Garden Report

Just thought I’d share some shots of changes that are happening in the garden.

I swear, the tomatoes look like they’ve grown a foot since this morning. If they actually grow  tomatoes up there, I am literally going to need a ladder to harvest my tomatoes.I am having to use string to add extra support for the tomatoes, because they have outgrown their cages, and one time they all bent over. I thought I would lose all those branches.


The bush beans in front of them have a ton of blossoms now, and just a few miniscule beans that I can see.

I enjoy the annuals. So much fast color.



Today MLG came over for the first time in a couple of weeks. I asked him to raise a couple of the pavers because a puddle was forming there when I watered. He not only did that, he made it so that the water would run OFF of the pavers to the side yard. He always does a little more than I even know what to ask for.

When he asked what I wanted him to do next, I said, well, you could just clean up a bit–pick up the sticks that have fallen (because I don’t like picking up sticks.) Okay, so this is what he does–he clears out another whole area of the yard!



That part of the yard we had left “au natural” as in like the forest with all kinds of tree litter. I told him it looks so good that now I want to put another planter bed back there! Maybe next year…

I think this is called a Japanese Lantern. I am very happy with how well it is doing. The sign says it blooms all summer, and sure enough, it has been blooming since I got it!


This hybiscus was called Pink Swirl–huge blossoms. I couldn’t resist it. Unfortunately, hybiscus usually don’t live over the winter here.


And lantana. I really really love these little flower clusters. I have one photo as my screen saver I like them so much. This is the second one I’ve bought. And I just found out that they don’t last through the winter either. Waaagh.


The Henry Lauder Walking Stick is doing very well in its barrel. Next year it’ll go into one of the beds.


That’s about it for now. The garden keeps me busy watering it during these hot days. But for now I enjoy that. Its fun to see the little changes that happen almost every day.

15 thoughts on “Garden Report

  1. Maybe you could bring in the flowers that don’t winter well .. in the house to winter in doors?? I do that some times if I really like a plant and then bring it back out in the spring..

    • Yes that would be a good idea if I had a bigger house! But I did think about wrapping them in something and putting them on the covered porch. I might check with the gals at the nursery to see if that would work. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Isn’t that funny? In the bay area, where I first saw them, I think they might think the same thing. Their climate is so mild that it doesn’t die in the winter. Hey, that’s given me an idea. I might have to make my plants winter over at my mom’s house!

  2. Oh that lantern plant is so cool! Stoppppppp making me want more flowers! We are seriously going to have to move.

    I think a rustic bench under that big tree by the ‘au naturale’ section would be beautiful!

  3. Keep your eye on those beans! When they’re ready to pick, you’ll no sooner get to the end of the row than more will have ripened at the beginning. Luckily, they’re so good!

  4. Debbie….I love touring your gardens. WARNING….gardening becomes addictive. You will end up with gardens everywhere. Re your hibiscus, I live in Maryland and the plant survives the winter IF I MULCH IT WELL in late fall. Just a thought..can’t hurt to try it. The Japanese Lantern is really adorable. SEND MORE PHOTOS. mickie

  5. Debby looks like you were fortunate enough to actually get a perennial hibiscus………not tropical…so i think you have a good chance of getting it to winter over… you said just be sure to mulch it! Hugs! deb

  6. Doesn’t that Hibiscus look like a Mary Englebreit flower+ I love lantana and A Henry Lauder is on my bucket list! Beauties!


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