May I have a word?


The Queen has requested an audience. Much like her owner, when she is falsely accused (scroll to bottom of entry), she is like a dog on a bone. She won’t let it go.

I am NOT a Pink Flower Thief.


 I provide photographic evidence. There is NOTHING to be had in this garden BUT pink flowers. (editor’s note: my latest purchases from the nursery.)



There has been much goings on in the garden these days. A new throne room has been added.


I await the installation of the throne.


It is the appropriate height. The Queen must ALWAYS be higher than her minions.


Well, where is it??? A queen MUST have a throne. (editor’s note: all of this conversation must be read in a high, squeaky, demanding, queenly voice.)


In addition, I feel the need to unburden myself of the extreme vexation of living with unruly servants. This bed was installed for MY pleasure. I must be as close as possible to the lady (editor’s note: I put this little bed right next to my sewing table to keep Sophie from pacing.)

My manservant. As usual, doing NOTHING. He has gotten old and relatively useless to my purposes.


My lady in waiting. She has turned out to be quite the challenge. I am not done training her yet.


I finally tried sharing it with her. It DID NOT feel right.


Ah. This is how things must be.


Still, I must not be too hard on my servants. That is the true nature of The Royalty. Generosity of spirit is what we are known for (editors note: oh brother…)

The manservant, though relatively useless, is a very loyal soul.


I bid you all a fond farewell. I shall keep you informed of the latest comings and goings in my kingdom (editor’s note: there will be more garden updates in the future.)



21 thoughts on “May I have a word?

  1. Thus spake the Queen, and we all bow down to Her Majesty.

    I love all the shots where she is imploring you to “DO SOMETHING” about her minions…she suffers so. 😉

    The new throne room is perfect for her; so kind of you to do that!

  2. And what a lovely hat (or is it a “fascinator”) Sophie is wearing. It really sets off her fur coat to good advantage. What lovely creatures she and her minions are.

  3. HRH Sophie is hilarious, I guess that comment would get her nose out of joint. I agree with Juice, I enjoy HRH Sophie with her fascinator, she looks like a hip, young royal. Monk looks like he would be wearing a butlers wardrobe if he had one, he seems like such a sweet soul.

    • He IS the sweetest. And Sophie is exactly as portrayed– a pushy strident MUST BE IN CHARGE OF EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING anxious little person who I must love. She demands it. HRH is the only one who sleeps in my bed every night, if that tells you anything. Oh, and sometimes she moves over enough for me to sleep there too 😉

  4. Love this post!

    It seems that after we installed a King last Tuesday and have no longer a Queen, the new one has arrived and you are the lucky one to serve him 🙂

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