Realtime in the Swimming Pool

Saturday afternoon. Realtime in the Swimming Pool, or How I Became a Long Distance Swimmer. Conversation with self:


But its hot. I don’t want to get in the car and drive anywhere.


(Half an hour later, after looking around the internet, checking out Amazon Prime and signing up for a free month, and ordering a new swimsuit in a smaller size from Swim Outlet, I change clothes and head out the door.)

Another half hour and I am at the gym, changing into my swimsuit.

Woo hoo! Only 4 other people in the pool. I get my own lane. I should do 40 lengths. Don’t worry about the time. You’re not doing anything else, and you’ll be home soon enough.

Five minutes into the swim:

Ack. Maybe 30 lengths is enough.

After swimming 12 lengths, I put on my swim fins:

Oh, I’m feeling good. Maybe I’ll shoot for 48 lengths.

Another 20 minutes and 20 lengths go by (32 lengths total):

Maybe I’ll call it a day at 40 lengths. Then I can get in the spa. No one’s in there now. Just the way I like it. Plus, more and more people are getting in the pool. Irritating.

Ooh, I’m in the groove now. Maybe I’ll shoot for 50 lengths! Or 60 lengths! And THEN I’ll treat myself to some time in the spa!

Now at 45 minutes in the pool and 48 lengths total.

I’m gonna go for it! 60 lengths. I wonder how many lengths are in a mile? I can’t remember anymore. I can hardly wait to get home and check it out. Next time I’ll swim 100 lengths, and then I’ll be ready to do the 2.4 miles again. How many lengths was that?

There are 64 lengths in one mile. 2.4 miles is 160 lengths.


At 58 lengths complete:

OH NO. A STUPID KID IS GETTING IN THE SPA.  I’ll keep swimming for just a bit. He can’t last long in there. Its really hot.

At 62 lengths:

Oh, come on. Two more men getting in the spa? I’ll swim just a little bit more. Surely they will be out of the spa if I swim another 10 minutes or so.

At 72 lengths:

Aren’t you guys dying of heat prostration? Haven’t you heard its not good for you to stay in hot water for that long.? I’m only going to swim a couple more minutes.

At 76 lengths, I get out of the pool, gather my belongings, and head into the shower.

Wow. I’m glad I ordered a new swimsuit today. I guess I AM going to swim a lot this summer.

12 thoughts on “Realtime in the Swimming Pool

  1. I am dying of laughter over here because I recognize that dialogue! From the bargaining, to the negotiating, to the acceptance…oh swimming, oh exercise. Why must you mess with our minds so?!?

    P.S. A new suit in a smaller size? WAY TO GO DEBBY!!!!!!

  2. Laughing here, too. Made perfect sense to me! It was sooo hot here recently, that I thought “it’s too hot to go out into the sun and swim”. And I only had to go into the backyard, LOL! Yet I did, and it was wonderful. I’m always glad AFTERwards. 😀

  3. You need to post some quilts would love to see what you are working on. I went to Sisters took a class with Kathy Doughty (material obsession)…
    We moved so I’ve been working on nothing : (

    • Hi Liz!

      I Know!! I’ve been working so much on quilts, and not showing a thing. Then it seems so overwhelming to try to catch up. I have the Material Obsessions Book 2 and love it! Tell me about your class. And where did you move to?

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