A Pretty Fun Day

It was a good food day all the way through today. Well who am I kidding? Pretty much every day is a good food day. Since I am working at losing weight, I make sure that everything I do get to eat is worthy.

I hit up the farmer’s market this week, and came away with some peaches and tomatoes! One of the peaches was very ripe and got a little mashed on the way home. I hate it when that happens. But I made the best of it, and mashed the peach up, added a little SF syrup, and voila! Peach compote to top my protein pancakes this morning. This was quite a treat!


I am up so early for breakfast that I usually have a smoothie mid-morning. My latest smoothie love is a green strawberry yogurt smoothie. Because I am back to making and loving my own homemade yogurt, I have plenty to add to various recipes. I wish it looked as pretty as it tastes. But there is just no way to mix red and green and have it come out anything other than brown. Of course, I love that its big. Its so big that it positively dwarfs Sophie LOL. Of course, she IS a miniature dachshund…


Simple recipe: 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup low fat yogurt, big handful of spinach, a little water, some splenda and cinnamon, vanilla, and 2 ice cubes. The big cup on my magic bullet is so full that I usually have to start blending it, and then there’s room for the two ice cubes.

And then for lunch, a delicious tomato with mozzarella medallions, basil (from my garden! Squeee!!), and a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil to top. The medallions are just a Weight Watcher’s string cheese (50 calories) sliced up. Fresh mozzarella is much better in this combo, but this was still scrumptious.


Afternoon coffee break: I tried a new protein bar, on the recommendation of the guys at the Get Ripped Nutrition store. It still cracks me up to walk in that store. These bars have some kind of natural sweetener in them, for those of you who don’t like artificial sweeteners. A good protein bargain with 21 grams of protein for 200 calories. It was lightly sweet and had a nice chewy texture, almost like taffy!


For dinner, I have to admit that I bought a mini pizza at the Farmer’s Market for a treat. I had it with some fresh string beans. No picture. The pizza was good, but not worthy. I actually prefer the pizza I made myself with the Trader Joe’s whole grain pizza dough. I’ll have to get some of that again. (No picture.)

And I made a fruit salad for dessert. Cherries, mango, cantaloupe, apple, and grapes. And just 1/2 cup of yogurt to coat all that fruit. This big bowl is about 160 calories. Yes, I weighed it. I am doing very well at making fruit my dessert more often. If I can give up a more traditional dessert, it is a good way to get in another serving of fruit. I generally have about 1 serving of fruit a day.


During the day I worked on a couple of different quilt projects and listened to some youtube programs. One of them was an interview with Alton Brown. I have to admit, when I first heard about Alton Brown, I didn’t quite get the attraction. But of course, now I love him. He is so funny and clever. And he knows a LOT about food. Do you all know that a while ago he decided to healthify his eating habits? So that was one of the things that they asked him about. And I thought that his answer was so funny and so RIGHT ON, that I sat and copied the whole thing just for you! He pointed out that losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is SO MUCH HARDER.

Keeping weight off is like killing zombies. You think you’ve killed all the zombies, and then there are more zombies. They never freaking really go away. You have to constantly keep your 9mm on you. You have to constantly keep a machete nearby. That’s the way it is with [maintenance.] Your body does not want to maintain the weight that you’ve set. Any chance that your body gets to betray you, it will.

And then he said this, when asked about his sweet tooth.

The biggest thing in getting over my sweet tooth was giving up diet soda. Diet soda is evil. It tells your brain “I need this level of sweetness.”

Hmmm. I have come to that conclusion myself. Have I given up diet soda? Not yet. But I only have one a day, in the evening, with my dinner or dessert. Period.

I stopped quilting mid-day and went to the gym for 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes in the pool.

It was a very good day.


10 thoughts on “A Pretty Fun Day

  1. What a great day you had! You are such an inspiration. I’d love to know about your protein pancakes – you may have given the recipe before, but I am new following your blog.

    • Protein pancakes are the best! 1/3 cup cottage cheese, 1/3 cup egg beaters, 1/3 cup oats, dash of salt, dash of cinnamon splenda, and dash of vanilla. Blend it all up in the mixer. Most of the time I have them with a few walnuts baked into the batter, and then topped with very ripe mashed banana

  2. Sophie looks a little worried about that gigantic cup of smoothie falling on her head. Or maybe she’s just hoping you’ll drop it so she can have breakfast…hard to tell. šŸ˜‰

    My basil is finally growing (we moved the pot to a sunnier area) and I’m looking forward to making a caprese salad next week! Thanks for the head’s up on the protein bar – no artificial sweeteners? I’ll definitely try it!

  3. Good reminder for me that i haven’t had protein pancakes in awhile. May be do that tomorrow. And i love your “faux” Caprese Salad with the tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. Great idea!

  4. Our southern meals weren’t so healthy when I was growing up, but one of the few positive things we did was to have fruit for dessert. This week I’ve been enjoying cold, fresh cantaloupe as dessert. (One of my peaches got squished too! :))

  5. I have a huge crush on AB. He is just the type of man I go for ( or would if I didn’t already have one pretty close to that šŸ˜€ )

    It is never ending vigilance. And that is so annoying!

  6. This was sure a good food day, it looks delicious.

    I don’t like diet soda, it’s got a chemical taste. If I drink soda it’s a coca cola regular but that almost never happens. I threw out all things that are diet or have artifical sweeteners. I eat/drink the real stuff just less of it. So much better taste.

  7. I do have a diet soda once in a while but agree that it is too sweet. Solution? I dilute it one to one with ice cold water, satisfying to me. I do the same with bottled tea drinks.

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