Garden Doings

I actually did a lot of planting in the garden this week, and MLG came and did one major job, but we had such a sudden hot spell that everything looks a little shell shocked right now, so I couldn’t get too many good pictures. But I’ll share a bit of what’s happened this weekend.

I bought quite a few plants. I worked for a couple of hours getting them all planted while MLG (master landscaping guy) worked on digging a huge hole through a major rock field. He got the sideways dogwood planted, and used all the rocks to make a nice surround for it. I think it is going to be just the perfect place for this tree, and I have high hopes that it will actually bloom next spring! (You can see it in the back, past the “sun bed.”)


Some pretty columbine that are performing very well this year. They are still in pots because I read that columbine need to be replaced after a few years. Does anybody know if this is true?


Noah checks out the front bed. So far so good with this one. Noah has not trampled one plant here, and the tomatoes are starting to take off. I felt like a kindergartener when my green beans actually started coming through the ground! So exciting!


The thing I am currently most please about is ground cover! After my local nursery girl’s recommendation that I try elfin thyme, I am finally having success at getting ground cover to grow between my paver stones!


And this is the most successful I’ve ever been with corsican mint. It is my favorite ground cover. I buy it every year, and every year I fail with it. I’ve tried it in all different types of locations, but ultimately it dies. So to see it actually covering ground–that’s exciting!


And finally, the most exciting new addition to my garden is some TRANSCONTINENTAL plants! I was beyond excited when Lori offered to send me some lily of the valleys. They are the perfect addition to my shade bed. And how fun to know that they came from a friend on the other side of the country.


Here’s a shot of Noah relaxing on his couch.


Diet and exercise update:  It was so hot I actually didn’t want to go to the gym, even to swim. But yesterday evening I went for a swim after going to a party (an outside party, in 104 degrees–crazy Californians!) It was so enjoyable that I went again after church today. The pool was practically empty both times–crazy Californians! Oh, and also, I am trying to establish a new habit. I have never been able to make myself exercise consistently in the morning. But I thought, since I get up at 5 every morning, why not try to get a walk in before it heats up? I can still have a quiet time and enjoy my coffee before getting dressed to take a walk. So far, 6 days in a row. It takes 21 to establish a habit!

I am still doing very well with my dieting. Slow but sure. As of Saturday morning, all the vacation weight is back off. That makes a total of 20 pounds lost since the end of November. I’ll take it! I’ve been eating a LOT of salads since the weather heated up. And have had my new favorite veggie several times–rutabega fries! And I am still enjoying the protein smoothies. I made a new one that was most delicious yesterday: 1 cup of low fat plain yogurt, 1 cup of frozen strawberries, 1/4 cup of egg beaters, a handful of spinach, and sweetener of choice. I might have added just a little water to get the blender started. Yummy and thick and satisfying.


13 thoughts on “Garden Doings

  1. Love reading your blogs…..Re the columbine, yes they will disappear, but they are re-seeders so make sure the ground around the plants are conditioned to accept the dropped seeds. You will see little plants appearing the following year. Love your gardens AND THE DOGS. mm

  2. Thank you for the ideas on ground cover. I’ll check those out to see if they are compatible to my zone. Right after I look up what zone I’m in. (7, I think.)

    I hear you on the partying in the heat. My wacky neighborhood association is hell-bent on having a July 4th cookout at NOON on the 4th. My suggestion of moving it to the evening and perhaps making it an ice cream social kind of thing was killed immediately. I’m hoping it gets cancelled for lack of interest. Crazy Memphians.

  3. Love that columbine. Ours around here doesn’t look like that. My goodness…congrats on the 20 pounsd. I’m afraid I wouldn’t recognize you!! And you’ve done it YOUR way. Everyone needs their own “me” diet!

  4. Wow – our baby Noah has gotten HUGE!! 🙂 I still want to snuggle him!!

    Your yard is looking so great!! You should do a panoramic video shot when you get it all finished – that would be cool. 🙂

    Good job on the 20 pounds – that’s awesome!

  5. Debbyyyyyyy!!!!!! You are making me want to come out there and see your garden! And you, of course.

    Columbines actually will last a long time. Let them set to seed and they will just propagate themselves – and spread.

    Good speed little LOTVs – make your momma proud!

  6. Huge improvement in the garden.

    I’m a morning exerciser and an afternoon/evening dog walker. But last Sunday I went for a long walk with Bella right after breakfast and that was feeling pretty good too.

    I thought of you yesterday. I was driving behind a car with a bumper sticker that said: “Quilter on board. So many fabrics, so little time” 🙂

  7. Debby i LOVE your gardening posts! I’ve seen Columbine many times at the Garden Center but have never grown any myself……so no advice there……Just posted about some Blue Plumbagos in my garden if you want to have a look see….

    Thanks to your post i kicked myself in the fanny last night and got to bed at a decent time and my butt out the door for a walk at 5am….sun just making its presence known…..Thanks so much for the inspiration….Hugs! deb

  8. Your yard is coming along beautifully! I have a columbine that comes back year after year. It dies back all the way, but always pops up! Maybe yours will, too! Unfortunately, it is too hot in Texas for pretty, tiny-leafed ground cover like yours, even in the shade!

  9. All I can say is that your garden is looking lovely, and columbine is a favorite. I’m a flower lover, but unfortunately I do not have a green thumb!

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