Vacation Adventure!

This visit with my BF was so fun–it was like we were visiting all the different aspects of our life–past, present, and future!

Like I said, this time my BF and I had someplace fun to visit every day I was there. She lives in Oregon, and this time I found that it was actually cheaper to fly there than to drive. So when I arrived, we had time to visit my favorite thread shop and fabric shop (present life). Yumm. Colors are almost as luscious as any dessert!

The next day we set out for Sisters. Of course, the famous Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show is held here in July. But its almost more fun to visit this town when its not quite so busy. The quilt shop is fabulous, and we also went to Bend to visit another of our favorite quilt shops.

On the way to Sisters we spotted this gallery that seemed to specialize in large outdoor metal sculptures. Very fun to look at!



We stopped at one of my favorite spots, Belknap Hot Springs, for a bathroom break (the bathroom was INSIDE a building!) It is right on the Mackenzie River. A glorious spot!


Sisters is such a pretty little town. Even the bathrooms are decorated–look at that quilt mural on the walls of the bathroom! (hmmm, do you sense a theme here?…)


And another view of the little water feature:


Friday it was time for the Black Sheep Gathering. This was the reason my trip was planned for this weekend. In our past lives, my BF and I were both vendors at this event. I made and sold fiber blends, and my BF raised Jacob sheep, and had some of their lovely fleeces for sale. This is such a fun event. They have a sheep show, a fiber arts show, tons of vendors selling every kind of fiber (and yarn) imaginable, and lots of demos all day long. It was so fun to visit a part of our lives that we have mostly left behind (she no longer has her sheep, and I don’t sell fiber. I do still spin and knit a bit.)


It is so fun for us to go through the sheep barns. BF connected with an old friend who had bought her flock years ago. And she got to see the great great granddaughter of one of her sheep win Grand Champion Ewe in the show!!


I was fascinated by these sheep–look at the length of that fleece! They are called Teeswater sheep and are a fairly recent import into the United States.



I love the little Shetland sheep. That is the breed I would have if I were ever to get sheep. Their dainty little legs are so cute, and they come in a million colors and coat types.


We went back Saturday for one more look. They were giving a sheepherding dog demo that day. I think you can see the intensity of this dog as he worked with the sheep. They explained that the shepherd occasionally gives the dog a ‘down’ command just to give the sheep a break!






And then it was off to the coast for future life! I can assure you that this will only be the future life of my BF and her husband–they are now scuba divers! I don’t even like getting my face wet. Going 30 feet down is not gonna happen! But it sure was fun to go over to the coast. Sunday morning we dropped her husband off at the designated scuba site, and then we visited a few more quilt shops (surprise, surprise).

This is the jetty where the scuba divers go into the water. Climbing over all those rocks is another reason I will never be a scuba diver!


My BF. She said, “I guess scuba diving is not a spectator sport.” LOLOL.


It was a fabulous peaceful day.


And then it was time to come home to my little doggies. I love traveling, but I’m always happy to come home these days.


12 thoughts on “Vacation Adventure!

  1. Oregon is so arty – I always marvel at how much artists and their work are embraced there. Feels like everywhere you turn, there’s something else to look at (like the quilt mural)! Sweet.

    I imagine scuba diving might possibly be a worse sport to spectate at than marathons…BLOOP, the diver goes under. Toes tap…waiting, waiting, waiting…I guess your BF could knit while she waits, right?

    Glad you had such a great trip!

    • I forgot to mention how much I adore the dainty legs on that Shetland sheep – it looks like she’s wearing high heels and black hosiery! 😉

      Also, the sheepdog? WOW. I especially love that one shot of him ready to sproing at the sheep.

      • I know! You can totally see how the sheep just consider the dog to be a wolf (as in Babe!)

    • Oh, most of the time BF will be scuba diving with her husband–she just stayed out because I was there. I’ll pass along your suggestion of knitting though :))

  2. I am just getting caught up – ahhh!

    I love, love, love that carriage! Could you imagine that in your new garden? How cool that would be.

    • That is hilarious. People who saw it would say “oh look, she’s just like Cinderella, still waiting for her prince to come!” But it was seriously cool. How fun to sit in it out in your garden and read a book!

  3. Every time I see ‘BF’ I think ‘boyfriend’ and I think, Debby’s been holding out on us. 🙂

    Looks like a wonderful trip–a little scenery, a little shopping, a good visit with a dear friend. Pretty much the ideal vacation!

    • Oops. I guess BFF is better. I was looking for something else, and I noticed that a long time ago I used to use her name. I guess since she’s on Facebook, it doesn’t really matter.

      Also, along the holding out topic, when I used to talk about my dog sitter to people at work, I always said ‘my babysitter,’ and people would get that same quizzical ‘you’ve been holding out on us’ look on their face.

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