ground cover. I also planted my favorite corsican mint under the tree, and I am attempting (one more time) to grow elfin thyme between the pavers.


Here is photographic evidence that The Queen is a Pink Flower Thief!!




Y’all have a good weekend. Its finally warming up here, so I am planning to get some serious swimming done today! Right after I get some serious quilting done.


8 thoughts on “Project Garden Improvement Update

  1. Ahem. As self-appointed Defender of the Queen, I do not see any pink blossoms being consumed. She’s just smelling their lovely fragrance, is all. Plus, the Queen wanted you to know that she appreciated you planting the flowers to match her collar. She likes a coordinated yard.

  2. LOLOL. I KNEW that I should have taken a picture of the huge camellia blossom by the front door! (There’s actually a petal in her mouth in the last pic.)

    • You know what they say…picture proof or it didn’t happen. 😉

      Also? The Queen wanted me to tell you she needs a cookie. And you may give cookies to her minions, but the Queen’s must be the biggest.

  3. Well, some of those blossoms are kind of low. They get in a girl’s way when she’s exploring the ground. 🙂

    It’s looking lovely, Debby. You’re inspiring me to want to do more with my yard! (Got any spare cash? LOL)

  4. I like the name. It sounds like such an elevated title – especially with all that work he is doing!

    The pets and the plant ruining. One reason why I only have 1 indoor plant is because I have issues with a certain 4-legged animal and greenery.

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