Weekend Doings!

Just a bit of this and that. I’ll get around to writing about the trip eventually. I had some different meals lately, and enjoyed them very much. I finally remembered to pick up a package of spinach and have been enjoying it in various forms, both in my smoothies, and also cooked. Here it is in a breakfast scramble with some red potatoes, onions, and mushrooms. Oh, and an egg and some egg beaters mixed in. Quite yummy. Adding potatoes definitely ups the allure of eggs for me (I’m not a big egg lover.)


In the same day, I decided to make a big batch of marinara sauce because I wanted to try out the homemade noodles that the 86 year old lady whose farmhouse I stayed in in Ohio had gifted me with. You know I don’t eat pasta that often, but I had to try these. They really were very tasty noodles! And the marinara sauce was yummy. I roughly followed my directions for Darn Good Spaghetti Sauce (but started with a can of crushed tomatoes, a can of diced tomatoes, and a can of tomato sauce) and omitted the meat so I could use it in a variety of ways. Now I have lots of marinara sauce in the freezer!


I added some turkey burger to some of the sauce for this meal.

On Thursday, MLG (master landscaping guy) came over to start on the new raised bed. He worked for 2 1/2 hours IN THE RAIN before giving up. He came over again on Saturday morning to finish the job, and then went to the nursery to get a truckload of dirt to fill it up! I helped out by moving the dirt around as he dumped in wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of the stuff. It doesn’t look like much, but that is actually very hard work. I love the way he did it in tiers.

This picture is taken from my front door, so you can see the first bed and where it is in perspective to that. Of course, MLG pointed out that it would look super cool if we were to continue the flagstone pavers up between the two beds. And he’s right, it would. I am going to price them at Home Depot this week.


I woke up with a very sore back on Saturday morning. Later in the afternoon, I went to the gym for a nice long swim. I don’t know if that helped it or not, but for the time I was in the pool, nothing hurt. It sure was nice.

On Sunday morning I wanted to try a new recipe. I had bookmarked this original recipe for “giant breakfast cookies.” Of course, I had to try to lighten it up a bit. Plus, I didn’t have applesauce, so I sub’d pumpkin. Did you know that applesauce and pumpkin have the same amount of calories??


These were quite tasty (and quite gigantic!) I put it on the plate that I usually plate my scones on for comparison. I think they are the same size as my scones. And I was very pleased with how long it kept me full. To make sure they were worthy, I had another one for breakfast this morning. I’ll post my recipe later today.

Before church, I hit the gym for a fairly long session on the bikes. I don’t really know what other people do on the bikes, but my mileage/time is pretty consistent. In 45 minutes I “rode” 9 1/2 miles.

And then Sunday afternoon I went to a potluck. Oh brother. I guess in hindsight I didn’t do too badly. A few too many dessert samples were consumed. (I took my go-to potluck dish of a ton of fresh fruit and a bowl of the Creamy Fruit Dip.) It was a potluck to benefit Second Chance Dogs. This is Noah’s trainer’s project. She takes dogs from the local humane societies that often times are unadoptable and keeps them on her ranch and works with them until they are perfect canine citizens and then finds homes for them. The transformations are amazing. She has re-homed over 250 dogs in the past 10 years.

And in between, I did some quilting. Lots and lots of quilting. It was a VGW (Very Good Weekend.) Hope yours was a good one too!

13 thoughts on “Weekend Doings!

  1. Now you know how hard my husband works every day!! MLG is doing a great job – I love the tiered beds, that’s going to look very cool!

      • Yep, when he can. He’d much rather do that than sit in an office all day like I do. He’d feel like a caged animal if he had to do that!

  2. Your yard is looking amazing! So happy you are able to get things done now that you are
    retired. I have enjoyed Lynn’s and your blogs for awhile now and they have become a must
    read for me. So nice to see you have met.

  3. My goodness, this post makes you seem like Wonder Woman. Cooking, gardening, exercising and before church on Sunday morning. Just kidding – I know that wasn’t ALL before church, but the exercising was! Yard looks good!

    • Thanks Sharon! I sure don’t feel like wonder woman today–I keep going out and staring at the garden and all that needs to be done, and I just come back in the house…

  4. You’re rocking and rolling, Debby! I think it says something great about my personal evolution that I’m drooling more over the garden than I am the food, especially considering how yummy the food looks! 🙂

    • Thanks Cammy. Hopefully the garden will provide a diversion from food for me too. Not today though… I just made a batch of my frozen yogurt bars!

  5. Your flower beds are goregeous! Color me jealous! My yard is a typical suburban rectangle of grass. We have some nice plants, but not a lot of trees or elevation changes. Despite it’s lack of flair, I love working in the yard, planting flowers, vegetables, and I LOVE to prune. It makes me feel powerful to lop branches off!

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