Weekend Doings

Once again, I have a yardwork report from the weekend!

Look what visited my birdbath. It seems they appreciate all the work we’ve been putting into the garden!


And then he left, and it looked like his mate came and took a bath!


First, here’s a view of the second bed with some of the planting I’ve done so far. Before I planted, I did a “sun chart,” where I mapped off the different areas of the yard, and ran outside once an hour to chart which areas were getting sun. This new bed was supposed to be a sun garden, but the hours of sunlight it got were a little disappointing. I’ll have to adjust my planting.


You can see that I planted some sweet allyssum around the edge there. I re-planted it from another area that was not getting enough sun. I hope they will bloom here. And then there are some petunias behind them, with a lantana bush in the center.

On the next level I have another petunia, and some yellow-green ground cover that I hope will cascade over the stones. I have some nasturtium planted along the edge.

That plant up at the top where Bess is posing? That there is a MIRACLE plant. One of the oldest plants I had when I was doing everything in pots was a poor star jasmine. Not only was it tired of being in a pot for 25 years, but it was also in the shade all that time. This year, after all the moving around and stuff, I looked at it and saw that it had finally given up. There was not one sign of life left on it. I put it in the discard pile for MLG to dispose of. So Friday, when MLG was here, he said, “hey Debby, some plant that I threw over the hill is growing. There are a lot of new green leaves on it. I think it might be a star jasmine.” Sure enough, I went over and looked and there was that poor little plant, still trying to survive. So I am giving it another chance, in a real bed of dirt, with some real sun. Won’t that be something if it lives?

Okay, behind Bess, you might be able to see the dogwood tree that we are going to put in that space. That poor tree started growing sideways, and I just gave up trying to get it to grow upright. Clever MLG propped it up with the rake, so it is in training for its new upright position!

Here’s a wine barrel that I planted that Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick in, along with some other plants. It might go in the ground next year. I’m too tired to re-plant it this year, and it seems to be doing very well there.


THEN, MLG started in on yet another raised bed! I wish I had taken a before picture. This is in the corner of the yard where, I am ashamed to admit, Noah chases the cars and then does a twirling dervish thing in the corner. I HATE the twirling dervish thing, but I don’t know how to stop it. In addition, when he was a puppy, he used to put everything in this corner. I told MLG that if we moved all that dirt, the fence might collapse. So he came up with the idea of making it a raised bed!


This is the view from the outside of the fence as you drive up the road:


While MLG was working on this bed, I moved a bunch of logs from yet another tree that we had taken down. After I finished moving all of them, I started moving the bricks from one side of the yard to the other to help MLG. Oh. my. goodness. I was about done in by the time we got that done!

After doing my “sun chart” I decided that this would be the best place for my attempt at growing tomatoes and green beans. I planted a sweet 100, an heirloom cherry tomato, and 2 brandywine tomatoes today, and in the corner I planted the pink honeysuckle vine. Tomorrow I’ll plant the green bean seeds. I got the bush type. And I’ll have to get some cages for the tomatoes. Maybe that will be enough to deter Noah from his twirling. I am hoping that he will learn to take new  paths as he patrols the yard, instead of plowing right through the beds. In the meantime, after I took these pictures, I put up quite an obstacle course to keep him from trampling the tomatoes.

I added some red flowers to my usual pink theme:


Don’t worry. There’s still plenty of pink around!


That’s about it for this weekend. I went to the pool yesterday, and I had THE ENTIRE POOL to myself. It was quite wonderful. I did 40 lengths. Working my way up to that 2.4 mile “Iron Man” swim. And today I did 10 miles on the bike at the gym before going to church.

No plans in particular for Memorial Day, except  maybe to rest up a bit! I hope you all are having a great weekend!

(The report of the quilting part of my vacation is up on the quilt blog if you are interested.)

10 thoughts on “Weekend Doings

  1. What are those birds??

    Has MLG moved in with you yet? Seems like he has taken up permanent residence LOL!

    I think it is time for Miracle plant to have a name. Plants like that have a lot more meaning to them.

    • I don’t know. I was hoping someone would identify them for me!
      Very funny…
      That’s a good idea. I’ll have to think about a name while I watch to see if it survives!

      • Do you know how amazing the internets are? I typed in “yellow bird with redhead and black wings” (actually I didn’t even have to type the whole thing–that came up as one of my choices.) And the answer is it is a western yellow tanager!

  2. Wow, extreme yard work, swimming and biking–I’d say you have yourself a triathlon there, Debby! 🙂 As always, I have plant envy. It’s looking beautiful.

    • Yeah, I was going to say that. Except they were on three separate days. I don’t think that’s how it works.

  3. You need to take a “vacation” just to sit and enjoy the fruits of all your yard labor. It looks so nice and gives such a feeling of accomplishment. Bill plans to work in our yard today and is so excited. He started talking about it almost as soon as we pulled in the driveway yesterday. I will enjoy the fruits of HIS labor!!

    • SQUEEEEEE!!!! Good luck! Boxers are high on the list of “dogs I must have someday.” And there are so many in rescue right now.

  4. You must be so thrilled with how your yard is turning out! It looks great, and I know that once the plants fill in those beds, it’s gonna be spectacular!

    Love the bird bath – I’d get one, but feel like it would be unfair, given my hunter cats.

  5. What an amazing Western Tanager! Beautiful! I am really into birds, and would love to see one myself. Unfortunately, he was in your yard and not mine! I’m down in Texas, so we don’t get them very often. Your garden is beautiful, and doing a sun chart is very smart. I wish I’d done one, because I have some plants that are getting WAY too much sun!

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