The Queen and her Beaux

Sophie wanted me to change the title to “The Queen and her Minions.”


“No, I’m not cuddling with him. Sometimes you just have to consort with the commoners to lull them into complacency.”


(Noah:) “Hmmmph. I think she just can’t resist my IMMENSE good looks.”


“Oh Lord. What a monarch won’t put up with to keep peace in the kingdom.”


11 thoughts on “The Queen and her Beaux

  1. Even my husband knows about Sophie and her court–I mentioned I was looking at the blog that has dogs, and he asked “Is that the one with Mr. Monk?” Wonderful–the guys are oblivious, but Sophie is always ready for her close-up.

    • Thanks, Anne! Yes, actually right before I snapped these pics, Sophie was SLEEPING with the guys, but she hears that little camera sound and she is on the alert.

  2. Very sweet. Here’s my take on the photo captions
    #1 Sophie ” that photo better be focused on me . I AM the Queen!”
    #2 Sophie “Yes, Yes, The Queen will pose with her commoner.” Noah ” But I’m so cuuuuuute!”
    #3 Sophie “My work is done here…”

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