Travel Plans

Just a quick post–this trip has come up rather quickly! I am really really excited about it now, and I think I’m about ready to go. At least I know I have gathered all the supplies and fabric I need for the workshop. I also put together my travel quilt project. Even though I will be in a quilt workshop all day, I like to have a little handwork project available to work on in the evening, should the mood strike. It is more like a security blanket than anything. However, some of my best inspiration has come from having my travel projects with me. Hopefully my suitcase will not go over 50 pounds–fabric is heavy! I will buy more fabric when I get there. Nancy Crow requires a LOT of fabric for her workshops! (In case you don’t remember, I am going to Ohio for 10 days.)

When I read her most recent book, that was when I got the idea to take a workshop from her. I loved her thought process. And it seemed to fit right in with the style of quilts I was currently working on (housetop quilts.) Just a week ago, I ordered another of her books, and that has really inspired me again. Her early work is astounding!

I’m writing this post on the odd chance that someone reading might have some good tips for me. After the workshop I am planning on spending 3 days exploring Ohio Amish Country. Anything I should not miss?

As far as food goes, this trip I have decided to just go with the flow. I will be staying at a bed and breakfast most of the time. And during the workshop lunch, dinner, and afternoon snack is provided. I might bring a few Quest bars, but otherwise, will not bring any food with me. If there are not enough healthy choices included, there are always grocery stores!

For exercise, I will keep up with my PT exercises, and walk. I will probably do some stretching too, because that will just feel good after the long hours of sitting in the workshop.

Here’s a couple of knitting projects I’ve been working on. I took a week off from quilting (to get more writing done–ha!) and so more knitting than usual was happening.

These little things are called hexi-puffs! I think of them as the knitter’s version of a quilter’s yo-yo. If you make enough of either of them, you can join them together to make a quilt.


And I finally finished my linen stitch scarf. This scarf took a long time to knit–450 stitches knitted end to end, and the stitch pattern basically takes twice as long as normal knitting because you are slipping every other stitch. But it was very enjoyable to work on. It is knit out of Koigu yarn, one of my favorites. (The hexi-puffs are also koigu!)


I have another post set for Saturday, and then don’t forget Monday. It is the first Monday of May, and all of us AIM girls will have a new topic up for you to enjoy.



12 thoughts on “Travel Plans

  1. hi debby
    back in 1997/2000 my sister was leaving in cleveland and when i come over from the uk we went to a place called berlin and i was very cross because there was a great quilt barn near by which i was not given as much time i needed to look around.i could have spent all day in the barn,but never will be coming again to that part of the world.
    have a great trip.

    • Thanks Jenny! I actually had not thought about visiting fabric shops (weird, I know!) Anyway, I will actually be staying in the town of Berlin, so I will definitely check that out and give you a report when I come home!

      • hi debbie

        if i remember it was loads of quilts for sale but it will give you more ideas,sad part
        about it all is fabric in the usa is so much cheaper than the uk and i never come home with much.

  2. Some things you should see…hmmm…how about me?! I hope we can make that work. You are SO ready for this trip! You will do beautiful work, I just know it. Safe and fun travels, my friend!

  3. I never thought about how much fabric you would have to bring for the workshop – good thing the B&B lady will be washing your clothes so you don’t have to bring as many…more room for fabric!

    I think winging it in regards to food will be fine – you know what to do, and I’m sure you’ll make good decisions (especially if some of them involve luscious homemade desserts!). I hope you have a wonderful trip – bring me back a present? 😉 (that’s what our kids always used to say to Jeff when he went out of town)

  4. Still can’t believe you will be as close to me as Ohio and I’ll be in New York. Geez! Hope you have a great time. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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